Heyyyyy people. Happy Friday. I’m still here! Lots going on as usual, but that’s the case for all of us, isn’t it? So, how about an update? 
Things have been great lately. I thought dealing with taxes and a move at the same time would really stress me out, but that really hasn’t been the case. Taxes are done and I’ll miss my apartment, but this change will be good for me. I’m excited for a fresh start.
And speaking of the move, I haven’t mentioned it yet, but Alaina and I
actually got a place together. And yes, we have obviously given this a lot of thought. We sat down and put anything and everything we felt could be an issue for either of us no the table, and at the end of the day, we communicate very well and respect each other, so I believe it’s a good move. It all came down to this–we work together everyday anyway, will spend less on rent each month while gaining a shared office space, and ultimately decided that this is what is best for The Everygirl right now.
CrossFit has been fantastic. I’m getting stronger without pushing myself like I used to, and I feel great! I’m also planning on incorporating some barre method and/or yoga into my weekly workout routine just to mix things up a little bit.
And in other news…
It was 70s and sunny last weekend. Lots of walks to the lake with the pup. I even wore sandals.
Then it snowed. In mid-April. Not. Ok.
My friend Katie and I are doing this. So excited about it! 
My boxes arrived Wednesday and I’ve already packed over half my apt. Moving on Wednesday morning! 
Sold my painting and dining table. Nightstands, juicer, coffee table, and shelves are still available. Any takers?
Installing an alarm system with glass shatter sensors motion detectors. Safety first, people.
I have a baby proofer coming in to plexiglass the top of the stairs so my dog doesn’t fall to his death.
Still pretty sold on these since they’re almost 10 inches smaller than my current ones.

photo via the everygirl

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