My Second Chicago Apartment. The “Before” Home Tour.

I thought I’d share the official “before” of my new little home with you. You may remember my first Chicago apartment – a modern high rise located in River North. My new place is a larger and less expensive vintage walk-up. Alaina recently shared her new not-so-little gem on her blog which made me realize that my place should have a name, too. Meet Eleanor, named after Lucy Eleanor Moderatz from While You Were Sleeping. Belle and Elle. I like it.

I was so distracted/overwhelmed the week before I moved in that I did a horrible job taking before photos, but I have a few iPhone shots for you.

The kitchen. Taken the first time I saw my apartment (before I moved in).
The living room. It’s bigger than it looks. This was taken pretty close to the back wall. Love the detail! Trying to figure out how to hang my art. Should I stay within the lines? 
Hallway leading to my bathroom and bedroom. And don’t worry – these rooms are no longer a terrible creamy yellow color.
The bedroom which has also been repainted. Twice.

The pup lounging on the deck.

And because Alaina is a girl genius, I’m copying her and sharing Eleanor’s layout.  She’s ~ 800 square feet which is a big change from my last place. I was able to add a chair, dining table, and an additional dresser in my bedroom.
Just need a few months before Eleanor is ready for her big debut!
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