view from the top.

I visited Navy Pier with the sis whilst she was in town. Like the time Chandler Bing wanted to enjoy his trifle whilst standing on the balcony. Any chance to squeeze in a friends reference. I’ve got issues. Clearly.

She somehow managed to drag me on the ferris wheel.

Have I
mentioned that I have a fear of heights?
Thankfully, the beautiful view served as
the perfect distraction.

Going up in the air again today…but a little higher this time.
A few favorite things this week!
Alison + I posted our favorite sunscreen over at Sun Savvy
My stitches are out! I feel like a new woman.
Movie in the park with Anne.
Sarah’s fave restaurants in downtown NYC. I want to go back!
From last week, but had to share Alex’s first client project. Made my mouth drop.
My friend Matt will be celebrating the big 31 tomorrow! BOOM.
I ordered one of the mirrors in this post. Can you guess which one?
Photos of baby Olivia.
Have a wonderful weekend! Any special plans?


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