Guess who was featured on Refinery29?

It is not every day that one will browse Refinery29 and come across a photo from their blog. Did a double take. What’s going on here? Notice anything familiar in the image below?

Yes, Refinery29 featured my sparkly gold pancakes. Truth be told, I thought these were pretty and was hoping people might pin them. I used to not so secretly dream of becoming a pastry chef, so this is very exciting. I know — pancakes aren’t pastries. But these have frosting…cake has frosting. It’s my dream. Don’t crush it.

No other pancake pan will ever bring me so much
joy. The ebelskiver
from Williams-Sonoma is officially my new favorite thing. And to think I’ve only used it once! Cannot wait to use it again! Who wants to come over for breakfast?

Thank you to Shani at Refinery29 for the feature!

More good news. Henning Love won my Williams-Sonoma giveaway!

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