Home Tour Giveaway: Win $500 to Minted

My home tour goes live in just a few days so I’m kicking things off with a $500 giveaway (and a $150 bonus giveaway on instagram) to Minted – one of my favorite resources for budget-friendly art (and also my wedding invitations and where I always get my holiday cards). I recently shared my favorite black and white pieces from Minted and today, am giving one of you the change to order some art for your home.

Details to enter below! 

To enter to win $500 credit to Minted

Follow @daniellemoss_ and @minted on instagram and leave a comment below letting me know you followed! 

For an extra chance to win $150, Tag 2 friends in the comments section of this instagram post. 

You have until October 5th at 11:59PM CST to enter. The winner will be announced on instagram stories and contacted directly via instagram messages this weekend!

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  • Sami

    Followed! I love both but the Caitlin collection would fit beautifully my apartment!

  • Melissa

    following both (@melhstad) would love this!! <3 thanks so much!

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