Project Neutral Bedroom

I’m sticking with that whole “neutral” thing in my new bedroom, and decided to change a few things up to whiten, brighten, and further neutralize the space. My room has very little natural light during the day, and while my black nightstands did actually fit, they made my room feel very, very dark. I ended up selling them (and the lamps), and bought these side tables at Wisteria during a sale.

I love this lamp from Lulu and Georgia, but think the stacked globes might be the way to go. I’m going to wait and see how it looks when everything else is in there.

The new rug brightened the space a lot, but my white bedding felt a little boring, so I ordered this duvet and these shams (both on sale). Felt like such a grown up purchase!

And I know it’s not a part of my bedroom, but I do have an attached bath and ordered these towels (currently on sale).

I made two very large frames at framed and matted, and filled them with two of my favorite photos from Paris. No gallery wall in this room (at least I’m not planning on it, but we’ll see). Looks like I’ll be keeping things simple.

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