NYFW. It’s ON.

Alaina and I will be heading to NYC in early September for New York Fashion Week. We booked our hotel a few weeks ago but it didn’t feel real until we booked our flights yesterday. It’s happening and I am really excited. It’s no secret that I am not a fashion blogger. In fact – I am not that fashionable. But, I love fashion. I have always dreamed of going to NYFW and never thought it would actually happen.

Maybe this toddler would let me borrow her outfit

I know it will probably never happen, but I would love to go to Chanel

We are going to Kate Spade and will be having dinner with Kate Spade’s social media manager. (!!!)

I’ve only been to NYC twice (October ’10 and November ’11) so I am really looking forward to seeing the city in early September. We fly in the day of Fashion’s Night Out and will be attending the rewardStyle party, are booking a few shoots for The Everygirl, and will be meeting with some of our favorite NYC ladies including THE JENNA FAIN. And, we’re planning my first trip to Brooklyn! I can’t wait for our second trip to NYC. Let the countdown begin!

Speaking of countdowns, I will be 30 one month from today. I know 30 isn’t old but I am a little sad to see my 20s end. Just makes me realize how quickly time is flying by. I sure know how to kill a positive post about fashion week, huh?!

Who has been/is going to NYFW? Will you be at the rewardStyle party? If so – see you there! Seriously – is this real life?

I need some new outfits. And maybe a stylist. #helpme

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