Travel Essentials for a Long Flight

There are those travelers who get on the plane and pass out. Or the ones who can just sit there and quietly read a book. And then there are small children and some adults (cue me pointing at myself) who need to be entertained the entirety of the flight. If I’m very lucky I’ll get 2-3 hours of sleep which still leaves anywhere from 5-8 hours of just sitting there. I’ve learned a thing or two about getting through a long flight this year, so here’s a list of the travel essentials I rely on.

Electronics and Entertainment


Charging Phone Case

I bought my mophie for a big trip but now use it every day. My phone is basically always at 100% which is great when I have 1.5 hour work calls.
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iPad Case

Have your iPad handy for games, movies, and reading.
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A Good Book

I know it's one extra thing to carry, but I prefer being able to actually turn the page.
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I like to stay on top of email and upload/edit photos, and write. When wifi is working, I'll sign into messages and chat with friends.
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For music, movies, or white noise
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Rx Bar

My go-to travel snack. Pumpkin, mint, and sea salt chocolate are the best!
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Sea Salt Popcorn

For some reason, I always want popcorn when I'm up i the air and this one is my favorite.
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Almond Butter

Perfect for travel and for not consuming 2 dozen servings of almond butter at a time. Not that I'd ever do that.
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Jica Chips

These guys are the best. Original and BBQ are my favorites.
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Simple Gum


Not really a snack but it passes the time and keeps breath fresh.
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Travel Case Set

I keep the larger case in my checked bag or carry-on and the smaller case in my tote under the seat in front of me.
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Viktor and Rolf

Flowerbomb Rollerball

I always apply a little perfume right after getting off the plane. Flowerbomb has been my go-to for over a decade.
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Bobbi Brown

Lip Balm

This is more of a life thing than a travel thing but being stranded in the air without lip balm sounds like zero fun.
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This travel makeup won't take up too much room in your carry on.
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Hand Cream

I have the world's driest hands and cuticles and apply this stuff almost hourly.
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Water Bottle

Stay hydrated.
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Sleep Aid

ZZZ Quil

I slept 3 hours coming home from Paris with this stuff. An improvement from the zero hours I usually sleep.
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White and Warren

Cashmere Travel Wrap

My favorite scarf and travel accessory. It's the perfect pillow and blanket.
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Something light and comfortable
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J. Crew

Cozy Socks

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Eye Mask

Block out light from windows or overhead lighting
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Carry on Spinner

I've been loving my Away spinner. It's sturdy, has a built-in charger which is perfect for charging my iPad (or Conor's iPhone when we travel together) since I've established that my iPhone is covered.
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Phase 3

Travel Tote

I always bring a tote to hold everything I'll need to access during the flight.
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Duffel Bag

If I think there's a chance I'll do some shopping, I pack an extra duffel in my checked bag (just in case).
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Have I forgotten anything? What are some of your favorite travel essentials?

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