It’s Friday

It’s finally Friday. This week started off slow and wasn’t easy. I completely hit a wall and was afraid I was getting sick. Took a little nap yesterday (I never nap) and I’m back. Time for some updates.

Really excited about some upcoming projects for The Everygirl. Exciting things are happening.
All five interns are working at my place today. Should be fun!
I had a shoot at Whole Foods for The Everygirl this week. Looking forward to this feature.
We also have Annemarie of Brunch at Saks working on a little something for us.
Revae Schneider of Femme du Coupe shared her story (and three cocktail recipes) with The Everygirl this week.

We met Lindsay from Skirt PR and Nicole Banks of Gilt City Chicago for drinks at Balena
last night. John Ross (one of the owners who was so sweet to us) brought out a few appetizers. Then came some of the best pizza I’ve ever had followed by affogato and cinnamon donuts by pastry chef Amanda Rockman. Not paleo friendly but so worth it. I will be back.

yum. via.


My English roll arm chair arrives this afternoon.
Bought a linen shower curtain at Restoration Hardware but it might feel too masculine.
I might like this shower curtain. Having some trouble finding something. Any suggestions for me?
Pretty sure this needs to happen. It’s so classy.

And this bathroom rugPretty.

Going out with my CrossFit people this weekend.
Planning a trip to Ikea with Kat.
Randolph Market is this weekend! I would love to get over there.
Looking forward to not having any set plans this weekend. After last weekend, I need a little down time.
Alaina’s new apartment has a basement and she’s letting me store my Christmas boxes down there. I love her.

On 7/2 my max rep back squat was 78 lbs. This week, 3 reps at 103 lbs and I came thisclose to 113 lbs.

Happy Weekend!
  • Natasha Fatah

    Absolutely charming post!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  • pretty little things

    those donuts looks delicious! xo


  • rita mehta

    ok, i need that anthro shower curtain. it's beautiful!

    also, just a side note- i love that you are posting your cross fit gains. i'm not a cross-fitter but used to do more lifting and when you are doing it right, the gains are insane and so motivating and exciting. you are motivating me to get started again, so thank you!

  • Kelly

    Can't wait to try Balena at some point soon! I have the potterybarn ticking strip shower curtain, but they have a few others that are more "girly" and still a little cheaper than anthro, like this one

  • kat levitt

    Let's go to Randolph together before IKEA!

  • Sarah Jane

    the rug and shower curtain are gorgeous!

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