Where I’ve Been

Last week was one of those it’s only Monday but already feels like Thursday and I think I might lose my mind kind of weeks. In fact – I’m pretty sure I had lost it by Friday. I knew that the only thing to snap me out of it was of course, CrossFit. It has been my saving grace the past (almost) 3 months. I did 45 pull ups with a red and blue band (this is a big deal for me!) and I was able to do one pull up with a blue band. I’m getting there! I felt a million times better by the time the WOD was done and finished my evening with a trip to Whole Foods. I made dinner, watched a movie, and relaxed all evening. It was lovely!

Meet my beautiful new fiddle leaf fig from Jayson Home and Garden. Thank you again, Neil!
We went to the Gilt City lollapalooza party at EnV on Saturday. Since I’m a genius I wore a silk maxi dress in 50,000 degree heat. Fortunately, they had Pinkberry. And I cheated on paleo. Totally worth it.
My dress is Gypsy 05 (old) and we’re both wearing Warby Parker sunnies. Also – I need Alaina’s  Blair Ritchey bag.
Forgot the best part. We were thisclose to Of Monsters and Men. And they were amazing.
Went to an event Sat night with the lovely Jenn Lake, my good friend Kat, and sweet Caitlin.
You can see Jenn’s feature here and Caitlin’s home tour here.
Cuddled with Mr. Handsome Sunday morning. Thanks for the headboard, mom! Best housewarming gift ever.
Did a little damage at Lulu with Kat on Sunday afternoon.
I know it looks like I robbed a Lululemon, but in my defense, I work out 4-5 days a week and had one pair of shorts and two tanktops (had four but two are now too large) up until yesterday. So I really needed all these things! I also wear lulu to “the office” almost every day and the quality just can’t be beat. 

I took my new lulu out for a 3.4 mile run! I didn’t know I could run more than a mile. Go me.

There is nothing like running through the city of Chicago. One of those I can’t believe I live here moments.

Finished the night with dinner at my dining table. I’m such a grown-up.

I also finally booked a trip to LA for great aunt Rose’s 94th! I used to go back every few months but just haven’t had the time since the launch of The Everygirl. I am also going to head to SB to visit my best friend and baby Harper (who is now SIX months old)! I can’t wait to squeeze those chubby little thighs!

And on The Everygirl – our first feature with Chef Katie Simmons of Whole Foods! Photography by yours truly.
Feeling refreshed and ready for another work week! Here we go…
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