Summer Fun

Growing up in LA, I was used to warm weather throughout the year. But there’s something about surviving winter in Chicago. About getting to March and April, contemplating moving away because you just can’t take it, and then once that first warm day hits, you fall in love with the city again. You can’t help but appreciate every warm day and every moment that summer brings.

We’re one week into summer and I’ve already been to a movie in the park, dined on few patios, a beach day, boat day, and lots of long walks with Buddy. Haven’t been poolside and have yet to see fireworks, but it’s only just begun. I love summer in Chicago. It’s why we live here. 

Please don’t forget to wear sunscreen and always apply a moisturizer with SPF.
And my favorite new go-to product, Trish McEvoy beauty balm with SPF 35.

Happy summer and cheers to a short work week!

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