I’ve made some serious progress on my living room. I hired TaskRabbit install my new RetroFurnish lighting fixture and can’t believe I waited this long to change out lighting in a rental. I always thought this seemed like too much work, but you can keep the fixture once you leave, so it’s the cost of labor, and their hourly rates are really reasonable. 

I got a new 8×10 jute boucle rug (a favorite budget friendly find) and this floor lamp, both on sale. I also found a new fiddle leaf fig at Jayson since I killed yet another one in one of my dark apartments. Those things need a ton of natural light, so there’s hope in my new bright and sunny space.

And speaking of decor, my friend Meg of MegMade is having a holiday party this Thursday, December 3rd from 5-8PM! She’s offering 20% off all showroom furniture and there will be a BIG $500 giveaway! You won’t want to miss this one. 

Apologies for the terrible iPhone photos, but here’s a before. Amazing what new lighting, some curtains, and a larger rug will do to a space, isn’t it? 

Just need to get my dining room and office figured out. More on that, soon. 

Can’t believe Thanksgiving has already come and gone. I spent the holidays with Conor and his huuuuuuuuge (I’m talking 70+ people) family. I had already met his mom, step-dad, sister, and one of his 30something cousins, so there were a lot of new faces. 

And before the month ends, I wanted to note that it was 6 years ago this month that I visited Chicago for the first time. I was catching up with a good friend the other day–she’s considering a big solo trip, and I told her she had to go for it, and it got me thinking about my big move. 

We were at dinner with my friend Jessie and her husband during the first snowfall, and I found myself watching this magical, perfect snow, surrounded by people I love that I never would have met had it not been for that one trip, and my eventual move. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again–if there’s anything you’re thinking of doing, whether it’s a move, a trip, or even learning a new skill, go for it. You’ll never regret taking a chance, but might always wonder what could have been. 

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