Giveaway: Win $500 to Annie Selke’s Dash and Albert

After making a few changes that I’ll share once my home tour goes live in the next few months, the living room is finally done. Today, I want to talk about the best, coziest, and prettiest update I’ve made to our place–this new rug c/o Annie Selke’s Dash and Albert.

I’ve always had a jute rug in my various living rooms over the years. They’re versatile, hold up well, and are really cheap. But my 8×10 rug was too small and never felt right in this space, so I upgraded to the 9×12 Niels rug and it’s so soft, light, and basically perfect.

Dash and Albert has been my go-to for outdoor rugs for forever. They up perfectly in high traffic areas like kitchens and hallways. Decks too, naturally.

Then there’s this wool rug. It’s so soft! The pups love it as much as I do and went from from only sleeping on the sofa to splitting their time between the sofa pillows and the rug.

I’m so excited to give one of you $500 credit to Annie Selke’s Dash and Albert!

Scroll down to enter. And to see more pretty photos of my new rug.

Dash and Albert

Niels Rug

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Dash & Albert

Birmingham Rug

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Dash & Albert

Lakehouse Rug

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Dash & Albert

Catamaran Outdoor Pillow

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To enter

Follow me and Annie Selke on instagram, and tag 2 friends in the comments here.

Then leave your instagram handle in the comments below to let me know you entered. I will contact the winner on instagram!

You have until Monday, July 3 at 11:59 PM CST to enter

  • Brittany Cerminara

    Love Annie Selke! Such great quality rugs – their indoor/outdoor runner is a favorite in my house @brittanycerminara

  • Lindsey Lang

    LOVE the rug! @lindseywlang

  • Lauren

    Would love one of these rugs! @kirkp305

  • SamanthaInDC

    Been looking for a soft rug! I have felt the same about jutes, but I need something I can lie on. This sounds perfect!!! @abrewedawakeningblog

  • Oh this would be perfect! I need a new outdoor rug!

  • We just finished our basement and this rug would be perfect for my new office! So glad to hear they are puppy approved too, I have three who would love a new nap spot! @amandajeanblog

  • Joanna V

    Great giveaway! @jojovayo

  • Caitlin F.

    Love it! @csf107

  • LOVE these rugs and would totally die to have one in my home! We’re moving back to the states from Europe and I’ll be furnishing a new place, so this would be perfect!! @hannahabrooks

  • Lizzybee22

    Love the gorgeous rug! @ehazuka

  • Katherine Corden

    @katherinecorden – Annie selke dash&albert rugs are the best!!!! Dave and I were definitely planning to shop for a new rug for our new place (Dave just doesn’t know yet πŸ˜‰)

  • Julie Daboub

    @juliedaboub, the Niels rug looks so cozy!

  • Sydney Keen

    @sydneykeen — I just moved into my first ever apartment in a new city and I would love to make my place feel a bit more like home with some new decor! Your stories of making it on your own really resonate with me and your sharing of difficult family dynamics has helped guide me through a very similar situation. Thanks for everything!

  • Jillian Colleen

    fun giveaway, I love these rugs! we need a new rug for our bedroom, dining room AND the sunroom! with a new house the wish list seems to never end :/ @cornflakedreams

  • Krystal Orihuela

    Thanks for offering the giveaway, Danielle! Love the rug inspiration:) krystalc45309

  • Hollis Lineberger

    obsessed with your new rug, Danielle! It is beautiful and looks perfect for the space! I have been needing a new living room rug for a few months now, and would absolutely LOVE an Annie Selke Dash&Albert rug πŸ™‚ @hollis_lineberger

  • Love the rugs and pillow. I’m in the process of decorating my screened porch so this would be awesome to win! @pinkandgreenmom on Insta

  • Erin

    Love this! Insta is @erinunger
    Crossing my fingers!!

  • Tiffany Leigh Shum

    the rugs are beautiful! @tiffanyleighshum

  • Meghan Donovan

    I want a dash and Albert rug so badly! My Instagram name is @megazzy

  • Cal P

    Thanks for always having a great blog! I’m @calliepogge on insta

  • Cal P

    Thanks for being the blogger you are! I’m @calliepogge on insta

  • Cal P

    Thanks for the giveaway! @calliepogge

  • Nina Johnson

    Hi Danielle!!! This rug looks amaze. Let’s hang soon! @ninagraceless

  • Gorgeous rugs! @jessbwayy

  • Dana

    Love the rug!! @danzah

  • Sara Palmer

    We just moved into our new house and need a larger rug! Thanks @palmer104

  • jabin

    @jbrya2cd – the rug is so gorgeous! been looking for a new one for a while, and i love these!

  • Emily Spirakes

    What great pieces! Love these rugs! @emilyspirakes

  • Katie Bujnowski

    Entered your amazing giveaway! My IG handle is @katie_bujnowski We just bought a home in North Carolina and need a new rug!

  • Megan Garhan

    Obsessed with these rugs!! @mgfancyfont

  • Mansha

    Obsessed with your new rug and so excited about this giveaway. My Instagram handle is- @mmansha

  • Mai

    so excited about this giveaway!

  • Elizabeth Sand

    This would be perfect in my new living room! @lulumohs

  • Love! @paulacoldiron

  • Liz Fulton

    Fingers and toes crossed! πŸ™‚ @dizzy_bits

  • mmschock


  • Katy Fellman

    I can’t wait to see your entire home tour!!


