Happy Friday

Moving to Chicago was the hardest thing I had ever done. And then came The Everygirl. My life is so different from the way it used to be. I went from being a graphic designer/photographer/blogger to all of that and a editor/co-founder. I am still waiting for the day that it all feels normal. It’s been one of those”is this really my life?” kind of

A little recap:
Wedding Week began on The Everygirl.
I photographed another feature for Glitter Guide and Barneys pinned one of the photos.
A reader left a comment to let me know that Lauren Conrad pinned my living room.
Alaina and I hosted our first event.

 With Caitlin (our editorial assistant). Finally wearing my Parker dress.

 With two of our favorite photographers, John and Maura Stoffer.

I had my makeup done for the first time in 12 years. Must learn to apply eyeliner properly.
We featured Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty.
A photo from our fashion feature made it to Kate Spade’s tumblr.
We were invited to an event at Lily Kanter’s (of Serena and Lily) home. ba.na.nas.
Worked until at least 1:00 am every. single. night. 
And last but not least, we are featuring my incredibly talented friend Anne Book on The Everygirl today.

Photography by yours truly

I am working on revamping my site in the coming weeks.
It’s supposed to be in the 70s-80s next week. Summer is almost here!
I start my first month of CrossFit on Sunday. Let’s hope I survive.

Also, my hair needs to be two inches longer or I need to cut it off again. Or maybe I’ll grow it another two inches and then cut it off. I’m so mysterious and maybe a little indecisive.

Happy Friday!

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