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I love ice cream, but it’s one of those things I try not to eat too regularly because like bread, candy, and pizza, it doesn’t do me any favors. There’s the real stuff, like Ben and Jerrys or talenti. It tastes good but it’s 100000 calories, grams of sugar, and has a ton of fat. Can’t do it. And the “healthier” options. Coconut and almond milk–they’re not processed but are high in calories, “natural” fats, and sugars. And finally, the “light” ones which are low in flavor and have the consistency of sand. Here’s looking at you, Arctic Zero. That stuff is the worst. 

Then it happened. Our very health conscious director of brand partnerships told me about the magic that is Halo Top. Ice cream that isn’t processed and isn’t full of calories, fat, or sugar. An entire pint for under 300 calories? It’s real, guys.

So I bought a pint of vanilla at Whole Foods, ate the whole thing, and didn’t feel even a little guilty. Because the whole thing is under 20g of sugar and is packed with protein. And t’s fluffy, delicious, and basically perfect.

So I bought some more and fed it to my boyfriend who didn’t want to try healthy ice cream because he was sure it wouldn’t be good. Huge mistake. He ate all my halo top and confessed to having 2 pints a day while I was in Iceland. Because when your girlfriend leaves town you eat Halo Top for dinner.

But really, it’s not like I haven’t done that before.

It’s that good.

I went on to Halo Top’s website to learn more about the company and saw that they made mint chip, which I couldn’t find in stores. So I emailed them and they offered to send some my way. I wasn’t expecting a dozen pints, but that’s what I got, and we ate them all faster than we probably should have. But there’s protein.

And then we bought some more. I’ve tried every single flavor and like all of them. The lemon and chocolate probably appeal to me the least because I don’t love those two flavors in life, but I usually hate chocolate ice cream and actually like this one. And I bought lemon at Whole Foods yesterday because they were out of vanilla, so it’s still good. 

The vanilla and mint chip are by far my favorites, which makes sense since they’ve been at the top of my list since I was 7. Strawberry and birthday cake take home 3rd and 4th place. I love this stuff so much.

I asked my new friends at Halo Top if they’d want to team up for a giveaway, so here I am, giving two winners each one pint of each flavor! I’d like to mention that I am in no way being compensated for this post (aside from the delicious ice cream they sent over). I just love this stuff that much and wanted to help two of you get your hands on it, and hopefully spread some awareness because like I said, this stuff is the greatest.

To enter: Follow @halotopcreamery and @daniellemoss_ on instagram and leave a comment here letting me know you’ve entered!

Deadline: You have until Sunday, April 3, at 11:59 PM CST to enter!

  • Alyson Odom

    I’ve entered! I’ve never had halo top (super hard to find the good stuff where I live) and I have been dying to try it!

  • Ah! Love this giveaway. I don’t live anywhere near a Whole Foods, so I’d love to win! Who can say no to "healthy" ice cream?!

  • Mychelle

    Entered! I just Tweeted at Halo Top last night because everything is sold out down in Houston. After months of searching, I finally found it in stores, but it is always an empty shelf! They need to restock and demand more shelf space. IG handle: Mychelle3

  • Entered! Sounds like I’ve found my new summer treat! If summer ever actually hits Chicago… 😉

  • Rachel

    I’ve entered! This stuff is great and not so easy to find in NYC!

  • Lindsay

    Entered! @lindsaylausch

  • Janine

    Entered! My boyfriend and I tried this after I saw you post about it on instagram the first time – like your boyfriend, mine was skeptical but the prospect of eating an entire pint of ice cream won out. We’ve only tried chocolate, lemon, strawberry and vanilla. The vanilla is THE BEST. I think strawberry comes in second place for us. (IG is janiners82)

  • Amy

    Yummm!! Entered! IG: @mrsamycgrant

  • Kristen sullivan

    My sister loves this stuff but I’ve never tried it! Looks super yummy 🙂


  • Amanda

    I’ve entered! I’ve been dying to try the birthday cake and mint chip!! Our Whole Foods sells out within a few hours of getting this stuff in, they seriously can’t keep it on the shelves. So all I’ve been able to get my hands on so far is one pint of the vanilla, but still delicious! ?

  • Sarah

    oh yum! Mint chip is my favorite, too!

