Giveaway: Win A Pillow from Made of Cloth

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This giveaway is closed. Congrats on winning, @JuliaGoodwinDesign! 

I’m always excited to find women doing great things. So when Marta, the self-taught pattern designer behind Made of Cloth emailed asking if I’d want to feature one of her pillows in my home, it was an easy yes. And I was even more excited when she agreed to let me introduce her to my readers with a giveaway from her shop.

Do you love them as much as I do? Yes? I thought you might.

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The giveaway

I’m giving one of you any pillow from Made of Cloth in the style and size of your choice.

To enter

Follow Made of Cloth on instagram, and after visiting the shop, leave a comment with the style and size you’d choose if you win. Please leave an email address or your instagram handle so I’m able to contact you if you win! You have until Sunday, July 17th to enter.

Good luck!

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  • Bianca Copcutt

    Love the tribal in white AND the half moon in slate blue pillows! I’ve been eyeing her pillows for a while. Thanks for the giveaway!

    instagram: biancacopcutt

    • Jenn Bernstein

      Thanks for the opportunity! My husband’s job just moved us across the country. I don’t know anyone here so I’m using the new house as therapy! I would choose the 18×18 crackle on indigo- I’ve been following for awhile and I love her stuff. Plus, we move in to the new place on July 17th- maybe it’s fate!

    • Thank you for hosting this giveaway, your blog is a regular on my blog roll and I was excited to see Marta’s work here!
      I’m currently digging “Hoof” in slate sizes 16×20 and 18×18.
      Thanks again for hosting this, I hope you’ll have a minute to take a peak at my blog. I’d love some feedback!

    • In love with the half moon pillow in blush, 16″x20″. Thanks for hosting this opportunity!

      Instagram: @beeeeeebs

    • Pilar

      So crazy hard to pick one. I think in the end the Scattered stripes in silver 18“x 18“`

      IG: lapointe13

    • Kristin Hamilton

      I would love to win the Tribal in White 18 x 18 pillow! Love that print!!!

  • Those pillows are just gorgeous ! If I could only pick one it would be the tribal in white 16 x 20
    Following you both on Instagram

  • Caitlin

    The tribal in white and scattered stripes on lilac gray in 18″ x 18″ are both gorgeous fabrics.

    IG: @cczablotney

  • I am in love with the Crackle in ivory – 18×18!!

    Insta: @natalielouise.m

  • I am in LOVE with the crackle on ivory 18×18 <3

    Insta: @natalielouise.m

  • Erin

    Love the shells in slate (18×18)! So pretty!

  • Niki

    What turmoil when choosing! In the end, I really loved the Scattered Stripes on Lilac Gray 16×20

  • Erin

    I love the shells in slate (18×18)! So pretty!

  • I am in LOVE with the Crack on Ivory (18×18)!

    Insta: @natalielouise.m

  • Crackle on Ivory 18×18 = swoon!!
    Insta: @natalielouise.m

  • Whitney Jarvis

    I LOVE pebbles in silver in 12×18….such a cute neutral

  • I love them all! But if I had to pick I would pick the 16×20 crackle in indigo or ivory!

  • Whitney Jarvis

    IG handle @wmjarvis ?

  • Brittany Cerminara

    Love scattered stripes in metallic silver!

  • Brittany Cerminara

    IG – brittanycerminara

  • Brittney

    Love!! Tribal in white 16×20 ?. Thanks for doing this!

  • Lauren

    Love love love the Crackle in Ivory (16″x20″)!

    IG: lmschuld

  • Ali

    Obsessed with Scattered stripes on lilac-gray 18“x 18“!!!

  • Shelley

    Her pillows are gorgeous! I love that she bases her designs on hand drawn patterns! If I had to pick one, it would be the Tribal in White 18×18! 🙂
    IG: shelsmi

  • Oh I LOVE these fabric prints. The Tribal in white 16×20 would go perfectly in my home. The love for neutrals is real. {Following them on Instagram too! @sharingmysole}


  • Kirby

    Beautiful pillows! I’d love the 18″ Scattered stripes in metallic silver.

  • Cassie

    Crackle on ivory 18″ x 18″! Love love love that they’re handmade, so unique

    insta: cassie.medina

  • Rachel

    What stunning pillow prints from Made of Cloth, I’d have to say my favorite is Crackle of Ivory in 18×18. It would be such a fun piece to add to my first home with my newlywed husband! Thank you for this giveaway 🙂

    {@dearrachelmarie on Instagram}

  • Gina

    These prints are absolutely beautiful! So excited you have introduced me to Made of Cloth! Pebbles in Silver 12″X18″ is my favourite!


