Moving Day!

I am moving into my new apartment today! My mom has arrived so we’re going to do some unpacking, organizing, and furniture shopping (still on the hunt for that dining table). I will be taking a short break from my mom on Saturday to interview one of my favorite bloggers/graphic designers for a feature on The Everygirl. Just a little excited.

And I’ve got some not so great news. I had it my bedroom painted last week but the color that was supposed to be a pretty green/blue looks like a sea foam green baby’s nursery. I thought I might be able to work until Alaina walked in and started laughing. Here is how it all went down: I wasn’t going to paint the bedroom but decided to just get it over with. I happened to be at Home Depot so I grabbed a color that seemed pretty. Big mistake. This is what I get for not going with Farrow & Ball’s Cabbage White which happens to be one of the most beautiful and perfect colors that I’ve ever seen. My living room is Farrow & Ball’s Cornforth White and I absolutely love it.

Here is that gorgeous Cabbage White I’m talking about. See? It’s beauuuuuutiful.

photo via lonny
Note to self: stick with Farrow & Ball.  
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