Find a Friend in Your City

It’s crazy to think that I didn’t have any close friends in Chicago just over a handful of years ago. As luck would have it, I met almost all of my close friends through my blog and The Everygirl. And since my favorite part blogging is being able to help and connect with others, so I’m using my network to help you connect with new friends in your city.

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you might have something in common with another reader in your city. So whether you’re new to a city or stuck in a friendship rut–because we’ve all been there–and want to meet new people, this one’s for you.

Here’s how it works

Leave a comment with your city in caps and a little bit about yourself. Before leaving your comment scroll all the way down to see if someone else has mentioned your city. If so, reply to their comment to keep everyone together. If not, leave a new comment.

Here’s a sample comment

CHICAGO! I’m Danielle and have been living in the city for 7 years. I’m one of the founders of The Everygirl, have 2 rescue dogs, and love interior design and photography. Hoping to make new friends in the city! You can follow me on instagram: @daniellemoss_

If you have time, I’d recommend posting your comment in the comments of this instagram post, too!

Please message me on instagram if you end up meeting someone!

  • Dana Zillgitt

    DALLAS! been here just about a year & a half, i’ve got a rescue heeler/st bernard mutt (follow him at @apollo_gram!) and really love brunch, nerding out about international news, and a great night in usually includes a book, netflix, etc. Looking to make new friends here since i don’t have many yet! you can follow me at @zillgitt.thyme or my blog @earlgraytimes. Let me know if anyone wants to get happy hour or coffee or a doggie play date!

    • Caren Karris

      DALLAS! I moved here in February and I’ve met a few people, but making friends is hard as an “adult”! I love brunch, working out and Netflix… all of which are made better with girlfriends! You can follow me on Instagram (@carenkarris) and I hope we can meet up!

      • Dana Zillgitt

        WHAT. you had me at brunch. Let’s make it happen!

        • lanerobbins

          Also, if you don’t already follow @dallasites101 on Instagram, you should! My friend started it as a way to get newcomers familiar with the city 🙂

          • Dana Zillgitt

            whaat?! i’ll have to follow that! i just followed you as well! 😀 we’ll have to do a dallas meetup and send danielle!

          • lanerobbins

            Yes!! 🙂

          • Nicole W

            Hey girls! I’m from Dallas! I just moved here from San Diego at the beginning of the year for work. I’m not sure if you had met up yet. I had trouble posting my last comment.

          • lanerobbins

            Hey Nicole! Welcome to Dallas! We haven’t met up yet, but I was thinking about brunch on Aug. 27th. Would y’all be up for that? Feel free to message me on IG @lanerobbins:disqus .

          • Nicole W

            Oh bummer! I will be out of town that weekend. I travel a bit for work and it picks up towards the middle of August and through September. I usually try to coordinate weekend trips back home to San Diego when I get the chance. 😉 Keep me updated though. I’m on Instagram as well @nwillemss 🤠

      • Lauren Stacks Yamaoka

        DALLAS! I will be moving to the Big D in 3 weeks from San Francisco, where I just spent a whirlwind of a year. Prior to that I lived in Chicago for 8 years post-college, but I’m originally a small-town Michigan girl. My husband (of 7 years) and I have been living apart since December after he found his dream job in Dallas, and I’m finally joining him there next month! I work in higher ed, am a novelist in my spare time, and love to read and review books. We have a spunky Boston Terrier named Miss Frankie. I love a good workout class and will definitely be in the market for some girlfriends. I’m on Instagram @lauren_stacks !

        • Dana Zillgitt

          I’m from the bay area! we’ll have to do a brunch meet up

        • Tommie Ethington

          When you get here, you have to check out The Wild Detectives in Bishop Arts. It’s a bookstore/bar/coffee shop with a dog-friendly patio. They have some great events with authors and local musicians. It’s awesome!

      • lanerobbins

        DALLAS! I’ve lived here almost 8 years, and I’m always up for a good
        brunch. I work for an education nonprofit and own a freelance design
        business as well. Happy to connect on Instagram (@lanerobbins) and IRL

      • Allie Rubeo

        DALLAS! I moved here from NYC last November. I work for an international cancer society. I adopted a black lab mix when I got here and spend a lot of time with him at White Rock 🙂 I have a brother here but I want to get out there more on my own and not just hang out with his group of friends! My insta is alski_26 and I’d love the opportunity to meet some new people!

    • Tommie Ethington

      DALLAS! I moved to the Big D almost a year ago from San Antonio, but am originally from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I’m a magazine editor and obsessed with travel (my current bucket list includes Charleston and Cuba), home decor blogs, the outdoors, and finding the best tacos (my favorite place in Dallas is El Come). Would love to get together! I’m on FB and Instagram (@tommietalksalot).

  • SAN FRANCISCO! I’ve been here for a year and a half. I’m a fitness blogger and personal trainer, but I work in tech here too! IG is Thisfitchick 🙂

    • Devyani Gupta

      SAN FRANCISCO (More like Bay Area) I’ve been here 7 years now, work in tech as well on the marketing side and have a spunky 3 year old baby girl. Would love to meet fun driven women in SF who want to have meaningful supportive friendships. My IG is devyanigupta. Would love to connect with you Carrie and Beth 🙂

    • Beth Blair

      SF too! I’ve lived in Chicago pretty much my entire life and just moved to San Francisco a month ago with my husband, two year old son, and our two dogs. I work in the education world and am enjoying San Francisco, but still adjusting and missing home from time to time!

      • Beth Blair

        Oh- and my instagram is bethblair1023

      • Ally Phillips

        Beth hello! I just moved from Chicago –> SF four weeks ago with my partner! I definitely miss Chicago and talk lovingly about it anytime someone mentions the city. I work in healthcare and I’m a marathon runner and lover of all active endeavors. Would love to chat and meet other like minded women! My IG is allyonthemove

      • Sandra Vega

        Hi fellow SF peeps! Ive been here for two years. I work in marketing and live with my boyfriend of 4 years. Love going wine tasting in Napa and enjoying the few sunny days in the city. Follow me at @sandravee on insta.

    • Candace

      SF! Hi, I’m Candace and have been here for about two years now. I’m in HR, about to get married, and love exploring the city. From LA originally and would love to meet up! IG is cmichelle5.

    • stef

      Hi SF group! I’m in the Bay Area too, but further south on the peninsula. I’m a biologist at startup,love brunching, working out and meeting new people! Would love to connect – I’m on insta @steffersm

    • Victoria H

      Hello SF ladies! I’ve lived in San Francisco for over 8 years and I work in marketing for an ed-tech company. I love brunch, travel, & wine. I went to college in Chicago but I am originally from the LA area. Connect with me on Insta @ vholliday

    • Jessica

      Hi all! I’m also in SF, having moved here two years ago from Chicago (Beth and I actually went to high school together, small world!). I work for a law firm, am a loving pup mom, and into all things active and all things wine.
      Maybe we should plan a SF ladies event? Drinks? Brunch? Park picnic?

      • Victoria H

        I’ll never say no to brunch or wine.

  • Kaitlyn Williams

    CHICAGO! I’m coming up on one year living here, I’m originally from St. Louis. I’m currently in the suburbs but am looking to move to the city in a couple months, as I’m there most weekends hanging out. I’d love to make some new friends here! I love dogs, traveling, being outside and trying new things (right now its scuba diving)! My instagram handle is @kaitmwillams 🙂

    • Ashley Jenkins

      CHICAGO: Bucktown! I moved here about a year ago from Richmond, VA. During the week I work at an advertising agency in social. On the weekends I like to bike on the Lakefront Trail, find the best new cocktail, try cooking a new dish (right now I’m so #INSPIRALIZED), and travel. I’d LOVE to meet new friends outside of work. Follow me on IG: jenkinsam3

      Nice to meet you, Kaitlyn! Where have you tried scuba diving?!

      • Kathryneb

        CHICAGO! Just moved here from SB and Charlotte! Loving the Chicago summer weather, but a little nervous about the Midwest winter! Just adopted a 5 month old puppy and we are having fun exploring the city together. I also love all things fitness and wine 😉

        • CHICAGO! I’m Bethany, a graphic designer that loves interior design. I’m living in the Logan square/bucktown area. In my free time I like to be outside, dining alfresco or working on my little side hustle wedding design business. I’d love to meet other creative ladies or just friends that like to do fun things! I have plenty of friends in relationships but I’m really looking for ladies that still like to go dancing, try new restaurants, check out art exhibits or just binge on Netflix/bachelor once it gets cold. I’m also DEFINITELY looking for a travel buddy! (this all just sounded so “dating profile” but oh well) IG is justtt_beee !

          • Amanda Crawford

            CHICAGO! Specifically Lincoln Park! I’m Amanda and I’m an event planner. I love to cook, travel (would also love a travel buddy!) all things wine, spending time with friends and family and exploring the city. I’ve lived here almost 6 years and am always looking to meet new people! Would love to connect! My IG is amandalaurie_

          • Ashley Jenkins

            Hey Amanda! I love cooking, too! What’s your favorite thing to cook? Connecting with you on IG 🙂

          • Emily

            CHICAGO! Also in Lincoln Park. I’m Emily and I work in marketing at a retail company. Currently very into cooking, reading (dying to find a good book club), watching Dateline, drinking wine, traveling and taking spin/yoga/barre classes. Moved to Chicago about 5 years ago from Columbus, Ohio and am always looking to meet friends to eat brunch/talk about shitty Bravo reality shows/see live music/shop/binge watch Netflix with 🙂 IG is @efkoenig

          • amamato11

            CHICAGO! I’m a lifelong resident and currently live in Lakeview. My closest girl friends either moved out of state, or are married and starting to settle down. I’m definitely experiencing a bit of that “funk” that comes with getting older and falling into a routine. I’m always looking for people to hang out with and I would love to try some new things.

            I LOVE to read, travel (I’m going to Italy in August!) and love the museums around the city. Fun fact – if any of you gals have a IL license, or proof of residence, the Art Institute is free on Thursdays from 5 pm to 8 pm 🙂

            My insta is amyamato

          • Sammi Stavig

            CHICAGO! Hi! My name is Sammi, I live in the Gold Coast/River North area. I work as a consultant for a Healthcare IT Company. I’m from Seattle originally then went to Ohio State for school and moved to Chicago last year. I love traveling, cooking, drinking wine, working out (currently on a boxing kick right now 🥊), and binge watching shows like The Office (for the 30th time). My Instagram is @sstavig id love to make some new friends in this city!

          • Ali

            CHICAGO! Hi, I’m Ali and I live in East Lakeview. I’m originally from Chicago, but moved back here 3 years ago after about 8 years on the East Coast. I work at a social media software company in the Loop. I love trying new workout classes (I currently am a member at Crosstown Fitness), cooking/baking new recipes, running on the lake, walking around the city, reading/shopping/trying new restaurants. I also started a fun blog on the side called Everyday Endorphins. My Instagram is @alimac2 – would love to meet some of you!

          • Sarah Abram

            CHICAGO! I’m Sarah and I live in Gold Coast! I born and raised in the suburbs, but I only moved back to Chicago two years ago. I work for the University of Chicago, and I love to go to Soulcycle, yoga, drink wine and cocktails, try new restaurants, cooking, go to brunch (basically if food and drinks are involved I am there). I am always looking for new girls to hang out with! My Instagram is @SarahAbram

          • Brittni W

            CHICAGO: Evanston! Hi Chicago friends 😊 My name is Brittni and I’m a Graphic Designer. I’ve been living in the Chicago area for about a year now – originally from Washington state. I love to travel, paint/draw, spend time outdoors, drink coffee (and wine 😉) and binge watch The Office and Parks and Rec. I love exploring out this crazy big city so let me know if you want to grab dinners or drinks! IG is @brittniirene.