  • Love the large tribal in white. So chic. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I’m a long time “made of cloth” lover 🙂 and would love to have Martas Scattered stripes in metallic silver 18“x 18“ pillow!

  • Ohhhhh love these pillows !

    If i had to choose my favorite pillow >>> Tribal in white 16“x 20“

    (sorry for my bad english)

    Have a good day !!!!


  • All the Made of Cloth products are gorgeous! I love that they are zippered. If I could only choose one pillow, I think it would be the 16×20 of the Scattered Stripes in Silver. So beautiful!

    IG: britcrawl

  • Having just purchased a new home I can’t wait to select the items I truly enjoy, the 18 X 18 crackle on ivory would be the perfect addition, it is gorgeous! I love the story of the process behind the pillow, a glimpse into the hardwork that was put into each one. Thanks for introducing us to Made Cloth!
    Insta: @JuliaGoodwinDesign

  • Danielle D.

    The Scattered Stripes in silver (16×20) would look dreamy in my white bedroom in my college apt!

  • Elyse G.

    Love love love! My husband & I just ordered a new couch from Interior Define & I have no doubts that the Scattered Stripes pillow (large size) would be the perfect addition to our pillow collection. *fingers crossed*

  • Erin

    Great style and texture! I love Tribal in white 16“x 20“


  • Alyssa Emmett

    Gorgeous! My favorite is the scattered stripes on lilac gray size 12x 18. My insta is @alyssaemmett

  • Megan

    I love the half moon in blush, 16×20! So gorgeous!!
    Insta – meganthornton

  • Megan

    I love the half moon in blush, 16×20. So gorgeous!
    Insta – meganthornton

  • Bailie Roskow

    Oh goodness they are all beautiful! I would love the tribal in white in a 18 X 18 in! It would look lovely in my little apartment 🙂 IG handle: bailie_jane

  • Tara Hill

    Gorgeous Pillows! I would love the Tribal in white (18′ x 18′) to cozy up with in my library!

  • In love with the half moon in blush, 16″x20″. Thanks for hosting thus opportunity!

    Instagram: @beeeeeebs

  • I love the Tribal pillow in 18 x18 in white. Thanks for introducing us to this shop, it’s great! My insta is @jclair24.

  • The shells in Slate is my favorite pattern, I’d love to include the 18×18 pillow in my new guest room design!

  • Kimberly B.

    What gorgeous pillows. I think the Crackle on Ivory is my favorite. I’d love it on my couch!

  • Oh I love Marta’s work! Just recently discovered her on Instagram and love that clean aesthetic. I’d choose the Scattered Stripes in metallic silver {18×18} – it’d go perfectly with my aqua and grey sofa cushions! Or maybe on my bed… Thank you both for the opportunity!

  • Love her style and all her products so much! Tribal in white 12“x 18′ is exactly what I’ve been looking to add to my apartment/decor. Insta handle: @r.vaneck

  • Dani Custer

    Hi Danielle!

    My boyfriend and I just moved in together in Lincoln Park (Chicago!) Trying to style our place to be a gender neutral has been tricky – plus I haven’t completely sold him on how great the color WHITE is!

    I am loving indigo right now as an accent color – the Stripes on indigo in 12×18 would look great!

    IG: pillowaddict

  • Katie

    Love the scattered strip in metallic silver (18″ x 18″). Something my boyfriend and I could use to jazz up our new space together.

  • SEM

    The tribal in white and scatter stripes in grey would both looks amazing in my space! 18 x 18

    gorgeous shop!

  • Jess Holzberg

    Hi Danielle,

    Absolutely love this brand, and your blog! It’s one of my favorite accounts to follow for home decor inspiration, as my apartment has a neutral color scheme as well and I love your taste!! I’m crushing on the Scattered stripes in metallic silver 18″x 18″, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!

    IG: jholz8

  • Moira

    I love your interior design style! Total house goals!
    Her pillows are gorgeous! I love the Silver Stripes on Indigo 18×18. I’m following on instagram!
    Thank you!

  • Amy

    I would pick Scattered stripes in silver 16 x 20

    Instagram: amyamato

  • Carolyn

    Love these pillows! It is really hard to choose, but I love the Tribal in White in 18×18.

  • Kaysha Flint

    Tribal white!! 16X20 That’s THE ONE!! My home is my sanctuary, and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I get something amazing to add to it! I’d choose All these beautiful pillows to add to every room.. Fingers crossed!

  • Such a hard choice – they are all beautiful! I think my favorite is the Tribal in white in 16×20. Thank you for such an awesome giveaway!

  • These pillows are awesome! I love the tribal white @thegrgirl

  • Maria Fernanda


    Thanks for histing this giveaway, the pilows are truly gorgeous. I would pick the scattered stripes in matllic silver 18 x 18.