  • Steve Plzak


  • Lori Carolina

    The color of yours is so pretty! I love the ceiling medallion reflection on the table πŸ™‚ @loricarolina

  • Zoe Ileana

    I can already see this gorgeous rug in my living room πŸ™‚ love!! @ibrakeforshoes____

  • Molly Stiebler

    danielle & annie & dash & albert & happy feet πŸ™‚ @mstiebler

  • Haylee Freeman


  • Amy M.

    I’ve just spent the past few days scouring the internet for the perfect budget-friendly rug (with no luck) so this giveaway would be amazing to win! @theamymichaels

  • Logan Brewer

    Entered with @loganjbrewer ! Love your new rug (&pups) ❀️

  • Anna

    Love the simplicity of the rug!


  • Ooh, I love this rug! @ericakartak

  • Natalie

    So excited for this giveaway! I just bought a new home, and I’ve been dying to buy a Dash & Albert rug!
    Your living room keeps getting more and more gorgeous! πŸ™‚

  • I have been lusting over her rugs for awhile but this rug is a whole new level of beautiful! @michelleannwilk

  • Jane

    I always wanted to purchase a rug from Dash &Albert! @jl320

  • Kate

    we moved about a year ago and I’m still trying to finish up styling my living room – one of these rugs would be a great addition! @kate.schleker

  • Julianne Petrasko

    LOVE the Birmingham rug! @juliannejo

  • Nicole Plzak

    @nplzak wpuld love a new ring for the living room… fingers crossed!

  • Nicole Plzak

    @luluandmissv we have a small dash and Albert rug and would love to add to the collection!

  • Brooke Lawson

    @brookeml, I’m tired of looking at my carpet because my boyfriend is picky on rugs πŸ˜’

  • Katie

    Entered & tagged friends!!! πŸ™‚

  • Karen Kehler Lineberger

    @kehlerlineberger love your products!! Would be so happy to win the$500!!! Love decorating spaces and following ur account.

  • Jill Baum


  • Kelly Sinnen Blanks


  • Kyla

    @kyla.annette ; love the new rug and can’t wait for your house tour!

  • Kara McElroy

    Yay! @karakarita

  • Yay, so excited! πŸ™‚ @emilyalott

  • Elizabeth

    @easwanson – Looking forward to your house tour!

  • Carly Robin


  • Courtney Schier

    @courtneyschier obsessed with that rug!!

  • CollScanlon

    @collscanlon ! Love these rugs!

  • bridgetrock

    @bridgetrock14 can’t wait to see the home tour!

  • Lacey Terry

    @laceyterry xoxo

  • Molly

    @karenrowan @amcguir4

  • Abby

    Such an awesome giveaway as I prep to move on my own in 2-weeks in Old Town. @abbycwi

  • Alison Buckland

    @ball_jamesm @jennyuhler

  • @26andNotCounting

  • Taryn Degnan

    Thanks for the opportunity! @tarynidana

  • Kate Lewis

    Such a beautiful rug! @_katelewis_

  • Trina Boston-Boyd


  • Trina Boston-Boyd

    Thank you 😊

  • Erin Mazza


  • Caitlin Horan


  • Heather


  • Emily D


  • Annie Robins


  • I love this rug! We’re in desperate need of a new rug in our living room, ours was just a cut remnant of carpet from when we moved in 5 years ago and needed something quick, and we never upgraded. It’s seen better days! My insta handle is @theresamagliozzi

  • Belinda


  • Lexi

    Love this so much!! @lexi___williams (:

  • Maddie Larsen

    @maddieelarsen love all of your home decor… and watching the pups do their weird, little rub downs on the carpet outside your apartment.

  • Libby

    Love this! Would love to win one of these rugs. @Libby_Ton

  • Carrie Spritzer

    Awesome! We just bought a house and I have rugs to order. πŸ™‚ @thecreativesalad

  • Rabbcm


  • Emily Rabbitt


  • Zumreta

    @zumreta__ entered!

  • Christina

    Entered! I love Dash & Albert rugs! @christinasimpson24

  • Megan Wood

    I love these rugs! As an architect I wish I could have one! @meganleigh_wood

  • Kidist Ayalew

    Yay! @iamkidist

  • Vana

    Thanks for the opportunity, Danielle! @lepapierstudio

  • Maria Manuela

    Entered, tagged, and commented hehe. Your home is #goals! Thank you for all these fun giveaways! @maria_alzate_

  • Melina Morales


  • Coco Clancy

    My pup would be snug as a bug in a Dash and Albert rug! @cococlancy

  • Kathryn Fitzsimmons

    @kathrynfitzsimmons entered!! πŸ™‚

  • Marisa Norona

    Entered! @mmnorona

  • EloΓ­sa Compostizo


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  • Katie


  • Ilona


  • shannon


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  • Becca Jones

    @Beccajonesinteriors Fingers crossed!

  • Sarah Lyon

    I entered–love this rug! @dctoat

  • Heidi Burns

    Done, @zanderbear lovely sites! TY for the posts and giveaway.

  • Gretchen Gough Chapman

    Thanks for the chance! @fetchgretch5 on Instagram

  • Jennifer Randall Hayden

    jenannhayden on instagram – thanks for the giveaway!

  • Rachelle Riegerix

    @rachelleriegerix on Instagram! Tagged my best friends and soon to be homeowners!

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