i realize that most people don’t find these posts interesting, but i like having them to look back on. my mom might like these updates if she read my blog, but it’s not her thing since she hates the idea of learning what’s going on “the way a stranger would” which is probably just code for “your blog is boring”. but whatever. she’d rather call me in the middle of a work day and see what i’m up to. thanks, mom.

i was sick the past week but am finally feeling better.
my new blackout curtains are the absolute greatest–so effective. so much that i slept in until 10:30 on sunday.
duvet by parachute
i have to sleep with them open on weekdays or i won’t wake up. so yeah. they work.
new pillows arrived from lulu & georgia.
new chair from euro style lighting.
I have since cut my branches and added a 4th. They look so much better now.
styling the everygirl’s product line. sometimes, my job involves candy and confetti.
brunch with a friend. had to photograph his epic breakfast.
i ordered an omelet with bacon, avocado, onion, and spinach. not as exciting.

 signs of spring. even though it’s freezing and chicago is covered in snow. 

i am now obsessed with baby goats. more on that soon, but please watch this
…and now try telling me you don’t want a goat.
can’t wait to wear these
was inspired to throw a  last minute oscar party with friends
made against all grain’s sweet potato and sausage quiche. delicious.
in case you haven’t heard, it’s still snowing in chicago.
that’s about it. i’ve been working, recovering, and hibernating.
 ready for another week. let’s do it. happy monday!
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