  • Kaitlyn

    Hi Danielle – if I won, I would definitely choose the 18×18 scattered stripes in metallic silver. Beautiful pillows!

  • Hayley

    Hey Danielle,

    Thank you for organizing this giveaway, I’m so glad I’m learning about this brand – their work is fantastic. I would pick the Crackle in Silver in a 16×20 or 12×18.

    Thank you!

  • Jan

    The half moon in blush is GORGEOUS!!
    My ig is – geraniumjan11

  • Marta’s pillows are absolutely gorgeous! Just put an offer on our first home and would love to add the scattered stripes on lilac-gray (16×20) to my new couch. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Meg

    So hard to choose but I think I would go with one of the half moon pillows in 16″ by 20″. They look so well made!
    My email is

  • Denise M

    I love Shells in Slate

  • I would be most interested in the 18×18 Tribal in White, although they are all beautiful!
    Instagram: abbycwi

  • Danielle

    I have just moved into a new apt and keep going to your blog for decorating inspiration. And in major need of throw pillows! Thank you for introducing me to made of cloth. It’s lovely! I really enjoy the Stripes on indigo 16×20 pillow.

    Ig: dweinrau

  • lydia

    all the heart eye emojis for Stripes on indigo 12×18!

  • Bethany

    Oh MAN, this is a great giveaway! It’s so hard to choose, but I think I’d pick the scattered stripes in metallic silver.

  • Lucy

    Oh great! Another wonderful designer you’ve gotten me addicted to! I’d love to fuel that addiction by putting her ‘Crackle on Ivory’ 16×20 on my sofa 🙂

    IG: loose_seals

  • Miranda

    Love these all! I follow on instagram as @miranda.rssll I would love to win the Tribal in White 18 x 18 pillow! Love that print!!!

  • Kennedy Braun

    These prints are stunning! Thanks for hosting. I love Crackle on ivory 18X18. Moved into a brand new apartment last week and this would be a perfect final touch!

    Insta: @kennedybraun

  • Stacey Buescher

    Beautiful work and I love the handcrafted detail that goes into each design. The crackle on ivory 16×20 would be my top choice. Thanks! @staceybuescher

  • Ellen

    These are really pretty! I would choose Tribal in white, 16×20.

  • Rosa A

    Love the prints! I would get the tribal print in the 18X18.

  • Raquel

    Scattered stripes in metallic silver 18“x 18“ would look great on my bed! love these pillows

  • Tierney Morgan

    All of their pillows are DREAMY! ? If I had to choose it would either be /Pebbles in silver 12″ x 18″\ or /Scarttered Stripes on Lilac grey 12″ x 18″\

    Instagram @tier.morgan

  • Amanda

    Beautiful! I like the scattered stripes on lilac gray 12″ x 18″.

  • Kristen Huteson

    I’m in the process of redoing my living room in all light and neutral colors and when I saw the Pebbles in silver 12″x18″ it reminded me of the beach…my family’s favorite spot…and thought it would look perfect on my new white couch! I love these pillows and would love the opportunity to bring some of this beauty home. Keep putting beautiful work out into the world! Thank you!
    Kristen Huteson
    Instagram – khuteson

  • Elise

    Tribal in white 16“x 20“

  • Maggie

    That scattered stripes on lilac-gray is PERFECTION! Thank you for such a great giveaway X

  • Melissa Love

    If I were to be selected I would choose the Scattered Stripes pillow in Metallic Silver 18″x 18″. I’m picky about my patterns and am always on the hunt for designs just like this – thanks for turning me on to this line!
    IG: @malove

  • Molly

    I want the tribal in white 18×18!


  • Giulia

    Love these pillows! I really admire her work.
    I would choose Hoof in slate 16×20.
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    IG @giuliamorandindesign

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  • Megan N

    Shells in Slate 18×18, we just bought a large grey sectional and this would go great with it!

  • judith

    love the tribal in 16×20

  • Laurie

    Shells in slate 18×18!

  • Samantha

    LOVING the 12×18 crackle on ivory or indigo for my bedroom. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Elizabeth

    What beautiful work! I love the “scattered stripes” pattern in silver.

  • In love with the half moon in blush! 16×20. Thanks for this opportunity!
    IG: beeeeeebs

  • Alicia

    I loooove the Crackle On Ivory pattern. Pillows in that pattern would look amazing on our couch!!

    • Alicia

      In size 16×20!

  • Katie


    The pillows are gorgeous!

  • LaTanya

    I like the Scattered stripes on lilac-gray 12“x 18“

    dlatany at gmail dot com

  • Amanda

    I love the Scattered stripes in metallic silver 18“x 18“ pillow. All her designs are amazing!

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