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In case you missed it, I’m heading to Argentina for my second trip out of the country in my adult life and am working on narrowing down the list of things I think I’ll need to bring with me. I’m going to try to pack as light as possible which is a big deal for me since I brought multiple coats and jackets to Europe and am known for overpacking. I plan on capsule-packing (is that a thing?) and will bring basic neutrals that can be mixed and matched. Wish me luck as a try traveling light! 

1. water bottle, shopbop. $42.
2. socks, j crew, $14.50
3. travel makeup bags, cuyana, $95
4. shawl, club monaco $349
5. cashmere eye mask, shopbop, $98
6. flowerbomb travel duo, sephora, $35 *my favorite scent
7. travel makeup, stowaway, $75 *I love these face wipes, too
8. iPad sleeve, cuyana, $95
9. healthy snack, Rx bar, $25.99/box of 12 *pumpkin and mint chocolate are my favorites!
10. l’occitane hand cream, seophora, $12+
11. satchel, tucker nuck, $120
12. sonic travel toothbrush, pop dental, $19.99
13. travel charger, east dane, $40
14. travel bottles, bobbi brown, $15
15. luggae, bric, $550

Have any packing tips for me?

  • Yelle @ Tender Roots Blog

    I actually went to Argentina in February two years ago and heads up! It’s extremely humid there! Don’t forget to bring cotton dresses, breathable clothes, etc. There were some clothes that I packed that I never wore bc it was just too humid! Great hat! I wore hats every day that I was there. Also, neck pillow. It made the flight manageable.

  • Cassie C

    Capsule packing is definitely a thing! I’ve done a handful of week+ long trips with a carry-on only, it can definitely be done. You’re on the right track with the mix and match neutrals. Just pick a colour scheme and run with it. If there’s something that you’re thinking about packing that needs specific items to make it work – leave it behind. You want to be able to mix and match everything. If there’s anything you’re thinking about taking "just in case" – leave it behind. If there’s anything you’re packing because you might use it, not because you will use it – leave it behind.

    This was the outcome of the packing from my last trip if you’re interested:

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