My home / before and after

iPhone photo taken 1 month after I moved in. I had the basics and nothing more.

The following week I separated my work & living space. My bench was a lot less expensive than a chair and takes up less space. I can also push it aside when I get my Christmas tree and unlike a chair, it seats two and doubles as a foot rest when watching a movie. I also bring it closer to the sofa when I have company. I would love to move to a larger apartment and buy an English roll arm chair.
My current bedroom dresser used to function as a TV stand. And yes, I kept clothes in there.
Gallery wall in progress.
11 months later, I finally have a TV stand [DVDs + Camera equipment in one drawer and sweats/pajamas in the other], purchased a pouf on eBay for just over $100 and some new throw pillows from etsy.

Sad bedroom. I sold this dresser, brought the white dresser in to the bedroom and bought a TV console.
Better, but not great.
And you don’t want to get me started on my office.
Poor Buddy hated living in an unfinished home.

This is where I spend my days. And nights. And some weekends.

“after” photos via Stoffer Photography for Rue Magazine

After four apartment posts, I am done– for not. I still need to reveal my entry! 
My complete home tour
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