this week

alaina and i were featured in splash this week! excited to be featured along with our friend liz of sequins and stripes, jocelyn of grandbaby cakes who just did this feature for the everygirl, and nicole of making it lovely.

photo shoot for the everygirl & kate spade with john and maura. we had so much fun working with those two again! these cups are my favorite.

after taking over 3 months off, i finally returned to crossfit on wednesday and went back again on saturday. the first workout was really tough, but i already felt better when i did my second workout on saturday. pull-ups were much easier day 2! i will probably need to modify things for a while, but that’s fine with me. it feels so good to be back!

the pup’s white blood cell count is normal again and his platelet count has been stable during the process of lowering his steroids. we’re finally going to cut the dose of his immune suppressant in half which is great news because
a. i hate that he’s on drugs, and b. it’s not that cheap. once he’s been stable for a few weeks, we will lower his steroid dosage again. the goal is to eventually have him off the steroids and on the immune suppressant once every few days.

bunny williams designed a collection for dash and albert. i want one of these runners for my kitchen.

on saturday, i met shari for lunch and we did a little shopping. i think i’m in love with this coffee table. if you’re on the hunt for new cookware, this is beautiful. these too. i also discovered that peet’s has almond milk lattes. starbucks needs to get on that. 

the best gift for your bff – bought it for my oldest friend.

girls night with darlene

my new favorite lip color/balm

celebrated my friend colleen’s bday at frontier

lazy sunday with buddy today. a little blogging, cleaning, and a mini photo shoot–photos coming this week! 

  • Dora

    I am so happy to hear that your puppy is well 🙂 Congratulations for the feature!

  • Chelsea

    It sounds like you had a fabulous week! Congratulations on the amazing feature. I love that gorgeous coffee table.

    Chelsea & The City

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