Happy Weekend

I’ve been thinking about summer multiple times a day and it’s only March 1.
Did you see this article about The Everygirl on The Huffington Post? Yep. That happened.
I am usually very private with this part of my life, but I instagrammed another photo with the new boy.
Love this Chicago studio.
Saw the orthopedist for a back issue. On steroids for a week and need 6 weeks of PT.
This video made my day. This one, too.
Need a good cry? Watch this.  
Made these cauliflower mashed potatoes this week. d e l i c i o u s!
Date night in tonight. I’m making dinner and we’re watching this movie.  
Celebrating a friend’s birthday tomorrow night. Happy birthday, Quico!

In case you missed it, it’s March 1. How did that happen?
Can it just be summer now?

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