Question of the day / Hair

I have curly/frizzy hair and have had it straightened one way or another since high school. I started with Japanese straightening which killed my hair. Then I chopped it all off and started the Keratin treatment and most recently, the Brazilian Blowout. The BB is the least effective but the least damaging, so I plan on sticking with it. It eliminates frizz but not as much of the curl, so it’s not as easy to manage but is better in the long run.

I wash my hair every 2-3 days, depending on my workout schedule. Blow drying short hair is pretty fast, but styling short hair is not my thing. I use the Brazilian Blowout shampoo, Sebastian halo mist shine, Bumble and Bumble spray de mode & just purchased the Izunami straightening iron [recommended by my stylist]. Best. Iron. Ever.

This leads me to a few questions for all of you!

What type of hair do you have?
Have you ever tried dry shampoo? Do you use it when you work out?
What are your favorite hair products & treatments?
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