I’ve got a story for you.

On 12.16.08 I walked past an animal adoption drive.
There was a sad little rescue pup with a broken leg.
He looked at me.
We all know how this one ends.

Buddy really loves blankets.
He also enjoys sleeping in until noon.

And lounging around in his Santa suit.
I know I posted a Buddy as Santa photo yesterday, but his face & ears kill me in this one.
And seeing my dog dressed as Santa makes me ridiculously happy.

As does seeing him in his celebratory tartan plaid tie. Classy little guy.
Buddy has come a long way. This was taken with my iPhone the very first time I saw my pup. If you saw Buddy cheerfully running down the hall with this round little Santa belly you’d never think he used to look so sad.

If you are considering getting a dog and have any questions about adopting a rescue, please email me!
Happy 3 years to my little B.

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