the sis in chicago.

My sister flew in to Chicago on Wednesday afternoon. We had a great time. Here’s a little recap of her trip to the Chi.

Michigan Avenue. Lunch at Bandera and coffee in the lounge at RL. Wine with Sarah + Melissa at my place followed by drinks at Citizen.

Breakfast at Orange where we sat outside until it rained for maybe 3 minutes. We took the food to go just in case and in typical chicago fashion, it did not rain the rest of the day. I love this city but it’s just a little fickle when it comes to the weather. Also on the agenda for the day…italian ice at Mario’s Italian Lemonade, architectural tour, Navy Pier, and dinner with C at Scoozi.

View from the ferris wheel at Navy Pier.

Margaritas at Big Star, drinks at Public House.

Green City Market, lunch + grocery shopping at Whole Foods, the bean, Lurie gardens, Buckingham fountain, catching up with my friend Jason, fireworks at Trump and finally…Garden State with Melissa.

Green City Market

Chicago tour with C + Jess
{Sorry I look so gross. Even mild humidity + my hair = not so cute}

Millennium Park. The flowers are in bloom everywhere. So beautiful!

Brunch with Sarah, Melissa, Brian + the dogs at the Original Pancake House followed by a walk through the Gold Coast. Jess left and Melissa and I lounged around my apt for a few hours with the dogs and then grabbed dinner at Japonais. I had never been to the patio outside. So, so pretty! I love Chicago when it isn’t 20 degrees outside!

 Dining at Japonais {iPhone pic}

It was a packed few days! So fun! Back to my regular work schedule {which explains the late post today}. Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

How was your weekend?
  • Andrea

    That is an awesome weekend! My was definitely not that cool. πŸ™‚

  • Chicago Cuisine Critique

    Sounds like a great weekend! Glad you enjoyed yourself. πŸ™‚


    Looks like you two had an absolute blast!! xo

  • audrey marie

    oh you guys went to so many great places!!! yum!

  • ashley nicole catherine

    sounds like an amazing weekend!! i want to try so many of those restaurants!


  • Helena – A Diary of Lovely

    what a fun packed time, glad you had a lovely time!!

  • jillian :: cornflake dreams.

    sounds like a great time! i want to try that italian ice place πŸ™‚ you two look so cute together! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  • 40daykedge

    You and your sis are adorable! (You totally don't look gross, far from it) My weekend was amazing as well, bachelorette party that started at Roof and ended at Japonais, co-ed bridal shower, Warrior Dash race and a great dinner with my family!

  • Drew {Coral Cafe}

    What a lovely time it sounds like!! and that's a great pic of you and your sis! no matter what you say!
    I'm ready for a trip to Chicago now!! Be my tour guide?

  • Alexa

    Oh gosh these pics are fabulous! Looks like a great time! My weekend was great, just sad it's over!

  • Nancy

    There is nothing like some good sister time! You are both beautiful girls! I think she looks like Lisa Kudrow with brown hair!
    So glad you had a great time!

  • MG

    Chicago looks so gorgeous right now! Every time I've been its been a frozen tundra of a city.

  • Things That Sparkle

    Sounds like a perfect little Chicago weekend!

  • taylor

    i feel like we probably crossed paths at some point! i'll have to look for you in my bean pictures! i had so much fun exploring chicago. i love how each of the neighborhoods has a unique feel. and people were surprisingly friendly! thanks again for all of your great recommendations. citizen was great and so was hub 51. i think my best meal was at bongo room. i can't wait to come back. there's way too much to do in just four days-i need a week!

  • Crazy Little World Of Mine

    This sounds like one fantastic time!! Chicago is still on my to-visit list…hopefully one day and that soon!! πŸ˜‰
    And girl, no, you don't look gross…you've never seen me when the humidity kicks in. Hahaha! πŸ˜‰

  • Sharstin

    Sis time is the best, and it sounds like such a fab Chicago weekend! I really need to make a visit there:)

  • Sarah Jane

    fun hanging out with you and your sis;) that is the most beautiful pic you took from the ferris wheel!!!!

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