This Week

Work was busy as usual. Lots of big things in the works for The Everygirl, conference calls, and graphic design // custom blog design projects to work on, too. I spent lots of time at my desk.

Desk details: jonathan adler phone dock // gold flatware // parsons desk

J. Crew had another sale, so I picked up this heartbreaker sweater, a striped boatneck sweater, and some new pajamas

I really love how my fireplace and mantle are turning out. 

I woke up at 6:15 on Saturday morning to take part in RNCF // Rowfit Chicago’s annual Box Hop, and then practiced my rowing form/technique with my paleo challenge coach. It probably would have been little easier had I not dropped a 45 lb bar on my foot just moments before we had to run 1.6 miles. #idiot I mostly made it through the run and one round of WOD 3 before I called it quits. On the plus side, my ribs are 100%, my shoulders are sore from finally being used but feel really good, and my foot is ok.

WOD #1 (At Rowfit Chicago)
3 Rounds for Time
300 Meter Row, 15 Hang Squat Cleans, 15 Burpees, 15 Pull Ups

WOD #2 
1.6 Mile KB Run from Rowfit Chicago to River North CrossFit (I hate running)

WOD #3 (at River North CrossFit)
3 Rounds for Reps // 1 minute per station
Kettle bell swings, Box Jumps, Handstand Push Up (scaled push up hand release hips off ground)

I had a total of three iced americanos on Sat and spent the rest of the day icing my foot. That night, we celebrated a friend’s birthday at Untitled. I was up for 20 hours straight and spent Sunday cleaning,
watching TV, and doing absolutely nothing. It’s been a while since I’ve had a lazy Sunday. It was lovely.

How was your weekend?
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