Three months of CrossFit

I started CrossFit over three months ago and wrote this post after my first day at RNCF. I could barely do a push up and rowing even 500 meters left me feeling winded. I have since rowed 5000 meters (which wasn’t easy), but did not feel the same exhaustion that I felt on day one. On 7.2 my back squat was 72 lbs. Just 21 days later it was 103. I can do push ups. I did four pull-ups with a blue band last weekend. And last week, I did 50 HSPUs (hand stand push ups) on a box. I couldn’t even almost do one when I first started CrossFit back in May.

I have done things I never thought I could or would want to do. I have pushed myself to the point where I was certain I could not go on. I have a sense of balance, strength, and control that I don’t think I’ve ever felt before. I’ve made some pretty incredible new friends. And for the first time in my adult life, I have a legit workout routine. If that isn’t enough, I’ve lost a few lbs. and all my skinny pants fit again.

I’d love to hear about your workout routine!
  • Jackie

    That's amazing! I'm really in to yoga sculpt and running, but Crossfit scares me just a little bit. It's really inspring, though, to see how far you've come in just 3 months! 50 hand stand push ups? Wow. Just, wow.

  • Gina

    Very proud of you, D! I'm so glad we became friends and you joined RNCF. Next goal, unassisted pullups and HSPUs!! xoxo

  • Lauren {Stylized Existence}

    Congrats on all of your milestones! You are awesome!!!! I am 10 lbs away from bodyweight powerclean and SO EXCITED – hope to get there by end of 2012!!!

  • Jess | the Jess Journals

    That is amazing!! I'm still struggling with having an actual routine…I randomly buy classes via bloomspot, living social, etc, and use those! I did a body sculpting class last night and was supposed to do pushups…unfortunately I can't really even lower myself all the way down. LOL

    Congrats though!! Glad you found something that works for you – it inspires me to continue to find something that works for me!

  • Megan – Style Me Swanky

    So proud of you! I love the sense of accomplishment and power that working out gives me. I have to incorporate at least one strength training class into my workouts each week. I can feel the effects of it all week long!

  • Michelle

    Everyone makes such amazing strides in CF. I love what it's doing to revolutionize getting people active and fit. Congrats on your own progress!

    I recently joined the gym again, realizing how much I actually missed it. I've been working on lots of HIIT, preferring to go really hard for a short amount of time. ADD much?

  • renée [crossed and dotted]

    congratulations on such great progress! i started bikram yoga about 3 weeks ago and i am hooked – i've been going about 4-5 times a week and i feel amazing! my abs are regaining their definition, and my arms and legs are looking more toned. i was a college athlete and i have struggled for years trying to recreate a regular exercise regime, but between work and commuting, it was next to impossible. i, too, am so glad to be back on track with an adult commitment to myself and my physical (and mental!) health!

  • casidy boyd mcnally

    Congrats on all of your CF accomplishments but also for finding time for yourself and even better- it's something you love!! My husband does CF and the workouts he tells me about amaze me! I think I might try it with him one of these days. As for me, I'm a Pure Barre instructor and runner. I couldn't live without barre but I'm always down to try something new. xo

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