my first year in chicago

Today marks 1 year of living in Chicago. On August 1, 2010 I left everything I knew to move to a city with cold winters where I knew no one because it seemed nice and I didn’t need a car to live here. Logical? Probably not. Best decision I have ever made? Absolutely. I cannot believe an entire year has gone by!

I love Chicago but it would be nothing without my friends. I never could have imagined having so many wonderful friends in just one year + feel so lucky. Thank you to all of my friends for making the past year such a good one.

To my blog readers — thank you for following me on this journey! I have loved documenting my life this past year + have loved getting to know some of you.

And to my sweet little pup — thank you for giving up life in LA to live in a city where it is freezing cold half the year. I
know you had no choice but you gave me someone to come home to. Couldn’t have done this without you.

Just a heads up that the guy in the pic above is a friend. NOT the boyfriend.

A recap of how I ended up here. Started my blog + then started designing blogs. Designed Kelsey’s blog, we started emailing, I visited her in Indy/took a road trip to Chicago {in Nov 2009}. It is amazing how one little blog changed my life. You can read that story here. And here’s a link to my first day in Chicago + day 1 part 2, day 2 + day 3.

Get ready for a little Chicago love on the blog this week! Happy one year, Chicago! It’s been fun. Now do me a favor and try not to get so cold this winter.

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