The Everygirl added new prints and mugs to the shop.

 Photo shoot for Mac and Mia. How CUTE is baby Frankie?

Time for another update. I swear, it’s been n-o-n-s-t-o-p since the move, but things have been great! We had Will in town one weekend, two of my good friends got married, getting settled in the new place, spending time with friends, a few photo shoots, and usual work stuff etc. Everything has been good though.

Having 2 floors and an extra living room makes this roommate thing easy. And at this point, we’re basically sisters, so it works. Also, Alaina’s boyfriend brings Kombucha and takes out our trash, so having him around is pretty cool.

I’m excited to tell you that Alaina and I will be speaking at The School of Styling in Raleigh this August! We’re also speaking at a sorority convention in Orlando this July! And apparently we’re going to that Harry Potter world, so that should be interesting. Ha.

Finally found my nightstands (in white) and after starting at my Restoration Hardware shopping cart for a few days, splurged on this new duvet (in grey). I decided to go with a neutral palette. Shocker.

On the hunt for lamps and I’m torn between these and these.

Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to borrow a Nissan Rogue. It’s such a beautiful car, drives well, and is easy to park (the camera and parking sensors are the best thing ever). I drove everywhere and it was wondrous. And now I want a car. Big expenses scare me, so it’s time to pine over my budget and figure out if it’s a practical decision or not.

The pup is still on his
immune suppressants but is finally off steroids, which can have some pretty serious long-term side effects. He’s doing great. 

Two weeks ago, I did 100 Rx pull-ups! I tore my hand for the first time which wasn’t pretty, but I did it.

I saw Haim with my friend Colleen last weekend. They were AMAZING! Go see them. Also had sangria at Ba Ba Reeba and brunch at The Bristol. In a maxi dress. Finally feels like summer! And I napped on both Saturday and Sunday.

Alaina and I sat down for coffee with THE Bobbi Brown who answered questions about skincare for The Everygirl! I’ve
been using her skincare line since I was 17, so it was a very exciting experience for me. She told me I have great skin and thought I was in my 20s which was basically the greatest complement I’ve ever gotten from the one person whose thoughts on skin matter more than anyone. So that rocked.

So excited for the three day weekend. I’m going out tomorrow night and have a party Saturday but don’t have anything else planned which I’m really excited about. Just going to relax and see where it goes. Maybe take a nap, catch up on Mad Men, and hopefully end up at a BBQ or on a patio. Or both.

Have a great holiday weeknd!

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