          • Colleen

            CHICAGO! I’m Colleen and I live in Roscoe Village. I was born & raised in the suburbs, but have lived in the city for the last 4 years. I’m a 5th grade teacher, so I’m currently soaking up my last month until school starts again…I love trying new restaurants (I’m a huge foodie) wine, traveling, reading, cooking, working out (love orange theory!) and exploring new hot spots in the city! Would love to connect with some of these other Chicago peeps 🙂 My Instagram is @ckearns86

          • Alyssa Bove

            CHICAGO! My name is Alyssa and I live in Wicker Park. Originally from Pittsburgh. In college, I started TrendingAbove (jewelry and clothing brand that combines glitz and glam with hint of edge). Moved to Chicago this year to grow TrendingAbove! I love fashion, shopping, happy hour and trying new workout classes! Would love to grab coffee, brunch or drinks! IG: @trendingabove

          • Erica Wolfe

            (Another) CHICAGO! I’m Erica and moving from Atlanta to Wicker Park in 3 weeks! Like most of you, I enjoy traveling, food/wine, being outdoors, and working out. I’m super excited to move to a new city and meet new people. My Instagram is ewolfe3 & would love to meet up with you all!

          • Emily M

            Chicago! I’m Emily currently in Wicker Park moving to Gold Coast! I’ve been here about a year and work in corporate retail in the suburbs. I love to shop and workout and am looking to meet more people in my new neighborhood!

          • Abbie Vehovic

            CHICAGO! Hi Chicago ladies! I’m Abbie, living in Lincoln Park and working at a marketing/ branding agency start up in the West Loop. I’m originally from Southern Illinois and spent a year in France before moving to Chicago. Like many of you; I like food, drinks and exercise. I’d also love to start a book club and explore more of this beautiful city and meet new people! My Insta is: abbievehovic, lets grab drinks!

          • Sarah Jonathan

            CHICAGO! Hey guys, I’m Sarah, originally from CA and moved to Chicago after college. I live in Lincoln Park and have been loving trying new classes through Class Pass and trying new things around the city this summer (just did paddle boarding for the first time this week!). Would love to grab drinks, start up a book club or jump into a workout class with you guys!
            Insta: sarahjonathan1

          • Elizabeth Baldwin

            CHICAGO! Hi everyone! I just graduated a few months ago and I am making the move to Chicago in a month to work for a small home decor designer! I am responsible for all of their online content and creative direction (think social media, photo shoots, stuff like that!) I am super excited to move to the city, but also a little nervous. I’m a total extrovert, love exploring and tacos are my favorite food! I’m hoping to move to the Lakeview area and I would love to meet some new gal pals!! My Insta is @elizabethmarie95.

            (PS I’m still looking for a roommate if anyone else is, too!!)

          • Vicky Warne

            CHICAGO!!! I’m Vicky and I currently live in Northshore suburbs north of the city. I get down to the city quite a bit, though! 🙂 I just moved back home after living in SoCal for 7.5 years so still getting used to the humidity, snow and rain! I love working out, travel, meeting new people, and just having fun 🙂 My insta is @vixstrrwarne !!!

          • Michelle

            CHICAGO!! Hey all! I’m Michelle and live in the South Loop, been here around 4 years but originally from the East Coast. Things I love: food + drinks (love trying new places!) , traveling, exercise and would love to join a book club!

          • Christina Coviello

            CHICAGO! I’m Christina and live in Lakeview. I moved to Chicago 6 years ago from NYC. I work in the Southwest suburbs as a web developer for a marketing agency. Would love to meet some new people and go for drinks or try a workout class!

          • Chloe Therese

            CHICAGO! Hi all! My name is Chloe and I live in Oak Park! I am a former ballerina and currently, I work as a therapist. I love exploring the city, trying new restaurants/coffee shops, traveling, and shopping! IG: chloetherese_

          • Nosheen

            CHICAGO –
            I am a Therapist too! and live in Logan Square and want to hang and try new restaurants and workouts! Would love to hang. My IG name is TherapistNosh !

          • Claire DuBois

            CHICAGO! My name is Claire and I live in Old Town. I’m originally from St. Louis but I’ve lived in Chicago for 10 years. I work as a shoe sales rep so when I’m not on the road, I work from home, making it difficult to meet people. I love trying new restaurants all over the city, working out – xsport in old town but would love to try some of the group classes at other gyms, drinking on patios and binging on netflix shows. Would love to join a book club! @myarentyoufancy

          • ashleymaynard

            hey michelle! I’m getting a group going on instagram for a book club. what is your handle??

            Ashley – @theashleymaynard

          • Katelyn Martin

            I would love to be added as well!! 🙂 IG: @katelynmartin2

          • Nosheen

            CHICAGO: Hi!
            I am a Therapist and live in Logan Square and want to hang and try new restaurants and do book club and workouts! My IG name is TherapistNosh

          • Michelle

            Awesome! It’s @michelle_sori

          • Katelyn Martin

            Hi Elizabeth! I’m looking for a roommate too!! I just returned from looking for apartments in Chicago this past week and would love to talk to you!!

            CHICAGO! I’m a recent grad (University of Alabama) that’s moving to the city from Atlanta in August for a job as a sales and marketing coordinator for a fortune 500 tool company. I’m friendly, love all things creative, travel related, and working out/being active! I only know a couple people in the city so I would absolutely love to meet some new friends!! Also if you play tennis I’d love to hit sometime!!
            Insta: Katelynmartin2

          • ashleymaynard

            Hey Erica! I’m from Atlanta as well! Just moved to Chicago last month! My sister used to live with an Erica Wolfe… you didn’t get an MPH from Emory by chance???

          • Erica Wolfe

            Hey! I never went to Emory (nor do I have an MPH), but that is too weird! Ha!

            So neat you’re also from ATL, we’ll definitely have to connect once I get settled. And add me to the book club chat — ewolfe3!

          • Katelyn Martin

            Hi Erica and Ashley! I’m from Atlanta too! I’m in the process of finding an apartment downtown (maybe in the Lincoln Square area) and will be moving there in 3 weeks too!! I’d love to grab coffee once we get settled into our new city! My IG is: Katelynmartin2

          • Erica Wolfe

            Hi! Perfect! I will definitely send you a message later this summer once we’re all moved in!

          • Im also a pittsburgh transplant 👍🏻

          • ashleymaynard

            Hi Emily! I think we could start a pretty awesome book club here! I’m also an avid reader!

          • Emily

            Hey Ashley! Wait, I would totallllly be down for starting a book club with gals from this thread. If anyone else is interested chime in and we can start a group chat on instagram?!

          • Amanda Crawford

            Definitely interested in a book club!!

          • amamato11

            Allllll about a book club!!!

          • ashleymaynard

            Hey Amanda! What is your instgram?! So excited about all this interest in a book club! 🙂

          • Amanda Crawford

            @amandalaurie_ 🙂

          • Claire DuBois

            Hi, hope it’s not too late! I’d love to hear more about the book club

          • ashleymaynard

            Awesome! I can get an instagram chat going! Just leave your handle or shoot me a DM for those who are interested!

            Emily – got you already 🙂

          • Ashley Jenkins

            I’m interested! 🙂 IG: jenkinsam3

          • Natalia Klusacek

            So excited about this book club! ( @nmklus on IG) Maybe we can get some ideas from the book of the month club for our first read.

          • Cory Smith

            Love to hear about this book club idea! @fourhatspress

          • Elyse G.

            Hi ladies! I would love to join a book club as well. I have been dying to find one since I moved to Chicago a couple of years ago. You can reach me on Insta at @elysekort. Looking forward to hearing from you!

          • Victoria Baldwin

            I’m in!

          • crimsonchica

            CHICAGO! My name is Amanda & I’m also on the hunt for a book club. IG: @amhether89

          • Cal P

            CHICAGO! I’m Callie and have lived in Chicago (now Old Town specifically) for 8 years. I love brunching, reading, running, Soul Cycling, and meeting new people! I actually host a book club and we are looking for a few new girls to join! Message me at @calliepogge

          • Nosheen

            Hi Bethany –
            I am a Therapist and live in Logan Square- book club sounds fun and also want to hang and try new restaurants and do workouts! My IG name is TherapistNosh

          • Paige Elizabeth

            CHICAGO! I live in Lincoln Park/Old Town. I’m Paige, 23 and I’ve lived here for almost 2 years. I am also in the events industry working ad an event producer for a catering company. Amanda what company do you work for!? I love food, traveling, dogs of all kinds, a good cocktail and watching Friends on Netflix more times than I’d like to admit😅Follow me on Insta @_pc_15 – DM if you wana grab drinks!

          • Nosheen

            Hi Bethany –
            I am a Therapist and live in Logan Square and want to hang and try new restaurants and workouts! My IG name is TherapistNosh !

          • Jasmine

            CHICAGO! I’m in the same boat, a lot of my friends are moving away or in relationships and I would love to meet some new girlfriends! I live downtown near Millennium Park. Love trying new restaurants, checking out exhibits and Broadway shows, and just generally hanging 🙂 IG: jchang5

        • ashleymaynard

          Hey Kathryn! I just moved here as well … from Florida. I share the concern for this winter! 🙂

        • Laura K

          CHICAGO! (River North) I moved here 4 years ago from TN. Always enjoy meeting new people and exploring the city. My IG is lkell654. Would love to meet some of you 🙂

        • Hi! Chicago, too! Lakeview East – I’m coming up on a year here in August. My fiancee and I moved here from NYC for a change of pace, and we’re loving it so far, especially everything there is to do in the summer! We’re big on Cubs games, and i love anything with a patio and a drink special. Also, tacos. and dogs. We’re planning to rescue a pupper in the near future, but right now our apt floor isn’t pet friendly 🙁 I’m a graphic designer/illustrator working at a tech startup in River North, and forever side hustling. Would looove to find some likeminded creative hustlers to brainstorm/collab/drink and draw with!! Gonna gram-stalk all of you on my lunch. ig: @delaneygstudio

      • Natalia Klusacek

        CHICAGO! Also Bucktown. I am a Nurse Practitioner at a community clinic here in Chicago. I enjoy traveling, reading, cooking and drinking wine. Exploring this city is so fun- cocktail bars and foodie spots are always interesting to me. I would like to find some new hobbies to meet new people and make friends. IG @nmklus

      • Kaitlyn Williams

        Nice to meet you too Ashley, followed you back on IG! I am actually starting this weekend (hopefully) when my boyfriend scopes out a dive shop he likes. He’s a certified diver and has been poking me to try for years now so I’m going to learn before going to Grand Cayman next summer!

      • Kate Beard

        CHICAGO: Hello there! I’ve lived in Chicago for almost 6 years. Love to cook, yoga, travel. I work as a sales director at a start up company. I sell social media and tv software to ad agencies. I’m an avid classpasser, gin drinker, new restaurant try-er. 🙂

        Follow me on Insta: @katebeard or Twitter: @kate_beard

        I would love to sync up for a classpass class and maybe a drink after with some lovely ladies!

    • ashleymaynard

      CHICAGO! River North! Just move here last month! Looking to meet some new awesome people in the city! My instagram is @theashleymaynard. Currently, having fun exploring this fantastic city in the summer! I love all things books + coffee + history. So far, Chicago has a lot to offer on all fronts!

    • CHICAGO! I just graduated from college and moved back home. Still living with my parents out in the burbs but hoping to move downtown soon. I currently work downtown doing social media and marketing and am looking to meet more awesome young ladies as most of my friends and I scattered post-graduation! I absolutely love to travel and eat and explore new places! My Instagram is @annienbelle.

