packing for europe. help.

I like having a few outfit options when I travel and can usually bring an extra top or two (ok–three) on short trips. But in just a few weeks I’ll be heading to Europe (London, Paris, and Rome) for 10 days and overpacking is not an option. Since I’ve never been to Europe, I’d like some advice on what to bring. I plan on wearing neutrals for the most part so I can mix and match everything, and also because I really love neutrals. How many pairs of pants do you bring? Tops? Sweaters?

We’ll be there a total of 10 days. Here’s what I’m thinking:

2 pairs of dark skinny jeans
1 pair olive green or burnt orange skinny jeans (to mix things up–will plan at least 2 outfits around them)
1 pair black skinny jeans
1-2 dresses
mix of 6 sweaters and long sleeve tops
4 tops for going out at night
j crew field jacket
2 scarves
3 pairs of flats: black, leopard, and camel (2/3 of these flats fold and are very light)
1 pair of heels
1 pair leather boots
Do I have to bring wellies?
1 clutch (evening bag)
camera bag
1 handbag (might just use my camera bag)

I’m not saying I have to bring all of this with me. This is just what I’m thinking about. Let’s also not forget that I’ll have my camera, lenses, and computer, and that those items are not optional. And please don’t tell me to bring one pair of flats because that just isn’t happening.

I’m ready for your thoughts + advice now. Thank you!

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