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We’re Having a Baby!

This may be the most excited I’ve ever been about sharing something with you and it’s definitely the most exciting thing that happened since we got married…in October. Ha. After months of keeping this secret and no, it wasn’t easy – it feels so good to share the news! We’re having a BABY!

I realize how lucky we are that it happened right away for us and don’t take that for granted for a single second. My doctor told me to expect it to take anywhere from at least 4 months to a year, and at 35, I just expected it to take a while. Less than a month after our wedding, we found out we were expecting. Still can’t believe it.

I took a test earlier than I should have but my friend Gina had a feeling (I was like calm down you can’t do this to me every month) so I went for it even though I was SURE it couldn’t be positive. She was right. I called Conor into the room, told him I was pregnant, and we both just kind of smiled, laughed, and stared at each other in complete disbelief. Then I walked around saying “we’re having a baby” for a couple days or weeks. I took 4 more tests that week because I was sure I wasn’t actually pregnant and I was a bit of a nervous wreck at the beginning. Fortunately, I calmed down at around 8-10 weeks.

The first trimester hasn’t exactly been very fun physically. There’s been some nausea (usually at night) the past few weeks and I’ve learned that I’ve never really known the meaning of tired until now. It started early on and has started to die down around week 13. It has forced me to slowed down a lot – fewer plans, workouts, blog posts…everything. My weekdays consist of working and sleeping – so many naps. But it’s obviously so worth it. Seeing the heartbeat at 6 weeks was the most incredible experience and probably the best moment for both of us. When asked about their preferred sex, pregnant women always say “I just want a healthy baby” and until now, I was always like “yeah, duh” having no idea how real those feeling would be, and answered that way every single time. I just wanted to know that this little one was ok. The early genetic testing took place at 10 weeks and a week later, we got a call confirming everything was ok.

We told our immediate family and close friends pretty early on (around 6-8 weeks, in person as we saw them, but called everyone out of state, of course) and everyone else at Christmas (12 weeks). The 12 week ultrasound took place a few days after Christmas and featured what looked like a real baby (moving around!) vs a little gummy bear.

I’m not sure if any of you remember this, but not long after I found out, I posted something in instagram stories about Buddy snarling at Conor whenever he came near us, not knowing Buddy could sense that something was going on with me. I got a few messages from people I didn’t know asking if I might be pregnant which I ignored because no one knew at the time and I didn’t know what to say! Sorry to those few people! Tuck has been completely normal but if Buddy is near me (and he almost always is) he growls when Conor comes in the room and it gets a lot worse worse as he gets closer to us. He’s normally the sweetest dog. Has anyone else experienced anything similar?!

There probably won’t be weekly bump photos or updates because each week has felt same, it seems like too much work, and I think it’s just not for me. I’ll definitely share more about each trimester and when there’s something exciting to share I promise I’ll share it – like the cute baby brands I’ve found! I’m going to wait until I know something about this whole having a newborn thing so I can really share what actually worked for me.

I’m excited to design a nursery (I designed my friend’s nursery last year and plan to finally share that soon!) but we’re currently in a one bedroom, so we need to move in the next few months. Neither of us need a lot of space but it would be nice to set up a little room for the baby and to have a work space since we both work from home a good portion of the time, so we hope to find a 3 bedroom in the city. And yes, I’ll blog home and nursery updates as soon as I have them!

I plan on continuing to work full-time, so between a new home, baby, and some exciting things happening over at The Everygirl, this should be a fun year.

It’s been really fun to go through this with Alaina and Katie, and to get advice from my friends who have had babies over the past few years. I’ve been really relying on them to tell me what works, what doesn’t, and what I don’t need (we don’t want a ton of gear!). I will share some of their favorite baby things and advice at some point.

I’ve been blogging since 2007 and life has changed so much the past (almost) 11 years! From moving to Chicago and figuring out my career to dating, traveling, and marriage, it’s always exciting to share a big announcement but this definitely feels like the most exciting life change to date. I’m so excited to be a mom and can’t wait to meet this little one!

Here are links to everything in the photo
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Onesie, H&M (only a few left in 6-9 months)

  • Sarah Robertson

    Oh my gosh congratulations y’all!!!! This is so exciting!

  • yay! What exciting and happy news! Congratulations to you and Conor!

    xo, Laura |

  • Congratulations!

  • Andrea Smith

    AHHHH Congratulations!!! We were avid supporters of “not a lot of gear” club. The pieces that transition are the best, and definitely you do not need multiple things (ie. swing, seat(s), mommarou) etc.

    • Thank you! And yes, that’s our plan! We’ll see how easy it is to shower without something though. I’ve heard having a seat or something you can use for those 15 min breaks can help? Would love to know what you used!

  • Esther Stone

    Congratulations! I have a friend that had a similar experience with their dog (a lab). When she was pregnant, even her husband couldn’t come near her stomach.

    • It’s been so tough. Conor can’t walk in the room without being growled at…

  • Jessica Steiert

    Congratulations! Such great news!!!

  • Mary Beth Mulholland

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for you, you will be a wonderful mom! I’m right there with you — having our first baby in May and can’t believe all the STUFF out there! We’re hoping too to adopt a more minimalist approach and not get too much. Can’t wait to see what you find/like. I’ve also joined Bump Club and Beyond, a moms and moms-to-be network in the city. They offer classes, gear recs, etc plus a community of moms. Just something to take a look at if you’re interested. Congrats again! <3

    • Aww congrats! So happy for you! It’s really best to just ask other moms what they used / needed/ didn’t need. I feel like you don’t need most of it, so we’re going to hopefully get very little gear and see how it goes!