    • CHICAGO! Living in River North for almost a year now- I relocated from Pittsburgh late summer 2016 for work. Enjoying eating my way through the city while taking advantage of the theater scene. I love traveling- just got back from Singapore. IG:morganlfunk

    • Victoria Baldwin

      CHICAGO! Living in Lakeview and just moved here two months ago after living in Connecticut for three years. I work in sports marketing for an agency downtown. I love watching sports, doing yoga, reading (loving this book club idea!), drinking great cocktails and am currently attempting to explore all of the neighborhoods around the city. IG: vbaldwin11

      Also, since there are so many of us, we should plan a little happy hour/workout class meet-up.

      • Emily

        Totally down for happy hour/workout meet up!

        • Sarah Jonathan

          Would love a workout meet up as well, love trying out new places!

    • Ashley Novak

      CHICAGO! I’m born and raised in Chicago, went to school in Iowa, and have now been living here in Old Town for about 5 years after college (I’m 28). I love to cook, eat, try new workout classes, photography, travel, interior design and love living near the lake/farmers market! I am a consultant at a real estate company in Chicago. Would love to meet up with everyone.

      IG: is ashley.lauren.novak —> lets plan a happy hour/brunch/coffee date/all of the above?!

      • Allison Murphy

        CHICAGO! Hi! I moved to Chicago in January. Work in fashion, love interior design, antiquing, trying new restaurants, exploring, exercising. Living in the West Loop and would love to connect with you all! insta: @allimurph

    • Katie Truesdale

      CHICAGO! I’m coming up on one year of living in Chicago – Hyde Park specifically! I moved here from Texas, so I’ve definitely experienced that weather shock. I work downtown for a major PR agency for their healthcare clients. I enjoy yoga, hiking, petting strangers’ dogs and hanging out by the lake! I definitely endorse this book club idea!! INSTA: @KatieTruesdale

    • Elyse G.

      CHICAGO! I moved here about two years ago and currently live in the West Loop/Greektown. I work for a VC firm that is located in the Fulton River District. I am a food lover who enjoys cooking, baking and eating out. I would love to work with some of you ladies to start a book club. My insta is @elysekort. I look forward to meeting some of you soon!

    • Katie

      Hey everyone in Chicago! The first time Danielle posted for finding friends, a reader here set up a Facebook group for us all to use to share events and connect! We’d love to have everyone join:

      As for me, I’m Katie and moved here last summer from Charlottesville, VA. Living in the West Loop. I’m always looking for new friends to try out restaurants, go for walks in new parts of the city, or to push me to try new exercise classes! I’m on Insta @kdc988

      • Ashley Jenkins

        Hey Katie! It’s such a small world… I moved from Richmond, VA from last year! My IG is @jenkinsam3 – I would love to connect!

    • Another Chicago gal here! I’m coming up on my 1 year in the city at the end of the month. I live in West Lakeview — near Southport Corridor and work in the Loop. I’m originally from Cincinnati and am a reformed personal style blogger. I love to work out (SoulCycle, Studio 3, Shred415) and am always down for exploring the city. Excited to meet some of you all 🙂

      IG: @lizurso

    • Kaylee Niederhelman

      CHICAGO! I moved here two years ago from Ohio and now live in Gold Coast. I love trying new things and meeting new people. Would love to meet some new girlfriends! Maybe for brunch/happy hour 🙂

  • Kathryn Carlson

    SEATTLE! Well, technically I live in Kirkland but work in Seattle. I’m Kathryn and I’ve actually lived in the Seattle area my whole life. I am in marketing at Amazon, have a year old miniature goldendoodle, and love trying out new restaurants and wineries in the area. Currently, my husband and I spend most our time working on our fixer upper. You can follow me on Instagram: @kathrynrosecarlson

    • Samantha S

      I’m moving to just south of Seattle (near MtRainier) in less than 2 weeks. I pretty much know no one out there. I work in the medical field, specifically rehab. I love getting outside and exploring new places, especially good restaurants. I also love a good book on my kindle 🙂 My instagram in private, but you can find my @kitkat_818

      • Remy Zebrowski Lang

        Hi Samantha! I’m in Seattle and I work in rehab, too! I’m an acute care OT. Welcome to the PNW! I’m on IG at joyinthemiddle_

        • Samantha S

          Hi Remy! So crazy because I’m actually an OT too! I’ll have to find you on IG.

    • Ash Nieto

      I live south of Seattle in Federal Way! Been living in and around Pierce County my entire life. Connect with me on IG at @im_ashleytaylor. We will definitely have to schedule a get together soon!

    • Kiersten

      I live in Redmond and work in Bellevue. I moved to the Seattle area just under two years ago with my girlfriend. We have a year and a half year old adorable mystery mutt named Kendall. We just recently purchased our first home and are enjoying slight renovations to make it ours. My IG handle is @___thelittlethings_

    • Nicole

      Hello, SEATTLE! I’m a resident of West Seattle and have been in the area for a little under two years. Transplant from Minneapolis. Market Manager in the restaurant industry. My husband and I have two rescue schnauzers that keep us on our toes. I enjoy trying new restaurants, art, travel, and an occasional spa day here and there. Looking forward to connecting with new friends in the area! You can find me on IG @nshaughnessy.

    • Caitlin

      SEATTLE! My name is Caitlin and I’m a native Seattleite. I moved back to town last year, and would love to meet some new friends in the city! I’m a professional violinist and enjoy exploring the area, trying new restaurants (especially for brunch!), and going to concerts, plays, and movies. My Instagram is @caitlinkelleyviolin. Hope to meet some of you! 🙂

    • Maria Xu

      I’m in Beacon Hill! I moved here a year ago from Nashville, but I’m originally from the Bay Area. I work in HR for an insurance brokerage. Add me on IG! mariaxu61

    • Remy Zebrowski Lang

      Hello, SEATTLE! My husband and I live in Ballard. I work in Edmonds in the medical field. We recently bought a kayak, and have been chipping away at the restaurants we haven’t been to yet in three years living in the city. I’m an avid sailor too, daysailing amd racing whenever I can. I crew on a couple of sailboats for local races summer nights and weekends year-round. We love to hike and snowshoe too. You can find me at joyinthemiddle_ on IG.

    • Jessica

      SEATTLE! Hello, thread! I’m Jessica, I’m an art director who just moved to the city in March. I met a couple awesome girls through an earlier version of this thread and would love to meet more. I also have a small doodle mix. I want to eat all the time but will tolerate some easy hiking. 😛 Insta: jessica.r.huang

    • Meghan H

      Hi ladies! I’m a bit late to the game here, but I’m in Seattle as well and would love to connect. I live on Capitol Hill with my very fluffy dog. When I’m not traveling or working on home improvement projects, I like checking out new bars and restaurants. IG: @meghaninseattle

  • Sarah J

    ST. LOUIS – I’m in Soulard currently. I’m originally from Kansas City, but have lived all over, including NYC! I’m in law school in town and love trying new, different places. Let me know if you’d want to grab a drink or something! Always looking for new friends. 🙂 My Instagram is @BasicallySarah!

    • Katie Deschler

      Hi Sarah! I live in St. Louis and have lived here my whole life. I love giving suggestions of my favorite places and finding some of the gems the city has! My instagram is @kmdeschler

    • Yeah St. Louis! I’m originally from MA but moved here for work in 2014. My Instagram is @shayhenrion_ and it would be great to meet up!

  • Cheryl Lee

    WASHINGTON, DC! I’m originally from LA and lived in San Francisco for some time. I’ve been in DC for a year now and (surprisingly) enjoy it! I love exploring, photography, and I’m a big time foodie. I’d love to grab coffee and meet some new friends in the area! My Instagram is @heyitscheryl

    • Masha Berman

      I’m Masha, I’ve lived in D.C. for almost 6 years now and also love the vibe of the city and the fact that there’s so much to do here! I’m really into fashion and write a fashion and lifestyle blog. In my spare time I love finding new places to eat and hanging out with my dog. I would love to meet likeminded people in the area! My Instagram is @whitesilkblackleather 🙂

      Cheryl, I would love to grab coffee with you sometime!

      • Miller Hopkins

        Hi i’m Miller- I’ve been in DC for 2 years now and love it! I am always look for new restaurants to try and agree that there is so much fun stuff to explore! My Instagram is @millerhopkins- I would love to get coffee with you guys

        • Charlotte

          Hi girls! About 20 of us here in DC/NoVa started a google group back when Danielle did Round 1 of this. We’ve met for brunch/coffee/museum hopping/etc. Would love to include you! Find me on IG (I’m @charlotteannsawyer) and DM me your email address and we’ll get you added. Happy almost TGIF! 🙂

          • Jillian Andrews

            Hi DC group – I’m Jillian! I moved to the DC area just over a year ago and would love to meet some new friends in the area. Charlotte, I’ll plan on finding you on Instagram! @j_andrews9

          • Torey Styer

            Hi, I’m Torey–I grew up outside of DC and moved back to the area after grad school about a year and a half ago. Charlotte, my instagram is @tstyer (not terribly active on there)–I’ll add you now!

          • Charlotte

            Hey again! If any one you DM’ed me and didn’t receive a response back, DM me again. 🙂 I think some DMs did not actually make it through to my IG inbox.

          • Sara Elizabeth

            Hi D.C. Crew! I’m in Arlington (across the river I know) lol and I’ve been here for 5 years, but looking to expand my circle and have some more girlfriends to do the types of activity mentioned above with! My Instagram is @sbudsock

          • Sarah Lyon

            Just messaged you, Charlotte! Would love to be in the know!I am a DC native but just moved back to the area last summer after 7 years away and am slowly rediscovering my hometown 🙂

          • Kat

            Thanks, Charlotte!! Can’t wait to see these ladies added to the group!

          • Julia

            Hey DC crew! I am new to the DC area and am looking to meet some new girlfriends! I currently work in political risk, love all things design and fashion, and am a huge foodie and drink lover. I would love to meet you all, and hang out over drinks or coffee! My Instagram is @juleswilton!

    • Ashley Rizzardo

      I just started working in D.C. a few months ago. I’m actually living in Maryland with some family while I can get my life together. But I do want to start meeting people in the area outside of work. My instagram is @amor0713

      • Adrienne Ramos

        hey guys!! I’m super late to the post but I officially moved to Alexandria/DC in July and would love to meet some new girls to hang with. I love doing anything active (yoga, hiking, running (slowly)), trying new food places, cooking, and reading! let me know if you plan on getting together! my insta is: enneirdasomar

    • Hey everyone! I’m Rubi and I moved to DC about three years ago. I run a women’s group in Washington DC for millennials who are new to town/find that their friends move away faster than they can make new ones. Even with my group is still hard to make new friends though. I’d love to meet up with anyone who enjoys eating jumbo pizza slices on U St, attending the outdoor festivals, or just wants to hang out in stretchy pants and binge a tv show! I’m most active on IG, @whenlifegivesyourubi, and I have a blog as well,

  • PORTLAND! I’m Stacy, and have lived in Portland for 3 years, originally from the Seattle area by way of California. I love camping, photography, and interior design. I live with my fiancé, Labrador retriever and rescue kitty. My Instagram is @wildandpine

    • Elle Ramirez

      PORTLAND! I’m Elvia and have been living in the city for 1 year. My bf and I relocated here from NYC but I too grew up in California (Bakersfield 😳) I teach middle school English but am currently taking classes in interior design as well. I have 2 rescue cats, and love being outdoors, a great glass of wine, and photography. Hoping to make new friends in the city! You can follow me on instagram: @youmeandpenelope

    • Dani Crino

      PORTLAND! I’m Dani, and moved to Portland two years ago from Buffalo, NY with my dog. I love hiking, kayaking, trying new breweries, and play in a local kickball league. My Instagram is @danisaur716.

