After sleeping all day Friday I dragged myself out of bed and went to CrossFit. I was pretty delirious and wasn’t able to clean and jerk 85 lbs (only got to 80 which was my previous max). I stayed in that night and went to bed early so I could work out the next morning. Never taking a red-eye again.

Headed to CrossFit on Saturday morning before my 11:00 photo shoot. That’s a 1 mile run, 50 pull-ups, 100 push-ups, 150 squats each. Upper body is still sore, but I was able to WOD with the pink band again, and it actually felt pretty easy. Finally feeling better!

My 2nd paleo challenge is going well. I’ve had 2 glasses of red since I started on Jan 2. I had a stomach ache and ate a little popcorn one day, but am otherwise strict paleo and feel great. I have received a number of emails about the paleo dite so I’m working on a post about the paleo. Will have that up soon.

Headed to a photo shoot with Alaina after my workout. Gym bag & camera bag c/o Lo & Sons. Duffle coat c/o Warehouse. Photographed a new collection for Pyar&Co. Styling by Alaina Kaczmarski.
Dinner at Embeya Sat night. The food was amazing! I have never been an adventurous eater but as of
summer decided that I should at least try everything. I ate (and loved)
octopus, monkfish, and salmon. So, so good. Wore my new coated pants c/o James Jeans. Is it too much to say that these pants will change your life? Ok–i’m overshooting. But they’re pretty awesome.
Brunch at Tavern Sunday. Came home, did some work, and watched the Golden Globes with the pup. What was going on with Jodie Foster? And since everyone else will be blogging about all the fashion, I’m going to skip doing that. I love it, but my commentary feels completely unnecessary. And if I’m being really honest, I was editing photos and catching up on email while watching, so I only half-watched the awards.

I installed my new sconces from Euro Style Lighting. Let’s hope they don’t fall off the wall like my toilet paper holder. I’m usually pretty handy!

Shameless and Californication are back. I’ll get around to watching them one of these days.

I am re-reading The Great Gatsby and then moving on to a few classics I’ve yet to read. Working on those ’13 goals.

Did you watch the globes? Shameless? Californication? What did you think?
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