this week

i’m a few days late, but here’s a recap on the past week.

my favorite leggings are on sale.

ended up going to carriage house for dinner last weekend. the food was fantastic. we ordered the short ribs and scallops–two of my favorites. 

alaina and i were photographed for splash.

alaina and i traveled to santa cruz for the most random job ever, and then spent two days in sf.

dinner with alaina, caitlin, crystal, and meg, brunch meeting, drinks at cavallo point, and a full day + night with one of my oldest friends in the world. and then there’s the sunshine which made me miss ca so, so much. coming back to the cold was a little bittersweet, but it feels good to be home. such a great trip.

had the best iced coffee of my life in sf. might need to order this.

found and fell in love with this company in sf. not paleo, but it’s g-free. the cinnamon rolls will blow your mind and the bread is like woah.

best paleo dessert ever.

this will change your skin.

buddy’s white blood cell count was up last week. the vet put him on
antibiotics and said not to worry which isn’t really possible for me, but i think i’ve done pretty well. i did text gina multiple times a day while i was away and don’t usually do that. he seems to be doing great–he’s
upbeat and has a ravenous appetite. we’re heading back for a follow-up
today (insert flying money emoji here).

ordered a new shimmer brick.

this bra is the greatest. great for running errands, traveling, and hanging out at home.

if you liked the song i posted last week, you’ll love this one. i think i love this guy more than ben howard. i know.

have a great week!

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