  • Cassie

    I’ve been meaning to try this for so long but haven’t yet! Definitely need to run over to Wholefoods now! Insta: @casslams

  • Emily

    Oh my gosh, so excited about this!!! I’m a mint chip fanatic 🙂 thank you @emmersjo

  • Kristen


  • Kristen

    I entered! I’m @kpengell on Insta. ❤️

  • Alexandra Lynn Wolf

    Love love love and want to eat it all! Followed both @alexandralwolf

  • Olivia

    Entered- looks so good!!

  • Sarah P.

    I’ve been wanting to try Halo Top ever since seeing it on your insta feed 🙂 Following both of you on instagram!

    • Sarah P.

      My insta handle is spaynr

  • Katie Moore

    Entered & now following @halotopcreamery very, very closely. Halo Top is LIFE! @kmoore528

  • Lindsey D

    I would love to win! My insta handle is sunbeamshow 🙂

  • Heather B.

    following you both! @heather_beale
    I have been wanting to try these forever but can’t seem to track them down in my area. I have been keeping an eye out for them every time I walk through the ice cream aisle, hoping they’ll show up one day 🙂

  • lisa. hallen

    Love this stuff!! And am following you both! @lisa.a.hallen

  • Kat D

    I have been wanting to try Halo Top for weeks! I hope I win. 🙂 And, I’m following you both. My handle is kat_downs

  • Amy

    This is a great giveaway……sadly I don’t have an instagram account……, I guess I’m out of luck:(

  • Megan

    I recently drove well over an hour to the closest Wegman’s that sells Halo Top to bring home a pint of vanilla! I am following both (Meglyn_) … I hope I get to try them all!

  • Sofia

    Have been wanting to try this stuff for weeks! Instagram: @smjags

  • Laura

    I’ve entered the giveaway! Love Halo Top and first discovered it on your Insta feed! Just hate that my Whole Foods doesn’t carry mint chip or the birthday cake flavors.

  • Trevor

    Starting eating this about a month ago and have been going back to whole foods weekly just for a re-up. Only problem is I now need a secret freezer to hide said halotop from my wife. @tjtimson

  • Emily R/

    I have entered! My Instagram handle is @erabbitt. What a great giveaway!

  • Chelsea

    I have been eyeing this ice cream everything I’m at the store. I think it’s about time I give it a try!
    Insta: ceoleary

  • Danielle

    The vanilla is delicious. I wish I could find the mint chip (does anyone in NYC know where I can find it??). I agree, Artic Zero is terrible! Bleh!
    Insta: danidh325

  • Kaitlyn D.

    I’ve been trying to find Halo Top in NYC since you started to post about it. No luck yet! I’m following both your instagram and Halo Top’s hoping to win so I can finally try it!

  • I’ve been trying to find this stuff ever since you first shared it! Still on the hunt!! I hope I win! 🙂

  • Kim B.

    I just found this stuff at our local grocer… am so happy! Following both instagrams (ktb0719)

  • I know we are out of the running but Halo Top is the best Ice Cream ever! Can’t wait to meet Connor!

  • Amanda

    Now following (abschoenrock). I’m an ice cream addict I’ve been dying to try this stuff (especially the mint chip) but haven’t been able to find it anywhere in Wisconsin.

  • Brittney

    I follow both – I haven’t tried halo top yet, what a fun way to try by winning! @brittbroranard

  • Rita

    This stuff can be so tough to find! Always on the lookout for it. @rita_hurd

  • Courtney Borchard

    Following on Instagram (@courtborch) I have been wanting to try them all!

  • Virginia

    I’ve only tried one flavor so far…and need to try more. it’s always slim pickings at WF.

  • Allie

    @allieellsworth following both on IG now!

  • Susan

    Yum!! I’m following!!

  • Kimberly Proudfoot

    Following both (@kpfoot23)! Have been dying to try Halo Top ever since you mentioned it!

  • Gillian

    This is so exciting! I haven’t tried any of the flavors yet, and am most interested in the Mint Chip and Chocolate Mocha Chip. @tealandshadow

  • I follow you both on Instagram (@fettbot) and would love to try Halo!!

  • Kaylee

    Ooh awesome giveaway! I’ve only tried the chocolate and love it! I can’t find Mint Chip or Birthday Cake around my area and REALLY want to try those. @_kayleeml

  • Leticia

    Hi! I really really want to try this and (maybe) share it with my boyfriend… (@immumaqui).

  • amy

    Entered. Always a little skeptical, but I’m so curious that I’ll have to see for myself!

  • Caitlin

    Entered. This looks so good!

