Oh, Buddy


Buddy Buddy Handsomeface. I love you. But limping around my apartment for no reason / scaring the hell out of me yesterday was not cool. I rushed Buddy to the vet and $75 later (huge sigh of relief as I was expecting to spend hundreds), the pup found himself on anti-inflammatory meds and is not allowed to play or go on walks for a week. My regular vet will be making a house call Thursday with a refill on his allergy medicine. Seems he has a skin allergy, too.

He really is the PERFECT dog minus his leg problems which will likely continue to haunt us in the years to come. I am a worrier so I think about this all the time. Buddy had grade 4 patella luxation which was repaired in one of his legs, but the other back leg has some degree of it so he may or may not need another surgery at some point. But I love my little pup and I wouldn’t trade him for nothin’. You can read his full story here.

The 4,726th time I’ve shared this photo. I can’t help myself. 

Do you have a dog or plans to get one soon? Tell me about your pup. Name, age, breed? Is your dog a rescue like Buddy?

PS. I’m taking part in Jess Constable’s Design Your Life series Makeunder My Life today.

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