This Summer

Today marks the first day of my third summer in Chicago! In case you don’t know my story, here’s a little background for you. I moved here from LA on August 1, 2010 because I needed a change. I walked away from an 8 year relationship and everything else I knew, to move to a city where I knew no one. I’ve made some truly wonderful friends along the way, and have had two great summers so far. There have been patios, fireworks, rooftops, movies in the park, and everything else that summer in Chicago brings.

I’ve wanted to see Ferris Bueller in the park the last two summers, but ended up missing it. I made plans to go with Quico and Maxine last night, and while waiting for them to arrive, ran into our friends Nico and Megan. Maxine texted to say Billy was joining her, I found out Quico was bringing our friend Roxy, and Darlene confirmed that she was coming, too. As sappy as this may sound, there was something very special about being surrounded by such good people in this beautiful city the night before summer began. It was the perfect start to summer. I realize that I sound sentimental, but little things like this always get me. I looked around, and felt truly grateful.

This summer is all about growing The Everygirl, gaining my strength back (and then surpassing where I was before my injury) at CrossFit, and enjoying the city with my friends. I will get my dead hang pull-ups.

After a completely draining week, I am taking a half day today and meeting Eva for lunch, working out, and hopefully getting a spray tan. I haven’t had one in forever, but after the WOD tomorrow, I’ll be spending the day on the lake with friends. And I could really use a little color.

So ready for sunshine! This is why we live here.

Any big plans for your first weekend of summer? What’s on your summer bucket list?

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