5 years

Five years ago today, I walked past an animal adoption drive and for some reason, decided to go inside. I had zero intention of getting a dog and while I love all animals, I am honestly not a fan of chihuahuas (or chihuahua mixes–don’t hate me) but saw a tiny little pup with a dirty cast on his leg that read “rescue me” and that was that. I waited three hours to be approved and off we were. Me and my dog. Mr. Buddy Handsomeface.

If you’ve seen my instagram it’s clear that I’ve always loved my dog. It didn’t take almost losing Buddy last month to love/become completely obsessed with him. But I do appreciate him more than ever now that I almost lost him. I am truly thankful that he’s here. He’s the sweetest little guy in the whole world, and I’m so lucky that he’s mine.

Happy 5 years, little guy.

  • Dora

    He's such a cutie pie!

  • Samantha

    I've followed your story with Buddy for forever now, and my fiance and I may be rescuing a dog this holiday season. We have been debating if it's the right time, but I keep finding all of these heartwarming stories, that I can't wait until we get our pup!

  • Jillian Manesh

    buddy is the cutest! xo

  • Yolonda J. Washington // DesignRoundup

    Happy 5th Buddy!

  • Chelsie Moss

    happy 5 years to you and buddy! he is so lucky to have you, danielle! xC

  • michelle

    happy 5 years! i love buddy! 🙂 i am so happy that he is doing well. rescue pups are the best!

  • briannelee

    Yay! So glad he is ok. Happy 5 year anniversary 🙂

  • beautifullifeandstyle.com

    Happy coming home day buddy! he has such little angel eyes- and we are all so lucky you share him with us! Superstar pup of the blog world 🙂

  • Jewel Laura

    Aww, how sweet. Happy five years to you and Buddy. and Happy Holidays as well.

  • cait – pretty and fun

    Happy Adoption Anniversary, sweet Buddy!!

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