  • This is my favorite!!!! Entered. 🙂

  • kristin dinic

    Entered!!! @kndinic

  • Charlene

    Ever since working in an ice cream shop as a teen, I’ve been obsessed with ice cream! @halotopcreamery is the answer to everything! Would love to win – @charlenemarch

  • Kristin

    Entered! @kplunkett123

  • I entered! (@amazingotter)

    I hope I can track this stuff down; my boyfriend and I have a serious ice cream addiction that’s getting out of hand. I could use something healthier!

  • Anne-Marie

    I follow you and now Halo Top too! I really hope I win this as I have been dying to try Halo Top since I saw your first post about it! Also – COMPLETELY agree on Artic Zero. I bought two pints the other day and both were soo terrible. They are sitting in my fridge and I am wondering what to do with them other than feed them to the trash can.

  • Jennifer

    I am dying to try Halo Top, but all the stores around me are out! So sad. My Instagram name is @jtblair707! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  • Entered!!! I’ve read your posts and trying to convince my mom into trying them as a healthier option but still curbs her sweet tooth!

  • Mia

    I’ve entered! Would love to try these ice creams! Your instagram has made me hungry each time you post a pic of them!

  • Krista

    Best giveaway ever! So far, I haven’t been able to find this in my area and want to try the chocolate mocha chip– I can’t get enough ice cream in the summertime.

  • I LOVE this stuff! I entered!!! 🙂

  • Amanda G

    Entered! @amandamarie106

    I would love to try this!!

  • I’ve entered and I LOVE ice cream!!!!!

  • Julie

    I love their ice cream! And I entered as @juls2419 on Instagram!

  • Danielle, do you know if Halo Top is safe for people with peanut allergies? It can be tough for me to find ice cream that doesn’t list "may contain peanuts" or "made in the same facility that processes peanuts" on the allergy label.

    If it’s peanut-free, I would love to try it! I already follow you and I am now following @halotopcreamery. My Instagram is @fd_violin. Thanks for letting us know about this, either way!

  • Ellen

    Yum! @ellenjk

  • Yum! I’ve only been able to find vanilla at my local store, can’t wait to try more flavors! @ladybuckmaster

  • Josh

    I just entered! Halo Top is the best "light" ice cream on the market… Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! Instagram: @thejoshperson

  • Tusharika

    I entered 🙂

  • Ellen

    Entered. Hoping to give them all a try!

  • Grace Niu

    I entered! I’ll probably go out and get some regardless because it sounds so good. 🙂

  • OMG. Arctic Zero = Sand. THANK YOU! Bought it over the weekend in a desperate attempt to, like you, find a healthier, lower sugar version to talenti and those sorts of deliciousness. I’m so excited to try Halo Top!

  • rust

    Sounds so good!

    insta: rusthawk1

  • Madeline Rigoni

    Can’t find it anywhere! Dying to try it!

  • I’ve never tried Halo Top, but it looks amazing!! I’ve entered! @chicago_latte

  • Carrie

    Yay for healthy ice cream!!!?

  • Fredo

    I followed both!

    • Fredo

      Find me at @fredosanchez

  • Rachel

    Entered! Sounds delicious! Instagram: @rachel_curry

  • Carrie

    Oopsie …yay for healthy ice cream!! ?@carriethelander

  • Amy

    I’ve been wanting to try Halo Top since I first saw you post about it! Would love to win this!

  • Glenna

    Dying to try the mint chip! My store has only had lemon, strawberry, and vanilla so far. I really hope I win! 🙂 – @gleemac

  • Halo top is an obsession of mine! I hope I have the chance to win!! What a great giveaway, you rock!! My Instagram is @travel_the_chi

  • Brittany L.

    Following you & @halotopcreamery! Just LOVE Halo Top! It’s impossible not to eat the whole pint in one sitting… It’s safe to say I have no self control when it comes to ice cream 😉 @a_touch_of_b

  • Ana

    I’m so excited to try these, I am starting my health journey now and this would be amazing! Following you both!

  • Katie

    Just tried this for the first time last week – love! Would love to try all the flavors 🙂 -@kkenney2

  • Cecilia Friedman

    Been avoiding trying Halo Top because I’m fearful of what will happen if I do… but can’t pass up an amazing giveaway! Following both on instagram.

  • Katie F

    Love halo top and am dying to try mint chip! -@kefarber

  • Elizabeth C.

    Entered! Can’t wait to try it.

  • Liz Magee

    Live Halo Top! Strawberry is my fave.

  • Mimi Collins

    You are obsessed with this stuff. Have to try it! I followed them too now. Do I have to enter somewhere else?