    • Mindy Iboy

      PORTLAND! I’m Mindy, born and raised in Portland. I’m a single mom that loves photography, interior design and being active. My Insagram is @mindiature

  • Nicole Goldberg

    DENVER! I’ve lived here for three years or so, originally from Denver but grew up in Arizona, California and just back from Chicago. I love animals (to a fault), cooking, fashion, fitness, shopping and looking for finds at antique stores! Waiting to rescue a puppy. my instagram is @mabelrose43

    • Susan Parsons

      DENVER here too! I just moved in December with my boyfriend and our two (rescue!) pups! I’m big on yoga, eating, antique/vintage treasure hunting, hiking and exploring any/all local hotspots. I’m 29 and work in advertising. My Insta is @susanjparsons – Nicole I’ll give you a follow and hopefully we can connect 🙂

      • Nicole Goldberg


        • Megan

          I’m DENVER too! My name is Megan and I moved here just over a year ago with my boyfriend. I love live music, being outside, and trying as many new restaurants as I can! I am also 29 and I work in medical device sales. My IG is @Meglyn_

  • Leslie Shiers

    LOS ANGELES! (The Valley) I’m Leslie, and my husband and I moved here from Seattle about a year ago, and NYC two years before that. I love exploring new neighborhoods, trying new restaurants, books, fitness, interior design, and hiking with my dog. My Instagram is @leslieryan. Come say hi!

    • Francesca Ricci

      Awesome! I’ll be back in Los Angeles in October. Would love to meet up!

      • Leslie Shiers

        Would love that! (P.S. I’m a writer, too!) Enjoy your time in Zurich!

        • Francesca Ricci

          That’s great you write too! Thank you! It’s been great so far.

  • Francesca Ricci

    ZURICH (UNTIL OCTOBER) THEN BACK TO LOS ANGELES! I’m Francesca and live in Zurich for my husband’s job until October. Otherwise we’ll be in Los Angeles. I’m a writer who owns an online resale shop but worked in the music industry for six years before that. I LOVE reading, writing, good conversation, and dogs. Would love to meet up in either city! My Instagram is @fphillips44

    • Nicole Kaufmann

      LOS ANGELES (SANTA MONICA)! Hi, I’m Nicole – just moved to LA from Chicago a month ago, where I lived for 8 years. Loving my new area (between Santa Monica and Venice) and looking forward to exploring more of the city, enjoying the outdoors (beaches, hiking, paddleboarding, surfing, etc.), trying new restaurants and bars, and hitting up various workouts. Maybe we can do a meetup for all LA girls once you’re back! IG: @nicolekaufmann

      • Francesca Ricci

        Hi Nicole! We love Chicago! Definitely different than LA but hopefully you like it 🙂 but yes a meetup sounds great! My Insta is @fphillips44

  • Christina Morris Irvin

    CHARLOTTE! I’m Christina and I live in Charlotte, NC with my hubby and pup. We moved here about 1.5 years ago from Nashville, TN. I do a bunch of things for work, most recently launched a Creative Services biz with my husband – we offer video, photo and design services to help build your brand and grow your business. I have a 9-5 as well, but just until I chase my dreams into a reality! I’m a musician, book and movie nerd, animal lover and health/fitness junkie! My Instagram is @that.girl.bean – come say hi!!!

    • LBF

      Hi! I think we posted at the same time – both about Charlotte. Wild! We should get in touch!

      • Christina Morris Irvin

        Definitely!!! I’ll message you on the gram.

  • LBF

    CHARLOTTE! After 7 years in Chicago, I’m moving south in a few weeks (ahh so soon!) for a job relocation for my husband; know just about zero people, but looking forward to a new adventure! I will be working from home; and outside of work, I’m into yoga, my sweet & crotchety rescue dog, time outside, art, food, champy, etc. Insta is @lucybarn

    • Christina Morris Irvin

      Hi! Just moved to charlotte a little over a year ago – would love to connect!!

      • LBF

        Hi Christina, I just followed you on instagram! I will be in touch when we get there/settled in August.

        • Christina Morris Irvin

          Sounds great!! Good luck with the move!!

    • Posted in the nyc thread, but posting here too, because I’m considering moving to Charlotte in a few months! 🙂

  • Jennifer Gioia

    ATLANTA! I’m Jenn, I’ve lived in south Buckhead for 2.5 years. I love coffee, massive amounts of sunlight, and spending too much free time on social media.

    • Emily Davison

      Hi!!! My name is Emily and I live in East Atlanta. I work at a software company in buckhead. I’ve grown up here so I know the ins and outs of Atlanta! I (also) love coffee, making pottery, walking on the beltline, and…eating. A major foodie. I would love to catch up! Instagram is edavison5 🙂

      • Jade O’Connor

        ATLANTA! Hi ladies, I’m Jade! I moved to the Virginia Highlands in January. I also love coffee + exploring Atlanta! So nice to meet you both.

        • Caroline

          Hello Atlanta ladies! I just moved to buckhead this spring after living in New York. I work in interior design and love animals, trashy reality tv and going to new restaurants and rosé any time possible during the summer. Should we set up a date to all meet? Insta: carolinerfoster

          • Hope Marie Skurkis

            Hi ladies! I’m in East Atlanta! I am an ESL teacher. I grew up in GA, but lived other places so I’m trying to get to know the city all over again. I love coffee, walking the beltline, eating, and drinking. Is a meetup in order? Insta: @Hopeskurkis 🙂

          • Hi Hope! I think that it’s awesome that you are an ESL teacher, I had the best ESL teacher ever in the 4th grade! (Moved to the US when I was 9). She totally changed my life. Sounds like a meetup is def in order! My IG is @_patriciafk

          • Hope Marie Skurkis

            I’m so glad to hear you had such a great experience with your ESL teacher, Patricia! 🙂 Let’s organize this meetup!! 🙂 I’m available most weekends, if I’m not traveling.

          • Hi Caroline! How awesome that you’re from NY! I spent about 3 years in NYC growing up – and now I work in Architecture and Design here in Atlanta! Let’s set a date to meet up over rosé? My IG is @_patriciafk

        • Jennifer Gioia

          Hi Jade! Would love to chat more! My Instagram is @jennifergioia

        • Hi Jade! Would love to set up a meet up! I’m close by, in Midtown!

        • hi ladies! would love to get in on this meet-up if i haven’t already missed it!

          insta: lucyyy_j

      • Jennifer Gioia

        Hi Emily! How awesome that you are true Atlantian!! @jennifergioia

      • Hope Marie Skurkis

        Hi Emily! I’m also in East Atlanta! My husband works in software! I am an ESL teacher. I grew up in GA, but lived other places so I’m trying to get to know the city all over again. I (also) love coffee, walking the beltline, eating, and drinking. Insta: @Hopeskurkis 🙂

      • Hi Emily! Nice to meet you! I happen to work for a software company as well, doing architectural and design modeling/project management! I’d love to meet up sometime! My IG is @_patriciafk

      • i’m hugely behind, but hi emily! i’m also a born and bred atlanta. i grew up near decatur, went to college at georgia tech, lived in alpharetta for a bit, and now i’m back in midtown. the beltline and eating are my jams. would love to connect!

        insta: lucyyy_j

    • Lspeed

      Hey ATL ladies! I moved to ATL about 2 years ago. I still feel like a newbie! I also live in Buckhead and work in video production and multi media! I love art, movies, wine, laughs and also love food! Always look oking to connect with new friends! ❤️

      • Jennifer Gioia

        Thanks for reaching out! Would love to keep chatting!

      • Hi! My name is Patricia. Your job sounds so cool! Would love to connect sometime! I’m in midtown, my IG is @_patriciafk

    • Hi! My name is Patricia, and I’ve lived OTP for 10 years, but now I’m ITP and have been for the last 3 years! Currently in Midtown. I’m a watercolor painter, and I work in architecture and engineering! Looking forward to making new friends! My instagram is @_patriciafk

      • late to the party, but hey patricia! i love your watercolors on Instagram — i’ve been playing around with watercolor lately and yours were fun to see. especially the midtown-inspired ones since they’re right in my neighborhood.

        insta: lucyyy_j

        • Hi Lucy! Thanks for the kind words! We as a group have decided to get together around aug 18, would you like to join us? I can add you to the insta DM group!

          • yes please! 🙂

    • Hope Marie Skurkis

      Hi Jenn! I’m in East Atlanta! I grew up in GA, but lived all over so I’m trying to get to know the city all over again. I (also) love coffee, A LOT of sunshine, and social media. Insta: @Hopeskurkis 🙂

    • Mary Kouba

      ATLANTA! Super late to the discussion. I moved to Atlanta from Wisconsin 6 years ago. Currently I live in West Midtown. Coffee and sunlight are top on my list too! @mkko87 IG

  • Nicki

    AUSTIN! I’m Nicki and I was born/raised in Texas – never left! I’m the founder of milo+nicki, love dogs especially my rescue mut Milo, and love to eat Mexican food and be outdoors. Happy hour is where you will find me especially if the place has a sweet patio. Hoping to make new friend in my city! You can follow me on Instagram: @milonicki

  • Jessika Garcia

    HONOLULU! Hi, I’m Jessika and have been living in Honolulu, Hawaii a little over 10 years now. I love playing with makeup and decorating my planner and my boyfriend and I have a New Year’s resolution of trying one new restaurant a month (so far we’re failing, lol 😅). Always looking to make new friends! You can me on Instagram: @jessmahina

    • Jennifer Strahl

      Aloha! Honolulu, too! Well, Mililani, but I mean, it’s not *that* big an island. Been here 6 years and love it, except that my friends always seem to leave. I adore playing with makeup but haven’t had much chance to since my son was born – I miss it ha ha! I like easy-ish hikes, coffee, sweet treats, and photography. I’m an introvert who fakes extroversion very well. 🙂 Instagram: flight531

  • Mattie W

    BOSTON! Living and working in and around the city for about 3 years now – have moved between Charleston NC, Philadelphia, NYC collecting friends in each, eventually landing in New England with my husband and little dog! I work in marketing but started in publishing – love trying new spots for food and drinks, exploring different parts of New England, and great music/books — Instagram is @mattiejanes

    • Krista Guaraldi

      Hi Mattie, I just moved back to Boston (living in the Seaport) – love to read/eat/drink/chat. I am a single girl, and I work in tech sales so it would be great to meet some girls to have brunch & manis! Insta – @techsophisticate

    • Jenny

      Hey Mattie! I’m a marketer in Boston too! Living in the North End with my boyfriend and dog. I’d love to grab drinks some time. Instagram: @javallon

    • Andrea Hagan

      Hi Mattie! I am an attorney in Boston, living in the South End with my husband and two dogs. Would love to grab drinks or brunch sometime with you and the other Boston ladies! Instgram @andrea.cone.hagan

    • Danielle Jenkins

      Hi Mattie – I work in higher ed in Boston and attend grad school part-time in the evenings (pursuing my MS in Advertising/Marketing). I’d love to help coordinate a Boston meet up since it looks like there are a few people interested! Instagram: danielleljenkins

      • Colleen

        Danielle, I work in Higher Ed in Boston as well! (….and just finished my MA part time… you can do it!) I would definitely be up for meeting with a group of the Boston girls. insta is: @cclaf

    • Megan Bower

      Hi Mattie and the rest of the Boston ladies! – I moved to Boston 2 years ago and live in the south shore area with my husband and rescue dog and cat. I travel for work and have not had time to make friends since moving to Boston. I’d love to do a meetup with everyone! @meganbfsu

    • Whitney Pezza

      Hi Mattie! I moved to Boston last year and live in Back Bay. I work at a school south of the city and am loving exploring New England as well. I’d love to meet up with everyone sometime! Insta: @wpezza

    • Maggie Burgess

      Hi Mattie, and other Boston gals! I’m late to the game, but I just moved to Southie in April after living in the South for four years. I work in higher ed fundraising, for all of the other higher ed girls! I love exploring the city, trying new places for food, and I’m always down to try an interesting bottle of wine. I’d love to get to know some new faces and meet up! Instagram: maggiekburgess

    • Marisa N.

