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Who wants to get married in Paris?

Years ago, I decided that I would like to elope someplace beautiful and romantic. Paris. Greece. Rome? I don’t have the location pinpointed, but a small and intimate wedding has always been my plan. As much as I love my family a friends, I could see getting married without any of them at the wedding. I still want the dress, flowers, and a photographer, but that’s it. No bridal party. No crazy expenses. No planning. No pressure.

I am not against weddings. This is just what feels right for me and my non-existent future husband.  Two people promising to share their lives with each other in any capacity is a beautiful thing. But the bride gene is one that seems to have skipped me. I
am not an “all eyes on me” kind of girl, so I think I might be uncomfortable as a bride in a big wedding. And let’s face it – the thought of having this private little moment sounds so incredibly romantic.

Why am I writing about this today? Well, about a month ago, I spent a few hours walking around Lincoln Park with my friend Jess. We ended up grabbing dinner and started to talk about her upcoming wedding. And then I shared my plans to have a
very private ceremony someplace romantic. She wasn’t going to tell me her little secret, but she just couldn’t hold it in any longer. Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Lively!

Do you plan on having a large wedding or something small and intimate?

  • Natasha Fatah

    I'm completely with you. We got married at City Hall, just us, and our two sets of parents and my sister. And then we had a small party in my parents' backyard. I found the idea of planning a wedding, picking out silver-wear, flowers, picking invitations, so unappealing. I know many live for this, but it's not for all of us.

    Congratulations to your friends the Livelys.

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  • Samantha Green

    i don't like the spotlight one bit. i can hardly cope when it's my birthday, so i will definitely be planning something small 🙂 xx

  • Sheri Ann {Sprinkles and Style}

    As much as I love weddings, small and intimate just seems to fit me more. I already know I'd just get too overwhelmed with a large wedding – too many things to think about and plan!

  • Steph Sterjovski

    I love helping others plan their weddings and photographing but I am the total opposite when it comes to my own. I want a tiny destination wedding. I also feel like the more people you invite the less it is about you two and the more it becomes about accommodating to everyone else's needs. It is so much more romantic & meaningful in a smaller way. I feel like a commitment that big is so intimate and personal. I couldn't be the person who had someone at my wedding that I never met before or didn't even know their name watching my personal moment!

  • Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself

    How do we both love design, art, fashion, beauty, graphics, and all things pink and sparkly… but are both lacking the "events" and "bride" gene?! Two peas in a pod, you and me.

  • J.Mill

    I had a medium-sized wedding here in Chicago last year. If it weren't for my only-child-husband, I wouldn't have had it. I, too, don't like all-eyes on me or the planning part of it. I feel like if I'm going to get that much attention, I want it to be for something I've done well – an accomplishment for which I can be proud. Getting married and having a wedding were two separate things for me. I was proud to get married. I loathed having a wedding. The expense, the time taken, the fights, the selection of favorites, the tasks and the support of an industry that does no good for society (hello body image issues and keeping-up-with-the-joneses).

    I think your idea of starting a marriage sounds lovely. I would do it that way if I could do it again.

  • Stefanie

    My husband and I eloped just last week in Vegas!

    We're not "Vegas" people, but were there for a work conference, so we extended our trip a few days and were married in the chapel at The Venetian. It took a bit of research to find an option that wasn't Vegas-cheesy w/ faux columns and plastic flowers. In the end, we loved our totally private, cost-effective wedding.

    Now that we're back home, we're considering some photos in our wedding get-up. Our families also want some kind of celebration, but we don't know what that will look like yet.

    I'm so ridiculously relieved that we didn't go for a big wedding.

  • Sarah Jane

    I'm all about a small intimate wedding, maybe I'll even elope. The thought of it being our moment, just us two sounds kind of perfect too!

  • deanna

    We eloped to San Francisco a few months ago – and I'm a wedding planner! Before we were engaged, we had planned to elope, but once we got engaged, we buckled in to the excitement and started planning a wedding. About halfway through I approached my fiance with my reservations about a big wedding, and we changed course and went back to our original plan. We asked our parents and his brother to join us – and it was the absolutely perfect way for us to celebrate our marriage! I just posted photos to my blog yesterday! Congrats to Jess and Mr. Lively!!

  • Anait

    I'm not one for big crowds either, which is why we've decided on a small family wedding in Paris 🙂

  • Lindsey

    I love the idea of a small intimate gathering and Paris really does seem like a great spot for it!

  • The Yuppie Files

    My husband & I met in college so our groups of friends overlapped & had been such a major part of our relationship that it felt right to have all of them there for our special day. But I can see how an intimate wedding in a beautiful place can be appealing. You have to do what feels right for the both of you!

  • katieokeefeblog

    I love the idea of a private wedding ceremony, then perhaps a reception or dinner later with family and close friends to celebrate. I think that’s so romantic!

  • mystylepersonified

    Exactly how my 'future' wedding will take place. Only me, him, the witness, and the minister.

  • Katie

    My husband and I eloped in San Francisco. It was magical. We had a large reception with friends and family a couple months later, but nothing will ever be more special than the incredible day we peacefully became man and wife. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made.

  • aliciasturdy

    SO FUNNY i just started following Jess's blog and I was reading yours thinking "hmm how ironic that she's posting something about someone eloping in Paris because I just read that other girls blog"…all you fab Chicago blogger girlies are all friends and I love it!

  • Tiffany

    I had never really dreamt of a wedding past the age of 12 until I starte getting invited to so many from relatives. That was when I decided that I'd like mine small. All my loved ones and preferably by the beach. Originally I wanted the Greek beach in my old home though.

  • cremedecoco

    My dream is to have a small wedding. Ideally I would elope but I don't think my parents would ever forgive me if I did that, so I would have a small wedding with just the parents. Eloping seems so romantic though.

    This is all hypothetical of course because I am single, but a girl can dream!

  • chic Saturday by Kelly

    That's funny, I've dreamed of getting engaged in Paris and taking a romantic honeymoon to Europe. Your story is completely romantic and sweet. I think it's more about the life you build together than it is about the size and splendor of the wedding. Small and intimate sounds heavenly to me.

    Kelly {}

  • Lauren

    It's definitely my dream to have a teeny tiny destination wedding or elope. My boyfriend's the exact opposite though, he wants it big! I just don't think I can be the center of attention like that. I think small and intimate would make me happiest. We'll see….

    So excited for Jess and the Mr. How romantic!

  • Lauren

    It's definitely my dream to have a teeny tiny destination wedding or elope. My boyfriend's the exact opposite though, he wants it big! I just don't think I can be the center of attention like that. I think small and intimate would make me happiest. We'll see….

    So excited for Jess and the Mr. How romantic!

  • Heather

    What I loved about my wedding was the blending of our family and friends and having everyone we loved sharing the moment with us. We had about 150 people at our wedding and I felt like it was small enough yet included everyone we loved (150 adds up quickly!)

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