All About that Brass


I was really into gold accents a few years ago. Like really, really into them. Over the past two years, my taste has shifted toward a more simple aesthetic–which has steered me away from shelves full of gold objects and toward a touch of brass here and there.



images: coco lapine, apartment 34, prop dispensaryballard designsa cup of chic,
mirror available here

  • Kara McElroy

    Do you think you can combine brass with silver? I’ve been eyeing that marble and brass CB2 shelf about a year to put in my bathroom but worry about combining it with the silver fixtures I have. My bathroom is super modern but I’m unsure about combining the two metals.

    • Hi Kara! Depends on the style of the bathroom but yes, I think it can definitely work. Go on pinterest and search “chrome brass bathroom” or “mixed metals bathroom” to get an idea of how it would look!

      • Kara McElroy

        Thank you – appreciate the advice!

  • Jonathan Genevieve

    Hi -Where did you get the miror in your post ? Its so gorgeous ! Great style

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