      Hey ladies! I’m a little late to this post as well, but love to meet some new people! I just moved to Cambridge with my boyfriend a few months ago. I’m an architect working in downtown Boston. I’m a big foodie and love trying out new spots. I’d love to meet up for dinner/ drinks sometime! Instagram: m.nem_

      • Mattie W

        Hi Marisa! Added you to the group instagram thread 🙂

    • Ally Long

      Hey everyone! I’m late too but such a great way to meet new people! I’ve been in Boston for nearly 3 years having moved from the UK. Would love to grab drinks/brunch soon! Insta: @ally.l87

    • Rachelle

      Hey Boston ladies — also crazy late to this train but am hoping to meet
      some new, amazing people. I live outside of Boston but work in
      design/marketing in the city. Wold love to connect and grab drinks…
      I’m always on the search for great cocktails and breweries. Insta:

  • Caitlin Mac

    KANSAS CITY! My name is Caitlin, I’m a Florida girl new to the Midwest and would love to meet some new friends! I am a total foodie and will befriend anyone just to play with their dog! My insta is @misscaitlinmac

    • Lindsey

      Hi Caitlin! I’m Lindsey, and while I’m originally from the KC area, I just moved back a few months ago after living on the East Coast for almost 10 years. Would love to connect! My insta is @lindsey4thewin.

    • Stefanie Walters

      Hi Caitlin and Lindsey! I am Stefanie and live in the KC area. I love to try restaurants and bars and explore the neighborhoods around. I would love to connect and meet new people! My insta is @stefaniewalters

    • Virginia Thomas

      Hi! My name is virginia, and I moved to KC with my husband last summer. I like Pilates as well as trying new restaurants and bars and would love to meet new people. I have a very cute Yorkie 😊 My insta is vgtthomas

  • Marina Rosenthal

    DAYTON, OHIO! I’m a psychologist doing my residency at a hospital here and know NO ONE! I love exploring my local food scene, trying new exercise classes, reading all the books, and thrift shopping. Instagram: @marinanaomirose

  • Mollie Martini

    PITTSBURGH! I currently live in Chicago but will be moving to back home to Pittsburgh at the end of August once my lease is up. I’ve been in Chicago for the last three years and as much as I love this city I decided to move home to begin working for my families construction company. I enjoy working out, avid spin class and orange theory goer and also love fashion and interior design. Even though Pittsburgh is my home town I am really looking forward to branching out and making new friends! My instagram is: mollsmartini

    • Hannah Ramsdell

      Hey Mollie!
      I just graduated in May and moved to Pittsburgh! I’m here living with my best friend and took a temp job for the summer. I’m currently looking for something more long term so thats been a struggle! I NEED to head to an Orange Theory class but so far I’ve enjoyed finding amazing restaurants in PGH, lol. I’m just trying to navigate my 20’s and network. I’d love to get in touch.

  • Keri

    HOUSTON! I’m a 34 year old married mom of 3. I am a real estate agent. I love going to the gym, wine, food and going to bed early. 🙂 My IG is @keriboberi

    • Hi Keri!
      I’m a Houstonian and also a real estate agent. I like cycling and yoga. And wine too. We should connect! @stylefragment

    • Anita Habib

      HOUSTON! I’m 28 years old, living in Houston for 3 years. I’m a Pediatric nurse practitioner. I enjoy working out, yoga, exploring new places and new foods. Would love to meet up with you gals! My IG is @anitahab

  • DURHAM, NC! I’m Abby, I moved from Kentucky to NYC to Chicago and now to Durham, NC! We moved for my husband’s job and are loving North Carolina. I’m a reality TV producer and thus love bingeing shows! I also love interior design, traveling as much as possible, and working on my blog with my husband Austin at We’ve lived in Durham a year and are still looking to make new friends in the Triangle! You can follow me on instagram: @abbyenyquist. Hope we can connect!

    • Kelsey Coons

      Hi Abby! I’m new to Durham as well (and previously lived in Chicago!). I’d love to get together sometime. I’ve reached out via Instagram.

      • Hi Kelsey! Great!! Let’s get together! I’m not seeing your note or comment on instagram- @abbyenyquist. What’s your handle and I can reach out to you!

        • Kelsey Coons

          Wonderful! Oh man, I wonder why the message didn’t go through? Weird! My handle is @kelseycooons (“o” x3).

          • Carolyn

            hey ladies! I’m also in Durham, lived here for 3+ years…@cbduke

    • Maria Papapietro

      Hi everyone, I live in Chapel Hill! Moved down last August – would love to meet up! Instagram is @marianicolepapa

    • Lyndsey

      Hi everyone! I’ve been in Durham for 5 years… moved from Chicago. Live here with my husband and 2 little ones. Love it here but miss the city and the fashion :-). Would love to meet up sometime! Message me on Instagram @bordenave0110

  • Julie Meisner

    NASHVILLE! I’ve lived here pretty much my whole life, I went to college in SC and then came back! I work as an accountant but off duty I love shopping, fashion, interior design, reading, art, traveling internationally, and checking out all the new restaurants that keep popping up in Nashville!

    • Kara Smith

      Julie-moved here from NYC last year. Interested in a lot of the same things! On insta as karasmith125

      • Amber Castro

        I’m just a couple hours south in Chattanooga. We love visiting Nashville when we get the chance!

      • Julie Meisner

        I’m @julie.mmarie on insta – would love to meet up!

      • Danielle Leach

        Just added you on Insta!

    • Margaret Hart

      Hey there! I just moved to Nashville in December from LA. Loving the food scene here – restaurants, as well as cooking and exploring our local farmers markets! I am themghart on Insta, would love to connect.

      • Julie Meisner

        Hey! I’m @julie.mmarie on insta. Let’s definitely connect!

        • Danielle Leach

          Added you both on Insta!

    • Renee C.

      Hi Nashville friends!! I moved to Nashville in April for a new job. I work in healthcare. On Danielle’s last friend post I made a new friend that I now hang out with frequently so I’m proof this works! 😊 Feel free to message me on Instagram @eenerac. I am with y’all on loving the restaurant scene in Nashville!

      • Julie Meisner

        That’s awesome! I’m @julie.mmarie on instagram. Let’s definitely connect!

    • Danielle Leach

      Hi! I’m Danielle and just moved to Nashville from NYC too! I’m on vacation now but will be back in August and would love to meet up with a few girls once there! I’m @daniellepleach on Instagram!

    • Sawyer Wilson

      Hi fellow Nashville ladies! I’m Sawyer! Just moved here about a month and a half ago and would love to connect with some new friends 🙂 I’m a freelance graphic designer, and I also work at FASHIONABLE! My insta is @sawyermwilson if you want to connect there as well!

    • Hi, Nashville folks! I’ve been here for 2+ years. My day job is as a content strategist at a marketing agency and, for fun, I keep up a personal blog ( I’d love to connect with other creative ladies. Feel free to find/message me on Instagram: @lane.harbin

  • SACRAMENTO!! I’m Abigail, and I moved from Cincinnati, OH a few months ago (and I’m loving it here so far!). I’m a life and wellness coach and writer. I work for myself from home, which can make it difficult to make new friends! When I’m not working, I’m riding my bike, practicing yoga, hiking, reading too many books at one time, or going on adventures with my husband, Keith. Connect on Instagram @abigailRdavidson!

    • Christine Lessen

      Hi!! I live in Sacramento as well! I have lived here for 4.5 years and my husband & I moved from St. Louis, MO. I work for Tom James – worlds largest custom clothing company. My husband is in the military so finding new friends has been hard. I love to work out, drink wine, watch Cardinals baseball, and enjoy the California weather. Insta: @hustle.and.sass

  • HAGERSTOWN! I’m Alexandra and I’ve been in the Hagerstown MD/Frederick MD/Chambersburg PA area for 4 years. I’m the Library Director at Mercersburg Academy. I love sewing, reading, and watching tv with friends (Game of Thrones!). Hoping to meet people in the area. On instagram and twitter as @alexandrap529

  • Lori Milzarek

    MEMPHIS! I have lived here since I was 6 years old. Went to college in Knoxville and came back. I have a husband and a 2 year old. I teach deaf middle schoolers. My Instagram is @mrsm

  • Marissa

    ORANGE COUNTY! I’m Marissa and moved here 11 months ago from Chicago. I work a full time job in Newport and just founded The The Après-Atlas. I have a King Charles Poodle puppy and love brunching, yoga and photography. Hoping to make new friends in the area! You can follow me on Instagram: @m_pixles

    • Leslee Myers

      ORANGE COUNTY, CA! I’m Leslee and I have lived most of my life in Orange County. By day I’m a teacher at a high school in Newport Beach and at night my time is occupied by my three pups. My creative outlet is Chic Ideology where I write about my adventures as a newlywed, travels, DIY Projects, and my pups. I love photography, animals, and exploring. Hoping to make new friends in Orange County! You can follow me on Instagram: @lesleemyers

      • Marissa

        We should definitely connect! Thoughts about a puppy play date?! Cheesy I know, but we love taking our dog to the dog beach in Huntington. 🙂 Message me on Instagram if you want to meet up! @m_pixels

      • Taylor Jacob

        Hello Orange County people! I’m Taylor and I grew up in North Orange County, but spent the last 6 years in LA, and am happy to be in Costa Mesa/Newport now. I coach gymnastics for a living and I love blog reading, planning adventures, and brunch! I love making new friends, fine me on insta: tayjjay

        • I’m in Temecula and just left my comment at the top… I’ve copied and pasted it below. We should connect!:
          SAN DIEGO / TEMECULA, CA || My name is Monica, and I am a foodie through and through. I’m a whole food / paleo blogger, and I live and breathe healthy eating and cooking. it’s my full-time job and joy! I love everything outdoors and spending time with close friends and family. I live with my husband, and we enjoy working out together, cooking, exploring new places and cities and being goofy. On Instagram, my handle is @themovementmenu … I’d love to connect with you!!!! 🙂

        • Chanel

          Hi Taylor! I grew up in Newport Beach but I’m now in San Diego.

          We should definitely connect if ever in each other’s city!

          Insta: chanelsonegopriv

      • Chanel

        Hey Leslee!

        I’m not in Orange County anymore as I moved to San Diego 3 years ago but I come up quite often! Let me know if you ever want to connect 🙂

        My Insta is @chanelsonegopriv

    • SAN DIEGO / TEMECULA, CA || My name is Monica, and I am a foodie through and through. I’m a whole food / paleo blogger, and I live and breathe healthy eating and cooking. it’s my full-time job and joy! I love everything outdoors and spending time with close friends and family. I live with my husband, and we enjoy working out together, cooking, exploring new places and cities and being goofy. On Instagram, my handle is @themovementmenu … I’d love to connect!

