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My New Website

You may have noticed that as of last week I have a brand new website! I’m so excited to share this with you since it’s been in the works since December! Since launching The Everygirl, I’d go back and forth on blogging but last spring, felt inspired to start writing again. After …

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I Love PAWS Chicago

As someone with two rescue dogs and memories of rescuing my first dog at 5 and my first cat at, it was a natural fit when I joined the …

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Life Lately


So I have a new website! We’re working on few final things before I share all its wonderful features with you including a new way to shop posts that I am especially excited about. Here’s what else I’ve been up to the past two weeks. Life, lately I’m not sure why, but I …

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How I Stay Organized

Most of us went into the new year with a plan to get organized 2017. We wrote lists, made goals, and for the most part, felt really excited about them.

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How We Met

This is a post I’ve avoided sharing for almost two years but it’s been a good week and I’m feeling sentimental. In case you haven’t noticed, I have a brand new website which I’ll talk more about soon, one of my best friends had a baby, Conor and I booked a …

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Condo Update: Recent Purchases

There’s nothing like freezing temps to motivate you to finish decorating your new home. Because these days, staying in is all I feel like doing, so I’ve been spending lots of time scouring the internet for furniture and accessories. Now that we’ve figured out the layout of our living …

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How I Became a Blog Designer

When I asked what you wanted me to write about this year, my career seemed to be a recurring theme. So let’s starts where it all began–a decade ago this coming April–with my blog and my graphic design business, The Design Girl. Have you …

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How to Make Friends as an Adult

Last week, I asked those of you who might be struggling to email me if you were in need of advice or wanted someone to talk to. Because I know what it’s like to move to a new city alone, to get past an emotionally abusive relationship, to make new friends as …

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Life Lately


Well, we’re officially one month into 2017. It’s been a very full year so far but I’m not complaining. I’ve gotten to do some fun and different things for work which is always a nice change from sitting at my desk all day. February 1 was the 7 year anniversary …

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