Happy Weekend

Taking a break from work to have lunch with my guy. I never go to lunch on work days. So excited.
We’re cooking and watching a movie tonight. Looking forward to some much needed down time.
Darlene is photographing me for a little Stylemint project this afternoon.
Brunch with my friend Jess & her husband tomorrow.
Expecting a high of 59 tomorrow! Spring is in the air!
Date night tomorrow night. I’m wearing my new dress!
Making paleo waffles Sunday.
I am finally healthy again. Finally.
You can now hover over any image on my blog and pin it. Happy Pinning!
 I love with these Easter eggs.

I really enjoyed BluePrint. I loved the green juice and the cashew milk is a little taste of heaven. The lemonade wasn’t my favorite, but I don’t love anything spicy. I learned that not eating for 3 days just isn’t my thing. I like food. But the best part of the entire experience was that I completely kicked wanting to snack at night. I’ve learned that when I’m not actually hungry, I don’t need to eat. And ‘m going to start using my juicer again.

I wasn’t seeing any results with PT (which was prescribed by my ortho) so I went back my sports medicine doc & experienced dry needling for the first time. That’s 10 needles in my back. I’ve been on a CrossFit break for 5 weeks and am dying to go back. I can start going 3x a week and if I’m ok for a while, can give 4 a try, but my doctor told me I’ve been overdoing it by going 5x a week. I went downtown for my second appointment yesterday only to realize my appointment was scheduled for tomorrow. Leave it to me. So I went to Whole Foods and treated myself to some pretty Easter flowers. .

In case you missed it, I shared one of my favorite paleo dishes this week. 

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Happy Easter & Passover weekend!
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