Weekend in LA / SB

I had a great time in LA last week (Thurs evening – Sun afternoon). I ran around nonstop–chopped salads at La Scala with one of my oldest friends, breakfast at Toast (my blog’s namesake) with my sister and Everygirl financial columnist Brittney Castro, shopping at Century City, dinner at X’ian with my mom and sister, drinks at The Hudson, an eyebrow appointment at Damone Roberts, a handful of trips to Coffee Bean where I discovered my new love–an iced Americano, a little pre-paleo challenge Pinkberry, and a day in Santa Barbara with my best friend and her family. I was finally able to meet baby Harper! We had lunch at Crush Cafe and dinner + margaritas at Carlitos.

A few important highlights:
I’ve touched on this when I shared the things I’m afraid to tell you, but I haven’t spoken with my dad in 10+ years. He and his ex wife had a baby the week before I turned 18. I saw her the first few months of her life but my relationship with my dad came to an end and I hadn’t seen her since. I found her (and her mom) on Facebook last year. We started talking and were able to meet while I was in LA. She is such a sweet and beautiful girl, and I hope we’ll develop a great relationship in the months and years to come.
I was finally able to see Aunt Rose which (at first) was pretty difficult. When I walked in the room it took her a second to process the fact that I was there and once she did, she started crying. As I’ve mentioned, she has dementia and has been hallucinating. We have been talking less and less because she thinks people are listening in on her calls and she no longer likes talking on the phone. I stopped by for a visit on Friday and on Sunday we picked her up for brunch and took her to get her nails done at Wendy’s.
It was so great seeing everyone, but I really missed my pup, friends, CrossFit, and Chicago. It’s good to be home. 
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