Highfalutin Monday

Great Aunt Rose’s thoughts on my (longer) hair:
It suits your face. You’ve gotta get something that suits your face. It
will help you with work – the fact that you look cute.

Side note – Rose did not like my short hair. When she first saw it her response was:
It’ll grow out.
Great Aunt Rose on getting your hair done:
Me: How much do you pay to get your hair done?
Rose: $80
Me: That’s very reasonable for a cut and color.
Rose: That’s because I don’t go to those highfalutin places.

Have a highfalutin Monday. Get fancy.
  • Tiffany @ Savor Home

    Tell Aunt Rose that I said thank you for giving me my first laugh of the day! Love her!

  • Cara

    this post is the best! lol

  • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

    Ha! Love that Aunt Rose and I don't even know her!!

  • emily fitzgerald {once in a blue room}

    you two look alike! she is adorable.

  • Shari

    She's the best. I love all of your Aunt Rose snippets. 🙂

  • Jackie

    Oh I love your conversations with your Aunt Rose. And I should probably start using the term 'highfalutin' on a daily basis as soon as possible.

  • Dawn

    Aunt Rose is priceless!!

  • Elle

    she is awesome!

  • Megan – Style Me Swanky

    Too cute!!

  • thegirlandherdog.com

    I love that Aunt Rose made an appearance!!

  • Vanessa {Vanilla and Rose}

    She's always too adorable!

  • So Simply Chic

    I just came across your blog and I wish I found it sooner! She's so adorable!

    Hope you have a great week!



  • Amberly D’Anna

    Haha! Too funny! Love it..I read The Every Girl, but I just came across your blog! Ah, I've been missing OUT! I'm a new follower, btw. 🙂


  • Chic Coastal Living

    How sweet! I love spending time with older people! My grandfather used to say…Are you following me?

  • erika

    I love your posts about Aunt Rose. The bright spot of my day! You should start a twitter hashtag #auntrosequotes Haha! So will "Highfalutin" be a Fancy word on The Everygirl? 😉

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