So, This is Happening.

In just a few weeks this gorgeous chair will be mine. Isn’t she beautiful? Thank you to Serena and Lily for creating this lovely little piece of art. Those arms! I think I’m in love. And yes — I bought the grey. You know how I love my neutrals.

If you could splurge on a piece of furniture, what would you buy?

  • Sara

    I love it.. seriously gorgeous! Cannot wait to see pics of your new apartment with your new furniture!

  • Type-A(shley)

    B-e-a-utiful!!! Such a classic piece, and what a statement:) I think I would definitely splurge on a great rug or armchair. They add so much to the value of a room. It's all about the layering. They are fabulous pieces that make a home feel cozy.

  • Laura

    Oh wow it is stunning and looks so comfy!

  • Shari

    I know how long you wanted this for so I am beyond happy for you. Can't wait to come over and see everything!

  • this free bird

    You needed it! I think I'd splurge on an ornate bed frame. Been ogling a few lately…

  • design roundup

    A chesterfield sofa…my favorite!

  • casidy boyd mcnally

    oh my gosh- that is one of my FAVORITE chairs!! Totally jealous. I can't wait to see it (and pics) of the new place!! Congrats! I hope you are settling in nicely πŸ™‚
    xo, casidy | meohmy

  • Gaby [The Vault Files]

    Gorgeous! Love it! I would LOVE a leather chesterfield, yeap, that's one of the dreams πŸ˜‰

  • Gaby [The Vault Files]

    Gorgeous! Love it! I would LOVE a leather chesterfield, yeap, that's one of the dreams πŸ˜‰

  • Clare Christine

    That looks sooo comfy! I am sure it will look great in your space πŸ™‚ I hope you can stop by my blog and enter my giveaway for a pair of pearl earrings, Wednesday is the final entry day. Enjoy your week!

    Twirling Clare

  • In2itive

    What a beautiful chair. I would probably splurge on the right sofa.

  • Carrie Waller

    Your new chair is lovely!! If I could splurge, I'd buy myself an Eames chair, for sure…

  • Robyn

    a rocking chair. love your chair though

  • Kate

    What a gorgeous chair! Lovely find. x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  • Samantha Green

    wow, LOVE this! xx

  • Miss Margarita

    Love it!

  • Allyson [Mimosas in the Morning]

    JEEZ! This is gorgeous! I think i would splurge on a couch or chair as well!

  • domestikatedlife.com

    Gorgeous, this piece looks so comfy and classic!

  • Kirby

    Obsessed with this chair! I want one!


  • L.A. in the bay

    that looks uber comfortable!

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