I’ll bet you thought I was done with those New York photos.

 But I wasn’t. Here are a few of my favorite iPhone photos.  You can thank Alaina for most of these.

And she thought I didn’t need to bring two coats. Can you imagine that orange coat in every single photo? I miss running around the city with Alaina and hope that we can go back again very soon! And to Paris + London by Sept 2012 when I turn 30. Yes. I’ll be 30! I know. I don’t look a day over 24. Smile and nod. Or continue with your laughter. I can’t see you.

PS – Refinery29 shared my cheesecake recipe yesterday! That’s my 2nd food feature on Refinery29. A sign that I should consider becoming a pastry chef? Obviously.
If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go?
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