This Week

Work was crazy
last week, and I enjoyed every moment of my lazy but busy low key weekend. Started the weekend off with a girls night with Caitlin. Dinner, wine, and While You Were

CrossFit on Saturday and Sunday. We had our first paleo challenge WOD which consisted of a pull-up clinic and 10 pull-ups,
20 wall balls, 30 burpees, 20 wall balls, 10 pull-ups, 50 sit ups. I’m sore!

Stopped by an event on Saturday and then met friends at Stanley’s where I ran into Audrey. Went home and spent the night relaxing with Buddy and (Gina’s pup) Minnie. They loved their little sleepover. Those two are like peas
in a pod. Peanut butter and jelly. Romeo and Juliet. So cute.

Did a little shopping in Lincoln Park. Finally bought the gold flatware from West Elm. It’s 20% off and there’s free shipping online. What are you waiting for? I also picked up a new bathroom rug, candleholders, and finally got wood for my faux fireplace. It. Looks. Insane.  

Ordered new pillows from Aurelia on etsy (she made my bengal bazaar pillow in my last home tour). She’s making four new pillows for me. All neutral and bright coral velvet. Fierce. 

I am having my autographed Christian Louboutin box top (a gift from my sis) and print from Sarah and Bendrix framed. And my painting from Lulu and Drew arrived! It’s lovely.

Ended the weekend with dinner and a girls night with my friend Kat. We picked up my wood at the lumber
yard, went to dinner, and relaxed at my place for a bit. It was really nice, until my hair caught on fire.

Getting my hair straightened today and having ten CrossFit girls over for a paleo potluck tonight. Cannot wait.
Happy Monday!
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