Tuesdays with Rosie

Had a great chat with Rosie tonight. I may be 30, but I’m not too old for a lecture from great aunt Rose. And even though she’ll be 95 in August, she isn’t too old to want to “ball me out.” Her words. Not mine. 

Rose: you’re your own worst enemy. no wonder you’re tired. you should be tired going to bed so late. how do you expect to feel good if you don’t go to sleep? and you say i’m tired i’m this and i’m that. 11:00 is too late. going to bed at 12:00 is too late. you have to take care of yourself. i’m very disappointed in you. you should behave in an adult manner. how do you think you’ll feel a couple years from now? you’ll feel wiped out. you need your rest. you can’t run around and fool around at home with the dog. the next time i talk to you i want to hear that you’re in bed at at least 11:00. i’m talking this way because i want you to take care of yourself. i don’t want you to get sick. you will get sick if you keep that up.
Me: ok

Rose: well if you get sick there’s no one to take care of you.

Me: i have lots of friends. there are lots of people.

Rose: well that doesn’t count. i hope you aren’t mad at me. i just wanted to ball you out.

…and we both start laughing

I typed all of this out word-for-word as she spoke.

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