  • Ellie Hockett

    SAN DIEGO! I recently moved here from San Francisco and am looking for some good girlfriends to explore and have fun with! I have a three year old Australian shepherd mix that I love to take to the beach and hiking! Love to go hiking, do yoga, drink wine and explore new restaurants with my bf. Instagram: ellieshockett

    • I’m in Temecula and just left my comment at the top… I’ve copied and pasted it below. We should connect!:
      SAN DIEGO / TEMECULA, CA || My name is Monica, and I am a foodie through and through. I’m a whole food / paleo blogger, and I live and breathe healthy eating and cooking. it’s my full-time job and joy! I love everything outdoors and spending time with close friends and family. I live with my husband, and we enjoy working out together, cooking, exploring new places and cities and being goofy. On Instagram, my handle is @themovementmenu … I’d love to connect!

    • Chanel

      Hi Ellie!

      I’m in San Diego as well! I live in Ocean Beach with my boyfriend and pug pup!

      I started a women’s networking group in SD. I love spin, wine & trying new restaurants!

      What area are you in? My insta is @chanelsonegopriv

  • Nicole Kaufmann

    LOS ANGELES (SANTA MONICA)! Hi, I’m Nicole – just moved to LA from Chicago a month ago, where I lived for 8 years. Loving my new area (between Santa Monica and Venice) and looking forward to exploring more of the city, enjoying the outdoors (beaches, hiking, paddleboarding, surfing, etc.), trying new restaurants and bars, and hitting up various workouts (yoga, high intensity, etc.). Would love to meet people to do more of those things with! IG: @nicolekaufmann

    • Jessica Woolridge

      LOS ANGELES! Hi Nicole! Wow I’m so surprised there aren’t more LA peeps. I’m Jessica, originally from the Detroit area (yay Mid-West!) and I work at a large-scale fashion PR agency in Beverly Hills. I’ve lived in the Brentwood/Santa Monica area for a few months now with my husband. I love trying new things but some of my favorite activities are yoga, Pilates, training in Krav Maga, anything fashion related (shopping!) and exploring all of the awesomeness LA has to offer. I also never say no to a good glass of wine. Always up for meeting new people! My IG is: @jessicaiwoolridge

    • Shaina Fox

      Nicole, we literally swapped places. I just moved to Chicago one month ago from Santa Monica where I was living for the last 9 years! Let me know if you need any recos!

    • Cristal Ramirez

      LOS ANGELES – Hi ladies, sorry, I’m joining the team so late – I live in Los Angeles too, actually the South Bay / Redondo Beach area. I love pilates, bike riding, being outdoors, going to the beach, wine time, all dogs. I live with my husband and rescue Shih Tzu, Bella. I’m trying to launch my lifestyle blog soon.

      Would love to catch up on Insta @redondodaydream

  • Heather M.

    RICHMOND! I’ve been living here 6.5 years after moving around a bit after college. I’m married with a one year old son, rescue dog and deaf cat. I love to travel (Greece is up next!), trying new restaurants in the area, wine tasting in Charlottesville and generally just finding any excuse to get outside in this beautiful weather. You can follow me on Instagram: @heather_beale

  • Brittany

    NEW YORK! Crazy to think I’m the first here to post from the big apple, it’s so hard to meet new people in such a big city. Originally from Ohio, I’ve been here basically 2 years. In Brand Marketing for a large fashion retailer, love baking, books, and (good) booze. Unfortunately I’m dog deprived and considered dog walking just to get my pupper fix. I’m a collector or hobbies, so if you’re into art, paper, crafting, food, running, television, sewing, reading, beauty, trivia, and anything else, we’d get along swimmingly! You can follow me on Instagram at @brittanyltyler!

    • Lindsay Orosco

      NEW YORK! (I can’t believe how long I had to scroll too!) Hey Brittany, I’m Lindsay 🙂 I work in Advertising for a large agency, originally from San Francisco also pup deprived (and I work in an office where dogs aren’t allowed so I’m doubly deprived!) Studied art history in college so love museums and art as well, long to travel, taught myself to embroider, like to cook even though I’m not super at it, Netflix, watch makeup rituals on YouTube, Pilates, BananaSkirt dance classes and drinking wine. All the wines TBH. I’m on IG as lindsayorosco!

      • Lauren

        Hi Brittany and Lindsay! I live in New York as well. I’m an Art Director at a fashion brand- I’ve been here for two years by way of Chicago. I have a rescue pup named Pepper- so we can help with the dog deprivation! I love art (hence the job), dancing, wine, and trivia! You can find me @lrogala!

        • Lexi

          Hey NYC gals! I moved here from Miami just over a year ago and I live with my bf so I am in serious need of a girl gang. Seems like we’re all creatives (I’m a journalist at a wine publication) and dog lovers (want one, can’t have one). Gonna IG stalk you all now 😉 I’m @lexi___foxie — that’s three underscores. Let’s meet up for coffee/wine/brunch soon.

          • Katethegrr8

            Hi friends!! I’m Kate – a born and raised city kid, but educated in the south so I say y’all. I lived in NC for nearly 6yrs before coming back to NYC and am now living in Brooklyn. I adopted a pup who just turned 3 – Emmy is just the best (she’s a dachshund mix but really only got the length from her mom!). I work at a health & wellness site in sales (work & travel a good amount), am a big yogi, love biking and local craft beers, podcasts, roadtrips, food & wine (duh!), have a membership at MoMA, and am spending as much time outside this summer with Emmy as possible. I’m a former college athlete so I like to keep moving, love sports (Go Red Sox!), trying new things, getting out of my comfort zone, and have never done anything like this before! Feeling like I’m in a bit of a friend rut and all my friends are coupled off/getting married. Would love to connect sometime soon! @KatetheGrr8 is my IG (and my original AIM back in the day) 🙂

          • Alex Porterfield

            Hello ladies!! I’m Alex – Originally from Las Vegas, I moved to NYC almost 5 years ago and am still head over heels in love with this beautiful city. I work full time at a talent agency for Theatre/TV/Film actors and on the side I assist an entrepreneur who has created her own self discovery workshops. I love traveling (near & far), staying active (kickboxing & conditioning), and meeting new people (I’m a social butterfly)! Exited to get to know you all! Instagram: @alexporterfield

          • Amy

            NEW YORK! Hi everyone – I’m Amy. I moved to NYC a little more than a year ago from Washington, D.C. Would love to connect with more people.

          • Bridget T

            Hi New Yorkers! I have lived in NYC (Brooklyn) for quite a while but recently realized so many friends had moved away (symptoms of being in your late-20s I guess?) and am always looking to meet like-minded ladies. Like most of you here, I love wine (mostly big reds) and travel, I’m trying to become a runner, and enjoy writing, Broadway, eating, and books (I’m a nonfiction editor at an indie book publisher). My insta is @bthoreson11 and would love to meet up!

          • Kristen

            NEW YORK! Hi New Yorkers, I’m Kristen! Came back to city for grad school a couple years ago and would love to meet some new friends! Scrolling through all your comments I had to laugh as I just this week looked into how to get in puppy time in since I can’t have my own at the moment. Studied art administration/ business and psych and work in midtown. Love exploring new parts of the city and am an avid traveler, devourer of books and prefer being outside to inside! Looking forward to connecting! Insta: @kvbbb33

          • Nia Washington

            Hi NYC crew! My name is nia. I moved to NYC about a year ago from Georgia. I actually just moved to Jersey City at the beginning of July but work and do everything else in NYC. I work in fashion PR and love trying new things and meeting new people. Im a huge fan of dancing (freely or in a dance class), finding new coffee shops, kayaking, eating ice cream while strolling through a park, live music, traveling… the list goes on and on. I’m so excited to connect with all of you. My Instagram is @niamaria24

          • Stacy A

            Hey NYC ladies! I’m Stacy! I work at a food magazine and would love to hang sometime! Should we throw a little meetup in Manhattan? Maybe next Thursday evening the 3rd? Where should we go?!

          • Nicole P

            NYC! Hi New Yorkers, I moved to NYC about a month ago and am still getting a lay of the land but am loving it! I’m also looking into how to get my puppy fix and am exploring different workouts (lots of options!) but currently just running on my own. Originally from the New England area, I love wine of all kinds, enjoy traveling, wheel throwing pottery (still looking for a studio) and would love to meet up! Insta @npoirier11

          • Nia Washington

            Did I miss the meetup? I didn’t see the messages about the 3rd, but I would love to meet each and everyone of you!

          • Bridget T

            Has anyone met up yet? I’d be down for something next Thursday the 3rd. Drinks after work, maybe in Chelsea/Village area, or somewhere central?

          • Katie N.

            NYC! I’m Katie, have been in NYC several years, and would love to meet new friends. Wine, new restaurants, staying active are just a few of the things I’m interested in – perhaps we can plan a Fall get together!

          • Krystin Moltner

            Hey y’all! I’m so down for a meetup – anyone have a suggestion on an easy way we can get everyone’s contact/email to plan?… I’ve originally from Dallas but have been in NYC for 6 years now. Wine (common thread apparently haha), yoga, pizza, interior design are just a few of my interests!

          • jenny

            Hi! I’m Jen and recently moved from Chicago to NYC this summer (and loving it!!) I enjoy many of the things mentioned above and would love to connect with this crew!

          • jenny

            And Krystin -I am new to commenting on posts so not sure what the easiest way is to grab contact info?!

          • Rachel

            let’s do it Katie!

          • Katie N.

            Would love to! DM me on IG @Katie.noon and we can compare schedules

          • Chris S

            NYC! Not sure if I missed the meetup since I found this thread so late. I’d love to arrange another one though! I just moved from Austin about a month ago and only know my bf and a few guys from college so I’m in desperate need of lady time! My insta is @chris_saenz24 (mainly pics of my sassy Yorkie)

          • Rachel

            NYC, I’m Rachel! did you guys already plan a meetup? If not, I would love to help plan one soon! I moved to the city a little over a year ago and I am always looking to meet new people. I am in grad school and love exploring workout classes and new restaurants.

          • Yvonne U.

            Hello NYC ladies! I’m Yvonne and have been living in the city for a while now, I recently moved to Jersey City. I love reading, art, music, wine and cooking. Hoping to make new friends in the city! You can follow me on instagram: @amariyaskitchen

      • Katie Reynolds

        Hello! I’m Katie, I’m originally from Vermont, but lived in Boston for 6 years before moving to NYC almost 3 years ago. I work in Advertising for a news publication. I loove cooking, working out, and reading. I’m on Instagram as @kreynolds23. Would love to meet up with everyone for brunch or a wine tasting sometime.

      • Liane Pamuspusan

        Dog deprived person #3 here! I’m Liane, I work in compliance for a kid’s company, originally from Seattle. Love outdoor markets, try new restaurants, and a good beer! would love to meet up sometime. I’m on IG as well as lianepamuspusan

    • NYC! I just moved here a year ago (still contemplating moving back down south tbh, but I have a couple of months to make that decision!) I’m a writer who’s also currently working in television. I love curling up with a good book, snack, and glass of wine!

  • Katie Deschler

    MADISON, WI! I am in the process of moving to Madison from St. Louis and don’t know anyone in the city! I love being outside, biking, going to all of the coffee shops, reading blogs, cooking, crafting, watching gilmore girl reruns and have been trying hand lettering recently 🙂 I would love to meet for a drink or yoga or anything! I love making new friends and am really hoping to have the chance in this new place. My instagram is @kmdeschler

  • Kristin M.

    VENTURA, CA! I’m Kristin and have been living in the Ventura area for the past 5 years by way of Wisconsin. I’m a lifestyle blogger at Modish & Main and also have a digital marketing + photography business. My true love is my Golden Retriever rescue, Dexie, and I have a passion for new adventures, travel, rosé and whisky. Hoping to make new friends in the area! You can follow me on instagram: @modishandmain / @modishdigital

  • Andrea M

    Philadelphia!! My name is Andrea and I’ve lived in the Philadelphia are my whole life. Didn’t see anyone else on here from Philly, but I thought I’d put it out there! I’m a Communications Specialist and love everything PR and social media. I love getting out, trying new cruisines, being with friends, and of course meeting new people. Follow me on IG: andrea_markey

  • Audrey

    AKRON, OHIO! Born and raised in Northeast OH. Moved away for a bit and now I’m back fixing up the cutest house in my free time!