  • Lanier Weisberg

    I found out about Halo Top ice cream through the keto forum (very low carb) on Reddit. Best dessert discovery! I’ve had the vanilla flavor but would love to try the mint and cake flavors! My instagram name is Lanier1.

  • Rayna

    Entered! I have been dying to try birthday cake or mint chip- they only have choc, vanilla or strawberry at the Kingsbury WF!

  • Brianna

    I stopped reading after "ice cream for dinner"! I’m in!


  • Meredith

    I thought I was turning my mom onto this after seeing your previous rave reviews, turns out she knew before I did! @mlrawling

  • Erika W.

    I follow both of y’all. I had never heard of Halo Top- would love to try it! (@seabattle2)

  • Susan Christy

    Follow both on Instagram as susitravl

  • Carolsue

    Sounds good! I entered!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • Carolsue

    FYI – My Instagram name is @Cezovski9
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • Meaghan


  • Holly

    Followed both as @hollymbeach!

    Would love to try the ice cream, great packaging, and would be awesome to have a treat that doesn’t obliterate the gains from my workout 🙂

  • Diana

    @dianali34 entered! Can’t find birthday cake or mocha chip anywhere! ?

  • Smn814

    I already follw both of you guys! (@smn814). Its currently on sale at Whole Foods here in Pittsburgh and completely sold out! I need some badly :P.

  • Ashley

    I already follow you both! Love the birthday cake.. and have never tried to mint chip. Can’t wait to go scoop that flavor up this weekend!

  • Alina Conn

    Follow both on IG as @alinapicazo. Always love being introduced to a new brand. Thanks!

  • Elise

    i’ve been looking for this in my local stores (i’m in champaign), sadly…no success yet. i’ve entered so send me some! 🙂

  • Rebecca

    Following! & crossing my fingers to win! Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway, my grocery store doesn’t carry enough of their awesome flavors either!!

  • Erika mendioroz

    Follow both on Instagram and can’t wait to try some!

  • Caitlyn

    Entered (@hellocaitlyn)! Fingers crossed, would love to try them all!

  • rosalovesdc

    I entered! I LOVE ice cream!

  • Silviya G

    Following both on Insta (@_lil_sil_). This ice cream sounds like the best thing ever!

  • Steph Michelle

    I follow both!!

  • Sean Conn

    Barely any calories and full of protein…UM YEAH!!!! Follow both on IG as seanrconn

  • Sheila

    I was so excited when I saw this stuff at my Whole Foods because you recommended it. I got the vanilla and you’re right- SO GOOD! Mint chocolate chip is next. Following you both on insta!

  • Joanna

    Entered! Tried it for the first time the other day and the Vanilla Bean was amazing

  • I have been looking for this stuff at every whole foods within a 20 mile radius of me and it’s always sold out!! I definitely entered this giveaway because I’ve been dying to try 🙂

  • SEM

    Following you both! Our Whole Foods doesn’t have them either, but I do occasionally find a few flavors as Kings (for you NJ folks). Dying to try birthday cake and mint chip though!

    Great collaboration! @s.e.minegar

  • Yasssss! Entered. Arctic Zero really is the worst, and I’ve been seeing such rave reviews for Halo Top. I’m dying to try it! Fingers crossed!


  • Just entered – beautiful shots. Can’t wait to swing by Whole Foods to grab some!

  • Anonymous

    I check my local store every week…none ever in stock! Entered and followed. Thanks!

  • Stephanie Olson

    Following you both now! I definitely want to try Halo! Yuuuuum!

  • Katie Desir

    Entered! His would definitely be a healthier ice cream craving for my pregnancy. Wish I would’ve found out about it earlier.

  • Emily Spirakes

    Entered! Would LOVE to try this! I am an ice cream feen! These flavors look amazing too! @emilyspirakes

  • Vaneesha pause

    entered 🙂 can’t wait to try more flavors! so good!! vp

  • Kendra

    Entered! I have tried Artic Zero and have to agree – that stuff is the worst! Thanks for working to undo the assumption that all 300 calories-and-under pints of ice cream are the same.

  • Lina


  • Laura


  • Liz

    Done! This stuff is unbelievable!

  • Celeste

    followed both / entered!
    sounds heavenly!

  • GIMME all the Halo Top!

  • Following both! I am so eager to try- sounds amazing.

  • Kristin

    Danielle! I entered 🙂

  • Jordan D.

    I follow both accounts on Instagram! @j_mosh

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