My Weekend
Drinks with the girls after CrossFit.
Game night at Alaina’s apartment. 
Much needed low key Saturday. Slept in, cleaned my apartment, did a little organizing. It was lovely
Dinner at Bandera and a friend’s birthday at Untitled.
Watched the Bears and celebrated two friends running the marathon at Stout.
It’s been way too cold, but I loved wearing my riding boots again.

Currently loving
Vintage luxe canning jars from Jayson.
Downloaded a copy of Civilized Caveman’s e-book (paleo, obviously). Everything looks so good.
This mirror from Wisteria. Not sure where it’s going to go, but I have store credit so I’m going for it.
Ceramic frenchie stamper from Anthro. I love Frenchies.
Gina posted this dish from PaleOMG.

Health issue/question
Over the past few weeks I’ve had some soreness behind my upper right rib cage. I haven’t worked out since Friday but the pain got progressively worse this weekend. I have a feeling it might be a pulled muscle but plan on seeing a doctor today just in case it’s something else. According to google I could have liver damage, crohn’s disease, gallbladder disease, or a collapsed lung. Researching medical issues online is fun! I’m pretty sure it’s from pushing myself a little too hard at CrossFit. Lesson learned–I don’t need to set a new PR every time I walk into CrossFit. Has anyone experienced a similar kind of pain?

…and it’s Monday again. How was your weekend?
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