  • SAN ANTONIO! My name is Catharine, I moved here about 9 years ago (originally from Dallas). I’m married with a rescue pup Geoffrey. I’m an Interior Designer and DIYer. We’re slowly renovating our 80year old bungalow. I love cooking, tv, brunch, mac & cheese, and traveling. Follow me to learn more @catharineklepc I’d love to meet more people in the city.

  • Erica

    OAKLAND/SF! I’m Erica, born and raised in the Bay Area but most of my friends are transplants from all over the US, so I know how hard it could be sometimes. I work in Event Marketing for a tech startup in San Francisco and a proud cat-mom of 2 🙂 I love brunch-ing, museums, and meeting new people (especially that work in marketing, too). Find me on IG @ericanadine

    • Sandra Vega

      Hi Erica! I’m in SF too and I also work in marketing. Been in the city for two years now and it’s definitely tough to find new friends in a new place. Connect with me on insta @sandravee.

      • stef

        BAY AREA! Sandra and Erica, I’m in the Bay Area too, but further south on the peninsula. I’m not in marketing (I’m a biologist at a startup), but I love brunching and meeting new people! I’m on insta @steffersm

        • Ashley Hammel

          BAY AREA! I’m Ashley and I was raised in the Chicagoland area but just moved to the Bay Area yesterday for work and would love to meet some new people! I’m also more south on the peninsula and would love to make some friends outside of work! My instagram is private but it’s ashhammel!

    • Ming

      SF! I’m Ming, live in SF but moved about two years ago from Chicago. I’m a total foodie so I love a good brunch and also traveling, being outdoors, cooking new recipes, and working out. Would love to hang out sometime Instagram: mingchiu14

    • Audrey Ogurchak

      BAY AREA! I’m Audrey, born in Cleveland area but am moving to the Bay Area next year and just spent my summer there. I will be a first year associate for a tech law firm, focusing in patent law. My 1 year old golden doodle and I love to meet new people and to explore the area! I would love to connect with people in the area and get together once I’m out there! Instagram: @audreygraceo 🙂

    • Lucia Janney

      OAKLAND! Hi I’m Lucia and I live near Lake Merrit. I would love to meet some new friends in the area! I love to work out and run around the lake, check out areas nearby, hike, go to farmers markets, etc. DM me on instagram: @luciajanney

  • Maddie Larsen

    MILWAUKEE! I’m Maddie and have been living in Milwaukee for a little over a year. I sell custom clothing for men and women, I’m an online shopping addict, and love trying new foods and restaurants (especially wineries!). I would love to make new friends in the city! My instagram is: @maddieelarsen

    • Katie Deschler

      Hi Maddie! I am moving to Madison this summer and know it’s only a short distance away! Maybe we can meet up in the city sometime or a winery 🙂 My instagram is @kmdeschler

      • Maddie Larsen

        Hi Katie! I would love that! I have family in Madison so I’m there around once a month, typically.

    • Sarah

      I’m in KENOSHA so super close to MKE. I am a wedding planner and adventure lover. I don’t get to MKE as often as I should and would love to head up to try a new restaurant. My instagram is @cakeandchampagneeventco

  • Claire

    ST PAUL/MINNEAPOLIS! Technically I live north of the cities but I work near St. Paul! My name is Claire and I grew up in Minnesota but moved to San Diego for 5 years and just moved back last fall…so it feels like I’m in a new city again now as an adult! I work in employee development for a social media marketing agency and I love to spend time on the lake, glass of wine in hand, hiking up north, baking, and arranging flowers! Always looking for some new girls to become friends with! Find me on instagram at @clairebakken 🙂

  • Brittany Russell

    OMAHA! I’m Brittany and I own my own little business where I do calligraphy and design custom wedding stationery and signage. My husband and I are getting ready to move into our first house next month – yay! We have two tuxedo kitties, Sebastian and Bella, and as soon as possible, we are getting a puppy! I am a huuuuge movie buff, and I absolutely love to read (my favorite genre is crime-thrillers). You can find me on Instagram at @letterlanedesignstudio 🙂

    • XoJCo

      Finally!!! Let’s definitely meet up. I’m Jess and I’m in Omaha, too! I’ve lived here with my fiancé for a year and a half, love the weather and am dying to get a puppy. I like eating, love coffee and am getting married next weekend! I’m on insta @xojco

  • Amber Castro

    CHATTANOOGA I have lived here for about 14 years now. Originally from the PNW. I am a stay at home mom of two little ones. I love getting out of the house and exploring our city. I absolutely love to travel, I get antsy if I don’t get out of town at least every few months. lol I’m always looking to connect and get to know new people!

  • Taylor Jacob

    COSTA MESA! I’m Taylor and while I grew up in north orange county, I’m back for good after 6 years in LA and 5 years in Boise for college. I have a rescue cat and coach club gymnastics for a living. I’m the only single girl in my group of friends and work friends. I’m happier now that I live so close to the beach, go to Disneyland often, and love a glass of sparkling rose in the summer! ig: tayjjay

  • Brooke LaFleur

    BERKELEY/SF! I’ve been a SoCal resident my whole life and am moving to the Bay Area soon to attend school! I’m a Media Studies major who plans to venture out in to the Fashion Journalism/PR/Marketing world. I love to beach and picnic but that will change soon once I move! Looking forward to attending concerts, going to cute cafes/restaurants, enjoying all the art in museums and navigating a new city. I enjoy cooking and a typical weekend looks like listening to music with friends and maybe a tipsy card game lol. I enjoy going to workout classes particularly spin (best and worst torture ever!!!!) and traveling around really. I’m big into fashion and interior design (anything aesthetically pleasing.) I’m trying to get into photography and just bought a film camera to teach myself the ropes. OK- I’m really writing too much but i’m super interested to meet likeminded friends!!! Instagram: @Brooke_LaFleur

    • Ashley Hammel

      Hi Brooke! I recently moved to the Bay Area as well! I just graduated from college in May and moved here from Chicago. Would love to meet up for coffee one day! My instagram is @ashhammel

  • Alee Gleiberman

    MIAMI! I’m Alee and I was born and raised in Miami FL! I moved to Boston for college where I got my BFA in photography. I moved back to sunny Miami after graduation. I’m a local south Florida wedding photographer and love all things creative! Also love finding new spots to eat and exploring. Hoping to make new friends in the city! You can follow me on instagram: @aleegleibermanphoto

    • Maria Mier

      MIAMI! I’m Maria 🙂 I was born in Colombia. I’ve lived in a number of places including Bogota, Chicago, Gainesville, Sevilla and I currently reside in Miami! I’m a graduate from the University of Florida (Go Gators!). My passions include traveling (27 countries and counting), staying active (beach volleyball, scuba diving, hiking, lifting, paddle-boarding – basically, any outdoors activity), live music, spicy cocktails, cooking, wine, game nights, new adventures and meeting new people. Hoping to make new friends in the area! My instagram is @mjmier

  • kera

    TORONTO — I’m Kera, I’m a TV producer! I’m always up for wine, hiking or a relaxing movie night. I’ve been in Toronto for about 3 years and have a great group of friends but I’m always looking for more 🙂

    • Kathryn

      Hey Kera! I don’t know if these comments are set up for notifications – I’m a little late to the party here – but if you’re still looking to hang out, it’s high time (6 years later whoops) I meet some people outside of my work circle and boyfriend’s friends that kindly adopted me. I’m a kitchen designer by trade – and I enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking and eating with friends as well. Wine, hiking and movies are great too 🙂

      • kera

        hey! I totally am! let’s connect on Instagram, I’m @krajnsn 🙂

  • Jennifer Carter

    PROVIDENCE! My name is Jen and I’ve lived in the Providence area for a little over 16 months. I’m a logistics engineer for a supply chain logistics company. I love traveling around the Northeast, going on hikes, grabbing coffee, and trying new restaurants. You can follow me on Instagram at @jrcarter08

  • CINCINNATI- I moved here less than 2 years ago from Cleveland and would love to meet some new friends! Im a dog mom, new fiance, new homeowner, beauty/fashion blogger and looooove to eat, adventure and shop. I also work by day in the healthcare technology space. My blog insta is the one i use @thebeautybravado 🙂

    • I’m originally from Cincinnati — but live in Chicago now. But I’d love to connect you to some blogger friends still in the area. If you’re up for it — shoot me an email at

  • Courtney Harrison

    LAS VEGAS! Hi, my name is Courtney, and I’m moving from California to Las Vegas (Henderson) in one week! I am originally from Texas, work in accounting, have a rescue cat named Hattie, and love hockey, reading, and music. I would love to make new friends outside of work!

  • Laura

    CLEVELAND! Moved to town with my husband two years ago because we wanted a change after 6 years in DC and Cleveland is 100x more awesome than everyone thinks it is. Originally from Boston, work at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Obsessed with my dog Fenway. Living in Shaker. Follow me on insta @laura.resch

    • Audrey

      Hi Laura! I live in Akron and work in Woodmere! Follow me on Instagram @audreyef. I love that you work at the CMA! I had planned on becoming a curator years ago and now I’m director of operations for a real estate team! Life is certainly interesting!

    • Glitterista

      Hi Laura and Audrey! It’s so fun to see Cleveland on here. I am a Cleveland transplant (moved here for my now husband while he was in school), and live in Cleveland Heights now. My insta is glitterista, and I’m always looking to meet new people.

    • Kaetlyn

      Hi ladies! I moved to Cle 3 years ago after college graduation and am loving exploring this underrated city! I live right downtown and love the access I have. insta is @kikicabrini – let’s all get coffee soon:)

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  • Casey Catron

    ARLINGTON!,Va – Hi everyone! My name is casey and I’m living in the DC suburb of Arlington. I am in my early 30’s, married and living with my cutie chocolate lab Hines. I love visual arts, interior design, working out/spin classes, shopping and grabbing drinks! Would love to meet some people with my similar interests that could take part in these activities! My instagram is @hellocaseycat

    • Ashley Mancosh

      Hi Casey, I’m Ashley. I am currently in Reston Town Center, but have a lot of connections in the Arlington area and make it over that way quite a bit. I lived in Clarendon/Virginia Square for 10 years and my office is in Alexandria. Also in my early 30s and work in Interior Design with many of the same interests! My instagram account is @amancosh. If you ever want to meet up for any of the activities you suggested they are right up my alley!

  • Crystin

    Jacksonville, Florida. I just moved here two weeks ago from Houston, Texas to work with the PGA Tour. I love good restaurants, good wine/cocktails, and exploring new places. I love to go to the beach, hike and try new things. My Instagram is @cpactor, I hope to meet some of y’all!

    • Beatriz gonzalez

      Hi Crystin! I’m Betty and I moved to Jacksonville in January and I’m still trying to learn this sprawling city. I love trying out new restaurants, traveling, and doing yoga. Would love to insta is @bglivanos.

  • SAN DIEGO / TEMECULA, CA || My name is Monica, and I am a foodie through and through. I’m a whole food / paleo blogger, and I live and breathe healthy eating and cooking. it’s my full-time job and joy! I love everything outdoors and spending time with close friends and family. I live with my husband, and we enjoy working out together, cooking, exploring new places and cities and being goofy. On Instagram, my handle is @themovementmenu … I’d love to connect!

