We’re Getting Married in Paris

Tomorrow is the second anniversary of our first date, so I am especially excited to tell you that we have a wedding venue, date, planner, and city. We’re getting married in Paris! 

A Paris wedding has been on my mind for as long as I can remember. Conor and I looked at Paris and the South of France after returning from Portugal but nothing felt right and minimums were unreasonably high for our group of less than 20 people. Then it was on to the US. There was Charleston, Santa Barbara, and even NYC, but we were spinning in circles trying to make something work and nothing felt easy or like us.

Last week, Conor brought Paris up again and it felt right, so I scoured SMP for inspiration for a small wedding in the city. I never thought to hire a planner but after coming across Luxe Paris Events, figured it would be worth inquiring about rates (which are so much more reasonable than I thought and so worth it).

Earlier this week, we got on a call with Billy, fell in love with the first venue he showed us, and sent over our deposit. And just like that, we went from feeling hopeless to having a date, venue, and planner. In Paris! 

Where would you plan a small destination wedding?

  • A wedding in Paris sounds literally MAGICAL! So exciting!! Can’t wait to hear more about the venue and eventually, see photos! x

    • Thanks, Diana! I can’t believe we finally have a plan! And that our plan includes PARIS. Ah!

  • Omg, I am SO EXCITED for you!!! Getting married in PARIS? How dreamy is that?!
    Lauren |

  • Aubrey Pettyplace

    I have had Scotland on my mind for a destination wedding…still thinking about trying to make it work. Paris sounds wonderful!

    • Yes! I’m dying to visit Scotland! I hope you can make it work.

  • All About Sana

    I plan on having a destination wedding in my birthplace city of Karachi, Pakistan!

  • Hello I am just popping in to say I am SO EXCITED FOR YOU. With you and Conor at the helm, I have no doubt yours is going to be the most magical of weddings. And in PARIS! (!!) What??

    Also I love you and your anniversaries of everything. Please don’t ever change.

    • Haha thank you! Don’t most people celebrate their first date-iversaries?! I know I have our everygirl anniversary and the day I moved to Chicago but those days CHANGED MY WHOLE LIFE so why not celebrate, right?

      • You know, they might? Why not celebrate INDEED. Celebrating is fun and we all ought to do it more often.

      • Elizabeth Hall

        My husband and I still celebrate our first date-iversary with the same burger at the same place every year. It is just as significant to us as our wedding anniversary but it comes with less pressure (no gifts). It is like our “fun-romantic” anniversary, versus the “serious-romantic” feeling of the wedding anniversary.

        • Love it! No gifts or anything crazy. Just dinner at the spot where we went on our first date 2 years ago.

  • Liz LaFever

    Danielle, you are going to love it! My husband and I got married in Sonoma with 17 people total and it was amazing. Our large families that we don’t feel super close to would have put us over 150 people. I really just wanted an amazing dinner party with our favorite people so we rented a house in Sonoma for the weekend and had the wedding there. Everyone stayed at the house and it was the best. Congratulations!

    • Thank you! And you get me. That sounds perfect! Would have been in the same boat–at least 100. We’re going to have a big party back home in Chicago to celebrate with everyone, but I needed to keep this part small.

  • Mimi Napleton Collins

    Yay! So excited. It’s all coming together!

    • I’m so excited! Thank you for everything. Have a feeling the rest of the planning process is going to be really fun! We’re going back to Europe!! x

  • Oh exciting! How dreamy! I always thought about getting married (if/when) on the small beach in Southern Georgia where I spent most vacations as a kid. I don’t have a ton of great family memories from there but the town and beach and pastel homes and sunsets (and BBQ) are my absolute favourite. Or perhaps in the Rockies in Alberta.

  • Kara McElroy

    Amazing! Congrats 🙂

  • Tuere

    Congratulations and well done! I would want to get married in Paris, too. I had the privilege of living there for three months in Spring 2015, fulfilling a promise I made to myself to return for a long stay after my first trip there for a week in November 2010. It feels like another home. Now, to figure out a way to live there part-time and buy a pied-à-terre to have my own retreat over there… Le sigh.

    • Living in Paris must have been amazing! I’d love to spend a few months there. Once you figure out how to live there part-time tell me all your secrets. Let’s go halfsies on the pied-à-terre? Ha.

  • Congratulations! Paris is a gorgeous place. If I had to chose again, I would do Rome. We got married in Boston (which was perfect) and honeymooned in Rome. That was my second time going there and I fell in love with the city even more.

    • Thank you, Martha! I love Rome but Boston is pretty wonderful, too. Can’t wait to go back in August!

  • Kate


    I know you’ve mentioned that you have some wedding photographer friends, but if you’re looking to give your friends a night off, check out Tim Tab Studios. They’re a husband and wife duo (he’s from France) and they photograph weddings there, too. I’m guessing you already have this covered, but I had to share. They’re photographing our wedding and I just love their style.

    • I already have a photographer but thank you for the recommendation!

  • Congrats! I can’t wait to see the memories here on your blog. Paris seems so romantic.

  • Yay! I am so happy that you get to have the small wedding you wanted and hope it is as stress free as possible.

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  • I’m dying to do Tuscany for a small destination wedding. Immediate family, my best friends, lots of wine and pizza…that’s all I want! Can’t believe you’re doing Paris– that would be a close second for me!!! xo Devon Seventeen Dresses

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