Happy Friday

My gallery wall is finally complete! Look for my complete home tour on The Everygirl next month.

Everything is 25% off at J.Crew, including my new dress & peplum top!
I was sick four the fourth time this year. Blah. Finally feeling a lot better, but still a little stuffy.
Speaking of cold, it’s freeeezing in Chicago. It’s in the 20s and it’s spring. Losing it.
Holly Becker of Decor8 wrote a very sweet post about TEG. Made my week.

Rue La La is obsessed with my dog. Hey, me too! Best little snuggle buddy when I’m sick.
I think I’ve made at least 39 almond milk lattes this week.
I photographed 12 breakfast recipes for TEG with my friend Kat Levitt, blogger behind A Girl and Her Food.
Shooting some breakfast recipes with the boy (for the blog) this weekend.
Triple date night with Lindsey and Gina tonight! In desperate need of some fun after the week I’ve had.

And a not so positive update–I tried to go to CrossFit yesterday and it did not go well. The WOD was 10
250m rows with 2 min rest in between each one. I was still a little
congested and my back hasn’t come close to being completely healed, but considering the fact that I’ve been 4x in a month when I usually go 4-5x a week, I
had to try. I made it through four rounds and was in so much
pain that I had to stop. I almost lost it, but managed to hold back any tears, although I felt like I hit a low. It honestly feels as if I’ll never feel better. It’s been a month and I am seeing very little improvement which is incredibly discouraging. I’m booking
some appointments with this sports medicine guy next week. He helped
with my neck/shoulder issues and costochondritis, so I’m hoping he can help with this.

 Didn’t mean to end on a negative note. Let’s focus on the positive–it’s FRIDAY!
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