    • Chanel

      Hi Monica!

      I’m in San Diego as well!

  • Sam

    MILFORD, CT! I scrolled all the way through hoping to find at least one posting from Connecticut with no luck! My name is Sam, and my boyfriend and I just moved to Milford from Pennsylvania last month. I’m a high school science teacher and am also working on getting my MEd in Curriculum and Instruction. Right now, most of my time is spent either at the beach, unpacking, or with my head in a textbook. I’d love to meet some people in the area! My Instagram is private, but you can request to follow @sammarie808.

  • Sandra

    PORTLAND, OR: I live in the Progress Ridge area of Beaverton – moved here last year from N Portland. I’ve mostly lived in Oregon since 1996. My little dog, Todd, is the love of my life. My children are grown and live in different states. I work from home as a Business Analyst. Currently, I am limited to many activities I love, due to back pain (surgery is scheduled in a week). I like long walks, getting outdoors, meeting people, coffee, and meditation. Working from home is great, but really makes it difficult to meet people. I’d love to meet some people to get together on weekends, for walks, restaurants, coffee, etc.

  • LOUISVILLE, KY // born & raised. I’m a full-time blogger & I love to read. I’m also getting back into exercise. I just moved back to Louisville from Lexington. So I’m looking to connect with people here! IG: @thefeliciarenee

  • Rafaela

    LONDON! Might be a long shot but any London ladies on here? I’m @rafaelazb on Insta

    • LKW

      London!! Me too! I’m an American student getting my doctorate in vet medicine. I’ve been here for 3 years now ☺️ I’m @laurenkateward on insta!

  • Shaina Fox

    CHICAGO! Hi, I’m Shaina. I moved to Chicago one month ago from Los Angeles with my company Mars (like M&Ms, mars bars, wrigley, etc.) and it’s the first time I’ve ever lived outside of Southern California. I love all things food (cooking and eating), running, spin, exploring my new city, and am looking for friends who enjoy any of the above activities 🙂 you can follow me or message me on ig: @shainafox

    • Caitlin O’Neill Niswonger

      CHICAGO! My name is Caitlin and I moved here from Atlanta/Auburn Univ around 6 years ago! Would love to expand my friend group. I love workout classes, running, wine, trash tv and trying new restaurants! IG:cait_oneill_niswonger

      • Jordan Borkan

        CHICAGO (late to the game I know) I’m jordan. Born and raised in Chicago suburbs but moved out to Boston for college and then stayed in nyc for 5 years after that. Just came back here about 2 months ago and definitely feels like a brand new city to me! I love working out – running, cycling + barre, wine night, Mediterranean food and just being outside chilling. Follow/message me IG: @sweatinchicity

        • Kayla

          CHICAGO! Hi guys I’m Kayla! I’m even more late to the game here haha I just graduated from grad school with my Masters in Social Work and I now work at Feeding America, downtown.I honestly love everything mentioned above (food(!!!), spinning, exploring, wine, and chilling on a good ol patio). I would love to meet up if anyone is interested! My insta is: @kayla____hanley!

          • CHICAGO. Living here for just over a year now, moved here last year after grad school to start my dream job as a pediatric speech-language pathologist and To finally in the same city as my boyfriend. I’m originally from central WI, but went to school For 6 years in MN I love exploring new neighborhoods, trying out new places to eat, shopping, and running by the lake. Target, Etsy, and anything from Pinterest are my weaknesses. My Instagram is: @hannahthies

        • Erin

          CHICAGO! Hi – I’m Erin, I am so late to the game! I have been here for just over a year and am loving it, and looking to meet new people! I am a commercial interior designer working downtown. I love wine, trashy tv, exploring, being outside, movies, always up for new adventures. Would love to meet some new people! My instagram is @emarieb88

      • ashleymaynard

        Hi Caitlin!

        I’m from Atlanta, by way of Jacksonville, FL. I just moved here a couple of months ago. Glad to know that southerners can survive the winters here! 🙂

        Sounds like we have a lot in common. I’d love to connect! I’m @theashleymaynard on IG!

  • Kelly Berchou

    Hi Ladies,
    Buffalo here. Born and raised and then was away for 7 years moved back last summer. I work in health care. Love wine, food, travel and Buffalo sports. Would love a running partner!

  • GREENVILLE/SPARTANBURG, SC || Originally from Cincy, currently living in Milwaukee and moving to Spartanburg in early August for my husband’s new job. After 5 years of working in B2B magazines, I’m venturing into the world of self employment as a freelance writer. In my free time I enjoy running/yoga/working out, trying new restaurants, and chatting with people over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. I am most looking forward to getting outside and seeing all the wonderful places South Carolina and neighboring states have to offer! My Instagram is @bylauraroseb

  • Chanel

    SAN DIEGO! Hello! I moved to San Diego about 3 ads ago from Newport Beach/Laguna Beach. I currently do some freelance marketing/consulting while I get my new business up & running @damescollective.

    I love my pug pup, Jack. He’s very social and loves dog parks. I also am addicted to spin and exploring new places that pop in my new favorite city to live in.

    Let me know if you want to connect! @chanelsonegopriv

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  • Nicole Renee

    CHICAGO! Hi there – My name is Nicole. I just moved to Chicago 2 weeks ago from San Francisco to work at Trunk Club! I went to college in Oregon but this is the first time living as a working adult outside of the Bay Area. I love all things food and as you can imagine the food scene here was a huge attractor for the move! I also love exploring the city, working out and seeing live music. I moved here with my boyfriend who also loves food and music but probably sports (and our cat) more than anything 🙂 Would love to meet new friends or couples to explore with!

    • CHICAGO. Living here for just over a year now, moved here last year after grad school to start my dream job as a pediatric speech-language pathologist and To finally in the same city as my boyfriend. I’m originally from central WI, but went to school For 6 years in MN I love exploring new neighborhoods, trying out new places to eat, shopping, and running by the lake. Target, Etsy, and anything from Pinterest are my weaknesses. My Instagram is: @hannahthies

    • ashleymaynard

      Hi Nicole!

      Trunk Club sounds awesome! Welcome to Chicago! I’ve only been here a couple of months myself but I’m already in love! I’m @theashleymaynard on instagram. I’d love to connect!


    • Alaina Shea

      Hello! I’ve been living in Chicago for about a year now after going to college in the burbs, and now I’m working as a graphic designer downtown. I’m currently trying to work my way through a list of great restaurants/bars throughout the city, so exploring is my main hobby! I love Chicago sports (go hawks and cubs!), good beer, finding the best fish taco, running by the lake and spending too much money at Target.
      @alainashea29 on instagram!

    • Erin

      CHICAGO! Hi – I’m Erin, I am so late to the game! I have been here for just over a year and love the city! I am a commercial interior designer working downtown. I love traveling, sports, beer & wine, exploring, being outside, movies, always up for new adventures. Would love to meet some new people! My instagram is @emarieb88

  • Kate Marie

    PHILADELPHIA! Hey all, I’m Kate and I just moved to Philly with my four legged friend. I’m a teacher, and love being active (hiking, yoga) but am such a foodie and can’t resist a glass of wine and good food! Instagram: kates_aunt

    • jac lyn

      PHILADELPHIA! Hi all, I’m Jaclyn. I’ve lived in Philly for a while but would love to make some new friends! I love all things outdoors, fitness, food/drink, travel. Hope to connect! Instagram: @enbeoh

  • Breanna Young

    BLOOMINGTON/INDIANAPOLIS! I’m Breanna and a 2nd-year MPH student at Indiana University. After growing up in rural southern Indiana, I am loving the “city” life and the variety of activities that are available to enjoy. Since I’m hoping to move to Indy next spring, I would love to get to make some friends beforehand! You can follow me on Instagram: @_youngbreanna

  • Kelly

    BALTIMORE! I just moved to Baltimore about a month ago. I am from Chicago. I love eating and exploring. I probably watch too many shows on tv. I am definitely looking for new friends so please reach out!!

    • Julie Niblock

      Hey BALTIMORE! I live in riverside and work outside of D.C. – I love wine on rooftops, trying new restaurants, and hanging out with my dog – let’s be friends!

      • Kelly

        Hey Julie! DM me on Instagram (itskellflan)

  • Alice Colhoun

    AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS! (This is a bit late and maybe a shot in the dark.) I’m Alice! I’ve lived in the Netherlands for 4 years, my man’s Dutch. I love traveling, biking, yoga, running, reading, writing… oh, and coffee 😉 I work with children. I’m originally from the U.S. (the east coast). Hopefully there’s another Amsterdam gal on here (or anyone in the Netherlands)!!

    • Alice Colhoun

      @a.colhoun on instagram!

      • Francislaura Caldeira Aguera

        Hi. I’m not from Amsterdam but from Antwerpen in Belgium @frantjeaguera

  • CaribouReport

    TORONTO! I’m Barb and I transferred here a year ago from Vancouver, but I’ve lived here before and am soo glad to be back. I’m a meeting planner in the professional services world and would love to meet people who will keep me from working so much overtime – just kidding! I would love to meet some new people who want to explore this amazing city as much as I do. Love checking out new restaurants and bars, laughing (a lot), happy hours, markets, hiking, spa, all kinds of stuff really. I know you’re out there, so let’s do this!

    • Kathryn

      Hey Barb! I don’t know if these comments are set up for notifications – I’m a little late to the party here! (I can’t believe) I’ve been in Toronto for 6 years now, but I have gotten way too comfortable hanging out with my boyfriend’s group of friends and my coworkers and I’d love to meet some new people. Have you connected with any other commenters on here? Toronto is a great city and there are still so many great parks and restaurants and markets that I have yet to appreciate!

      • CaribouReport

        Hi Kathryn! So nice to hear from you – haven’t heard from anyone else yet but I posted my original message pretty late so wasn’t sure anyone would even see it, but luckily I was wrong! Would love to explore Toronto if you’re game 😀. My email address is so just msg me and we can go from there.

  • Jess

    SINGAPORE! I have been toying around with the idea of seeing if there any other gals reading this from Singapore for a while – so putting myself out there! I’m new to Singapore and originally from Australia. However lived in the US before making the move here! Definitely looking to move back to US at some point – so jealous of the fall pics at the moment! I’m on Insta – @jessbeekink – PM me if you are keen to meet up at a cafe somewhere!

  • Sara Elizabeth

    ARLINGTON, VA! I’m also a little late to this post, but would love to meet some new girlfriends in the D.C. area. I’ve been in the area for 5 years, work in marketing, but used to be a political wonk. I love running, reading good books, going to concerts, and checking out new restaurants and drink spots. Let me know if you’re interested in getting together. Instagram: @sbudsock

    • Julia

      Hey Sara!!
      I’m also a little late to this post. I just moved to DC about a month ago from New York and haven’t really met many people here yet. I’d love to meet new friends in the DC area. I currently work in political risk, love politics and world issues, love to travel, run, good books, FOOD, coffee, and drinks of all varieties. Let me know if you’re interested in getting together! My Instagram is @juleswilton

    • Adrienne Ramos

      hey guys!! I’m super late to the post but I officially moved to Alexandria/DC in July and would love to meet some new girls to hang with. I love doing anything active (yoga, hiking, running (slowly)), trying new food places, cooking, and reading! let me know if you plan on getting together! my insta is: enneirdasomar

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  • Isabelle

    MONTREAL! Hello! I am Isabelle and I am from Montreal, Canada. I am a business consultant in the tech and financial world and I am working at building an online business. I like to run up Mount Royal and hang in coffee shop, I travel a lot and I am always looking for the next adventure. My interest are diverse and I am pretty easy going, just a bit lonely. Anyone from Montreal who feels like they would like to meet new people?

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