  • Jessica

    Congratulations to you and Conor! No wonder you’re so excited about 2018! I hope it’s a truly wonderful year.

    • There are a few things to be excited about this year but this definitely tops the list!

  • Ellie

    Congratulaitions!!!! So excited for you two. I know growing your family was something you’ve talked about over here and I’m glad to hear it’s happening for you 🙂

  • Congratulations!!!

  • I am SO EXCITED for you guys! What amazing news. You deserve this huge blessing and more – can’t wait to follow your journey! XOXO

  • Rach

    Congratulations!! So excited for you guys!!!

  • Amy

    Congratulations Danielle! How exciting for you and Conor!! Can’t wait to follow along! xx

  • DANIELLE! So frickin happy for you guys I have been following along for so long! Sorry to be creepy as I don’t know either of you but this is such awesome news!!

  • Jessica Alayne

    I love reading your blog and following along and somehow I just had a feeling it was going to happen for you soon! Such happy news 😘

    • Aww, thanks! A few people have said that which is crazy because I didn’t see it happening quickly at all. Still in the best kind of shock. So surreal!

  • Katie


  • Meredith

    I am SO HAPPY for you!!! Congrats!!

  • Kara McElroy

    I am so happy for you! Such happy news to share at the start of a new year – congrats!

  • Amy Austin

    Congrats! That is so crazy-awesome that you and Alaina are able to share pregnancy info etc……..:)

    • Thank you! It’s been so fun going through this together!

  • Mimi Napleton Collins

    So excited to have my first grandbaby! 💗

  • This is so exciting!

  • Jen Herrmann, Girl Meets Party

    Could not be more excited for you!!! You had such an amazing year in 2017, and it feels like that is just the start to what will be an unbeatable 2018! I’m SO happy for you, and so glad you get to share this journey with friends!

    • Thank you! It’s been SO fun getting to share this with Alaina and Katie, and especially nice that Alaina and I can go through all this work/life stuff together. It’s hard to stay focused and not ask her baby Qs all day. Ha.

  • Ladydoc

    Congratulations!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you!!! 🙂

  • Kaz

    Congratulations, Danielle! Such amazing news. I am so happy for you both! Xx

  • Sarah Payne

    Congratulations, Danielle! Long time blog reader. Could not be happier for you!!!

  • Congratulations! It’s been so fun to watch your life over the years! Hope you figure out the growling, I bet it was cute and funny at first, but may be a major issue! So interesting!

    xo Jessica

    • Thank you, Jessica! Kinda cute at first but I’ve been trying to curb it. He’s pretty committed to protecting me. Sweet but also a lot. xx

  • Congratulations! What wonderful news! I hope your pregnancy continues to be worry free and (relatively) comfortable!

  • Kristen Mount

    Congratulations to you and Conor!!! As a long time reader, I am THRILLED for you two and this profound happiness you get to share together. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy full of joyful moments as you all become parents!

  • Bailie Roskow

    Congratulations!! This is so exciting! I’m also expecting a July baby (4th of July due date) so it will be extra fun to follow along since our timelines are so close! So happy for you guys!

    • Ohh congrats! We’re SO close! Yay summer babies!

  • OMG! Congratulations Danielle. So excited for you and Conor. I can’t wait to see read and see your journey. Again, congratulations!

    • Thanks, Yolanda! I always appreciate your sweet comments so thank you for your excitement for our little one!

      • Now, if only I could calm down and type a proper or at least grammatically correct comment. Again, congratulations! I can’t wait to follow your journey of becoming a mom.


    Congratulations, so happy for you and Conor!!!

  • Raquel

    congrats! so exciting

  • Congratulations Danielle & Conor!!

  • Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you. You and Conor are going to be such amazing parents and your baby is so lucky to have you two. I know how much you wanted this and I love getting to watch your family grow. Sending you a giant hug.

  • Congratulations!!! Such exciting news!!

  • Danielle, I’m so excited for you and Conor! I can’t believe how much has changed since I spoke with you at the The Everygirl event in Boston this summer. Cheers to the next chapter in your life!! xo

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

    • Thanks, Amanda! I can’t believe how much changed in a MONTH since our wedding. Ha.

  • Warm congratulations on this happiest news!

    xx Jean

  • Congratulations, Danielle!! I’ve been following along for years and am so excited for this milestone in your life–as creepy as that may sound, haha. Also, Buddy and how possessive he is warms my heart. He loves his mama so much!

    • Not creepy AT ALL. Thanks, Monica. I know, warms my heart too but I need him to just be friends with everyone. It only happens for a little bit but can get pretty bad.

  • Congratulations to you and Conor! I hope this journey is smooth and exciting for you both. I also hope this move is one of your last for a while so you can enjoy the space you’re living in (Unless you secretly love moving all the time so you have a need to decorate a new space…)! I am praying the pregnancy will be a blessing for you both and you will be shown support and love during this time of newness!

    • Thank you! It’s definitely our plan to find something that will work for a few years (like 3-5)! Can’t keep doing these annual moves!

  • Congratulations Danielle! I know it’s weird but since I have been reading your blog for what seems like forever, I’m so happy for you! I know you struggled with hitting your goals at a later point in your life that you imagined – I experienced a similar thing for a while. It’s a good reminder everyone lives their life at their own pace. Wishing your little family all the best! x

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  • I am so excited for you! You are going to be a fantastic Mom 🙂

    Brittany |

  • Congratulations Danielle and Conor! I hope your baby girl helps heal some of the difficult familial relationships you’ve mentioned in the past and move forward creating a beautiful, happy home for your family of 3.

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  • Congrats!! How exciting!!

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